Make delicious meals every single day with these cooking apps!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Are you fed up of cooking the same dal and roti every other day? Do you want to spice up things a bit and serve new dishes to your family and guests? Or maybe you want a bit more help to help you earn the title of a cooking expert among your friends? Cooking apps have become a hit these days since one can browse through thousands of recipes and have the comfort of experimenting within their kitchen. In this fast paced life, a few people have time especially working women and men who are fond of cooking new dishes but have shortage of time to travel and take up cooking classes. Here are three cooking apps meant for amateurs as well as experienced ones:

1) Big oven - 

Holding over 35,000+ recipes, Big oven gives you the opportunity to try something new every day and delight your senses! It has been download more than 11 million times and has earned various names for itself such as “"Best Apps for Foodies," "Best Apps for New Moms," and "Best Apps for Eating In" by PC Magazine, TIME Magazine, and The Huffington Post and ranked "Readers’ Choice, Best Recipe App" in 2011-2013 on You can find new recipes for food as per your favourite cuisine and lifestyle and even stay organized by storing all of your recipes at one place. So the next time you have guests coming over at your home and need a new recipe to serve them lip-smacking food, browse through Big oven and start making a new one under minutes. There are many recipes here that require use of specific electronics. Don’t fret if you don’t own one. Get for yourself at discounted prices using Snapdeal coupons available on and also get handsome cash back.

2) Lunchbox - 

The new generation of kids is the fussiest when it comes to eating food. They are always loaded with new ideas and pranks to avoid eating home-cooked food. It’s an increasing concern for parents as their kids are depriving themselves of proper nutrition on a day to day basis. Maybe a new twist in their eating habits and lunch boxes can help you make them eat properly while including all the needed nutrients they require for their growth. Lunchbox is one such app which will help you do so. It has a lot of recipes that are easy and quick to make which are also packed with rich proteins. No more confusion over deciding what dish to make today for your family! If you are in need of new lunchboxes for your kids, shop for cute ones at affordable prices using eBay coupons present on

3) The Photo cookbook - 

If you are someone who learns things better the visual way, “The Photo cookbook” apps will make you a brilliant cook. You will be in awe of the gorgeous and mouth-watering photos posted over here. And they are not blurry and photos taken over in a hurry. The pictures are captured by professionals and each of them is sharp, clear and enticing! You will be taken through different steps with a picture assigned for each step helping you grasp things easily and quickly. The app has over 60 recipes in categories of fish, meat, vegetarian and desserts. The four categories have 15 recipes each. There’s also a search bar for you to search for recipes as per your needs. Baking scrumptious sweets is now just a few steps away with this app by your side.