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Saturday, July 11, 2015

“Ink by Inch”, is a concept tattoo studio creating custom designs specialising in intricate, traditional and pointillism (dot) work. The studio engages in creating improvised concept designs in dot work and intricate traditional work inspired by Indian murals along with employing elements from Polynesian, Thai, Japanese, Celtic and Nordic designs. Dot work tattoos though being a popular concept in Europe have not been widely practiced in India – primarily because of the intricacies involved and the time taken compared to the conventional shading techniques.

The studio strives to align people who like getting inked towards the concept of custom art in tattooing which has not been duly explored in India. The aim is to understand the clients’ needs, their reason for getting a particular design and providing them with a custom concept.

Rohit (the artist) at Ink by Inch with a background in medical profession and corporate experience has been following his passion for art for over a decade. He specializes in sketching and painting on various media including canvas, t-shirts, etc. His work was noted and appreciated across a number of media and artist groups. Designing custom tattoo designs for friends and clients and his own love for tattoos drew him closer to the art. Rohit was intrigued by the intricacies of the art form and the concept of living canvas as a medium. He went ahead and started his apprenticeship under one of the oldest renowned tattoo artist in India and worked towards exploring new tattooing techniques and forms. He is also part of renowned art and tattoo artist groups on various social media platforms and constantly engages with international artists to share ideas, explore and create new concepts.

Rohit created “Ink by Inch” to provide an experience in professional tattoo art to clients in India – customized art while using high standards of sterilization; ensuring proper client awareness and education; utilizing the best of equipment and high quality inks that are used by renowned artists worldwide.

So if you are based in Delhi or are visiting Delhi and want to get yourself inked using some traditional tattoo techniques and have a design that is custom built for you – Call or Whatsapp “Ink by Inch” on +91 9811705696 to share your ideas and book your appointments

You can also reach “Ink by Inch” via email inkbyinch[at]gmail[dot]com and on Facebook . Website

PS: Rohit is an old friend of mine, and all the information given above is provided by Rohit. Ink by Inch is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided above.

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