Black is Beautiful #WhatTheBlack

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Another day, another contest! This time it is #WhatTheBlack contest from Blogadda! And the funny part is, we still don't know who is sponsoring the same! Though, the sponsoring company does seem pretty much in lourve with black color! :D My money would be on a shampoo company! Ghane, mulayam kaale baal, khile khile matwale baal! :P

You guys must be thinking - why sudden outburst of contest related posts on this blog? Let us take one step back and remember the post, where I talk about my admission into one of the best MBA colleges in Europe. Now THAT renders me unemployed, impoverished and jobless at the same time! Hence, I am highly driven to participate in the contests in the hope of winning a nice iPad, as I, for sure, can not afford to buy one myself ! :(

So, coming back to the topic, #WhatTheBlack contest is about 5 black things that you desire and why! So here goes my list:

1) Black Gaddi: I have spent a large part of my life working and travelling in Gurgaon. And trust me on this, I haven't ever seen such a large congregation of black, exquisite, elegant mean machines in a such a small place! Whenever I am able to afford EMIs of these beauties, I am very sure I will definitely go for a black one! Yeah, and a driver too, it is really difficult to keep black cars in their factory finish shine!

2) Black watch: Just look at this watch and let me know if you don't feel like breaking your screen in the excitement to grab it!

3) Little black dress: I have no idea what that is! Its just that my wife keeps asking for it, so I think it really must be something important for beautiful people! :D

4) Black fountain pen: Yeah, I am one of those people who is in awe of fountain pens! It has been years that I went anywhere without my fountain pen. Every single day, I open online shopping websites and look at nice, costly pens, with gold plated tips and what not! Sigh! In my dreams I often see the scene from A Beautiful Mind, where everyone gifts Nash his/her own pen as a mark of respect for getting a Nobel!

5) Black Iron Man Suit: This desire is from fiction category on TV. I would love to own an iron man suit, and that too in black color! You bet, I will polish and shine it every single day, and protect it from getting scratches on Delhi roads! (by keeping it in my lab, I suppose) :D

So that's that! What are you upto? What would be your guess on who do you think is sponsoring this even focused on black colored objects?

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Zest up your life

Sunday, July 20, 2014

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Finally, it is a contest that broke me out of my slumber! :D 

I was cleaning my personal email box after ages, and I saw an email update from BlogAdda about TATA Zest contest to write a blog post about five things or experiences that zest up my life, and I said to myself - why not! 

PS: I didn't know what Zest means, and wikipedia came to my help! In short, "Zest is defined as living life with a sense of excitement, anticipation, and energy", for full clarification, refer to the link.

Coming back to the original topic, following are my five things and experiences:

1) Running - Yes, plain, simple running. Weather with the wifey or alone, but running / jogging gives me immense feeling of relaxation and happiness. I love the feeling of blood rushing through my body after i complete my jogging session. It is a out of the world feeling, probably an adrenaline rush of some sort. I guess, only runners will understand the feeling. 

2) Gadgets - I love buying gadgets. Weather I use them or not that is a different issue :D. But seriously, I like the concept of different gadgets for different things. Kindle for reading, laptop for presentations and excels, a Samsung tab for Facebook and twitter, Phone for talking and quick updates, and an X box for games! Thats probably all the stuff I use even before I have left for office in the morning! :D Next on my list is Fitbit / UP for activity tracking. Phew.

3) Driving - Kind of obvious from the name of the blog, right! If you need more proof, you can check my previous post, when I got a TATA Vista D90 to review (link). LOL. I am so good at self promotion, sometimes I think, do I really need an MBA? :D

4) Food - I remember an old dialogue of mine - butter is better, more butter is much better. Fried, oily, buttery stuff - I love it! Whats the point of eating grass and leaves! You have only got one life! 

5) Internet - Yes, I am one of those people who are easier to reach over whatapp or email rather than a phone call. Slowly, I have become very choosy in terms of picking calls from unknown numbers, but my corporate job has taught me that turn around time for any email is 1 hour. Period! :D So yeah, internet is my lifeline, starting from the morning newspaper (ahem) till wishing good nights on whatsapp! :D

So that's all from my side! Now its upon you guys to coax TATA guys to take me to goa! :D VROOOOM!

How I Met Your Mother - Finale - Lost Forever !

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Patient Kids: But dad! It's been nine long years, and all you talk about is your incomplete love story with Aunt Robin! In a series named - How I Met Your Mother!

Ted: Yeah! But...

Carter Bays and Craig Thomas: Oh please! Didn't you notice that in the last scene of the finale, the kids seemed to be of the same age as they look in all the couch shots, which were shot at the beginning of the first season!

Patient Kids, Ted and the Audience: !!!!

