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Saturday, August 03, 2013

First things first - I am reviewing mint-o Ultramintz as a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda! In case, you want me to review any product or service for you, feel free to use the contact form!

When I got the email from Blogadda, I wondered - How are they going to send me mints! My first guess was probably some nearby paan-walla would come and deliver them to my house! Needless to say, the Ultramintz guys fared way above my expectations in this regard! What I got was two royally packed, elegant boxes of Ultramintz, marked with my name and all! Nice!

Inside these cardboard boxes, was a tiny metallic box with mints surrounded by velvet clothing et. al. Ek baar ko to maine socha, kuch badi mehngi cheez aa gai hai - isko khaun ya bank locker me chupa doon :P Anyways, I am keeping the packaging to reuse! Biwi khush ho jayegi packaging dekh ke hi :D

Anyways, as shown in the picture below, Ultramintz comes in a tin box, containing 60 pellets for Rs50! Doesn't the word pellet remind you of Paintball? Which, in-turn, reminds me of Sheldon Cooper!

Waise, the mint is pretty strong! Don't go by the size of the pellet. Its like chota package, bada dhamaka! Probably because of the special peppermint oils from France, which the company boasts of! Kaha kaha se kya kya dhoond laate hain ye company wale! I am not into mints or chewing gums, but this thing surely freezes your mouth and throat man! Just have a cool glass of water after these mints and you will realize what I am taking about!

Comparatively, the mint is better than a lot of competitors available in the market. I am sure, smokers are going to love the mint!  Classier to show off, easier to keep in the pocket! By the way, isn't mint a natural line of growth for ITC? Sutta bhi banao, mint bhi! I have always believed that 90% of the mint and chewing gum sales are at the sutta shops outside offices!

Plus, the mint also boasts off being sugar free! Girls, are you listening! ;) I think this is a pretty tempting feature for the people who eat mints multiple times a day, and are calorie conscious!

On the business side, I think its a good strategy to give 60 pellets in one go! Enough to hook a person for a long term! Much better than selling one one toffee, which is a bad strategy for customer retention!

Overall, I think this is one of the better mints available in the market. I recommend that you guys give it a try, specially if you are habitual of eating toffees or gums throughout the day! Plus, since I am recommending it, this mint is going to be the next cool thing in town :D So, don't be the left out kid! :D

On a serious note, I have offered it to few of my close friends and colleagues, and it seems to have been received pretty well! I have gobbled up one box, but the second one is still seal packed! So, in case you want one, and are around me, don't hesitate! :)

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