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Q. What is Furobiker?
Ans. It is a garbage name of my nonsense blog. To know more about me click Here or click Here.

Q. Why did you start this blog?
Ans. Along with being an incurable insomniac, I am a sadist. So, I thought if I can’t get sleep, let me make sleeping difficult for others. Through the medium of this blog, I spew my garbled gibberish on the innocent readers and taking the pedestrian ideas to incongruous extremes.

Q. Is Rakhi Sawant your favourite actor? You talk about her in almost every alternate blog of yours?
Ans. Yes. Absolutely Bak-bak Sawant…opps I mean Rakhiji is my favorite. I think, we both share a expertise…blabbering.
Moreover, Hair-mess oohoo….oops I did it again.. Reshamiya is my favourite musician.

Q. Is gender a criterion for posting comments on this blog. I only see female’s comments in the section.
Ans. No comments

Q. What is this blog all about?
Ans. This blog is all about bad jokes, appalling advices, ghastly rants, accompanied by bad grammar.

Q.How can this blog help me?
Ans. This blog can help you in the following ways: the three R’s
1) Revenge: If you ever wanted to make someone’s life completely miserable. You have come to the right place. Make your enemy go through my blog, till the time he shouts…No more, No more!!!!

2) Revolting Advices: Yeah I am the “agony-uncle” . So If you need any advice or opinion. Just write to me. A proof of my expertise (click here)

3) Rants: After reading the blog you will become an expert in expletives.The blog will help you judge between the situations when a mere fuck off will suffice and when the stronger 'Teri maa ki...' is called for.