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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Ever since I saw Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, I had a dream of going to London because parampara Dad, parampara. :P Finally, last month, I got a chance to visit London for a whole week. I had already begun planning my itinerary weeks in advance, even before I booked my International Flights ;via their very own British Airways! From watching London from the top of London Eye to doing posing for London Thumakda in front of Big Ben, everything had been planned in detail and so began my tour. 

After surfing the internet for various tourist packages, I decided on buying Hop On Hop Off bus tour which covers most of the London attractions. As soon as I got on the bus, I saw a hoarding Baker Street. Being an avid Sherlock fan, I immediately got down and went looking for 221B and to my amusement, 221B had been converted to The Sherlock Holmes Museum. 

Baker Street

221B Residence of The Sherlock Holmes

The Sherlock Holmes Museum Source:
Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Sqaure
After spending time at The Sherlock Holmes Museum and Madame Tussads, I resumed my journey on Hop On Hop Off bus towards central London. I reached Trafalgar Square which is built around the Charing Cross. Many celebrations takes place at Trafalgar Square, including Christmas and New Year. I saw various places like St Paul Cathedral, Big Ben, Tower of London and river Thames. Thames river has various bridges over it - Tower bridge, London Bridge, Millenium Bridge, Westminster bridge, Waterloo bridge are some of the bridges which I visited during this trip. St Paul Cathedral is a beautiful Anglican cathedral.

St Paul Cathedral

I also took ride on the London Eye for which there were huge waiting lines. I waited for more than an hour for my turn, however, as soon as it began, it was one of the most amazing views I have seen. Being on top of London and to be able to admire the view is an ecstatic feeling altogether! After completing the London Eye, I began my ferry tour on river Thames. It flows amidst such beautiful architecture and our guide was a hilarious one who explained everything in extreme detail. I crossed a lot of the bridges on Thames during my ferry ride.

Her Majesty Theatre

London Bridge

London Eye

Big Ben

I visited a lot of museums while in London like British Museum and National History Museum which seemed ery insightful regarding the British history. London Dungeon is a hi-tech haunted house which you must visit only if you have a strong heart! :P

Tower of London

Very close to the Big Ben are the Westminster Abbey and the Palace of Westminster.  The palace has a beautiful view - a most serene one. Around the Thames are a large number of restaurants which offer beautiful view of Thames with cool, calm winds. I sat there for  along time enjoying the cool breeze. I specially love the Tate Modern, an art gallery restaurant with a view to Thames. 

Palace of Westminster
Palace of Westminster
While returning on Hop On Hop Off buses, I got down to my final stop - The Buckingham Palace. I wasn't lucky enough to witness the Changing of the guards as it starts at 11.30 am sharp. However, the trip provided me with enough memories to last a lifetime. 

Buckingham Palace

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