I can write a long 5,000 words article on why I think there could have been a better ending to the show - where Ted and the girl, who looked like a baby produced by combining the genes of Lilly and Robin in a test tube, lived happily ever after, Barney and Robin rode into the proverbial sunset, and Marshall becomes the judge of the European Commission and Lily an art connoisseur, somewhere in the busy streets of Paris!

But then, let us take a step back, and think about the reason that we all were glued to this show for nine long years. For me, this show was about imperfections, about life of 5 friends in their twenties, trying to explore their way through the mazes of life. Every episode was about exploring different layers of the personalities of each character! It was the life of five friends, who were managing their careers, love life, goals and most importantly their friendships through thick and thin. They won some of their battles, and lost some, and that my friends, is what life is all about.

There are happy endings, there are sad endings, there are imperfect endings, and then there are endings which happen in real life! More often than not, real life is never 100% tilted on one side. At the end of each era of your life, if you contemplate, there would have been achievements, disappointments, happiness and a craving to have achieved a little more. And that was my feelings about the finale of HIMYM.

As most of the audience of this blog is Indian, it will not be inappropriate to use a hindi movie reference! As soon as I was done with the grand finale of himym, my first thought was - Dude! It was Kuch Kuch Hota hai all over again! The protagonist loses the real love of his life in an attempt to chase the surreal, finds and marries whom he thinks was the perfect life partner. And then the lady dies post they have kid(s), followed by him chasing his first love ... ! Ditto!

I was not very disappointed by the ending, but the pace at which they ended, trying to tie all the lose thread was just bizarre! It required much more than that for a perfect couple, that Barney and Robin were to just separate! And the dying of The Mother!

Ted being Ted, would have definitely passed through each of the five stages described by the K├╝bler-Ross model before even thinking of embarking on the journey of narrating the long winding story to his kids! But then, it was a good angle that they included where Ted and Tracy didn't marry for seven years because - they were busy being happy as the way they were!

Anyhow, all things good, bad, or even Legen - wait for it - dary come to an end! On that note, I will leave you with an image, which will forever remind me and probably you of this show!

Ted Mosby's Yellow Umbrella 

Drumrolls.... !!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

... and here is the good news

Was about to create this poster, but found the exact same on Google images!! :)

Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom — Review

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

I use Grammarly's grammar corrector because of you know, Grammar Nazis!

I think its time to accept that Mitch Albom is slowly rising on my favorite authors list! After reading his The Five People You Meet in Heaven, I was eagerly waiting to get my hands on the next in line -Tuesdays with Morrie! As a side note, there are many more books by Mitch I haven't read yet, so just in case you are thinking hard about my birthday gift, get the hint!  *wink*

Although Mitch's book do sometimes feel like those self-help books (which I abhor), but the simplicity of the conversations, and the similarities with common life incidents depicted in his books make them stand way apart from any other genre. Tuesdays with Morrie, on the similar lines, is about a student and his teacher.

Morrie Schwartz, a sociology professor dying of a big named disease is contacted by his favorite student from yesteryears - our Mitchy boy! and then starts the series of meetings between the Mitch and Morrie discussing a dying man's thoughts, regrets and lessons about life! The professor's views are neatly divided into chapters about death, fear, aging, greed, marriage, family, society, forgiveness and a meaningful life.

Though a little on the preachy side, the book at the very least pushed me into thinking about a lot of things which I take for granted in real life. However, the irony of the book is, why did the sociology professor had to wait till the time he reached his deathbed before pondering about his life and all its important components! He practically spent his entire life researching about these components in other people's lives! :) Guess our Mitchy boy didn't get a 740 on GMAT!

I finished the book yesterday evening, and was pondering upon a very hitting sentence in the book ''I traded lots of dreams for a bigger paycheck, and I never even realized I was doing it.''! And then within a few hours I read the news about Satya Nadella becoming the CEO of Microsoft. Now, I am not drawing any comparison here, but just look at the picture below (from msft website):

I insist you open it in a separate window and view higher resolution version. We see a 46 year old Nadella, a 58 year old Gates and a 57 year old Balmer. What struck me here, was the frail, old looking Nadella who is the youngest of the lot!

Let's not digress! So Morrie and Mitch meet up for the next sixteen Tuesdays and discuss fundamental issues of life, while Mitch is making notes, and as a result we got Mitch's final thesis for submission to his best teacher, known as a book called Tuesday's with Morrie!

The book is pretty thin, and unless you savor each and every word slowly, you will exhaust it in leisure read spread over 2-3 days! I was craving to read few hundred pages more of such simple conversation between a teacher and his student, but alas, it ended too soon!

Do give this book a chance if you get time! It is a must read, and a long time keep in my book shelf! (Buy from amazon India)