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Monday, June 15, 2015

In my last visit to Delhi, my car had gone for servicing so I decided to try Delhi's latest mode of transportation these days - The Metro Rail! As soon as I entered the metro station, I saw a blast of people running in different directions. I felt pretty lost considering Paris' metro stations are so empty relative to this. Anyway, with a scared expression, I entered the station and tried to look for the correct platform. As soon as you enter the metro, you feel a very peculiar smell, more like rotten something, being very dominant in the coach. I thought it might be from a particular person but whichever way you turn your head, it gets worse. Body odor - the biggest problem of traveling in Delhi's metro in scorching heat. Everyone drenched in their own sweat and I don't think anyone used an effective deodorant! By the time you reach your destination, the only thing you wanna do is go back home and take a bath in scented water in your bath tub! My sister travels in the buses and she says the problem is even worse there as everyone gets in the red AC bus and it gets suffocating due to excess number of people!

Blogadda also raised this issue in a comical video by Suresh menon and Jose Covaco (Link). They started a #sniffsniff activity related to this problem. I was one of the shortlisted bloggers who got products daily pertaining to #BanBodyOdour and had to guess the final products. I'm using my investigative skills to uncover the mystery of #SniffSniff at BlogAdda.

Day 1:

The package had a man's face with clothes clip on them. A very welcome note to describe the most prominent problem of our city's heat - Body Odour! If we don't find a solution to this problem soon, we might just have to use clothes clip on our noses for our survival!

Day 2:

I received a tiny jute bag today with coffee beans inside it. Coffee has been known to curb bad odours effectively but I think even holding this bag close to my nose won't suffice in Delhi's local transport. I guess after few minutes only, the beans will also smell like people BO! (yuck!). I can't spoil my precious coffee beans! But I'm guessing the final product might be a coffee flavoured deodorant!

Day 3:

I got my parcel a bit late today but it had the perfect solution - a mask! I can't stop people from spreading the disgusting smell but I can surely save myself from inhaling it. So I tried to get in a metro again that evening to go for a movie show. After about 3.278 seconds of entering the coach, my mask was lying several metres away from me as the crowd pushed me from all directions and a guy's hand just made it fly away! Phew!

Day 4:

I finally got a solution for the problem - Nivea Men introduced India's 1st Body Deodorizer. I tried it and just one application stops your body from producing odour throughout the day! I would gladly like to recommend it to everyone who uses the local public mode of transport. Please for my sake, just use it!

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