When the time comes

Sunday, July 28, 2013

... how would you like to go?

Past couple of weeks have been especially excruciating for me, and my family. It was something very personal, so I would not like to divulge intimate details of it, but broadly it was around pain, and death. More or less, every single one of us concluded at the end of the ordeal, that death is inevitable, but all we can pray to God, is give us a peaceful and quick one.

I, for one, would like God to simply turn off my power supply in deep-sleep when my day comes. Everyone wants to live for 500 years, that's a different story, but still, its good to think about the end once in a while.

Another major lesson I learnt over the period is, and pardon me for my generalizations, doctors these days are no less than ***! Medical profession, over the years, has downgraded itself from a noble cause to a money minting shop! If you want to read technical details of what I am talking about, you better Google for the word 'futile care'.

Basically, with advancements in medical technologies, human beings have not increased their lifespan. Instead, we have provided doctors and medical care professionals with the requisite tools and pumps to keep the person only so much alive, that his/her vitals are being displayed on the observation monitor.

I have seen doctors, and literally good doctors in my humble opinion, change colors and opinions, while talking off-the-record compared with while talking in front of his seniors - who have to sign on his appraisal forms! Basically, instead of giving the patient medical care, the hospitals are built around the model of prolonging the treatment to mint as much room rent and equipment charges as possible!

Oh, and do you know, medical care professionals are given monthly targets in terms of rupees!

This whole bloody system is a sham, I tell you! I have been reading a lot about this sitting outside the ICU and in the waiting rooms for the last few days, and the more you read, the more you will be shocked and disgusted with the ethics of medical professionals these days. (Though, I would certainly agree that there are a few good ones as well, but we can say the same for politicians as well, no?)

Anyhow, as aptly mentioned in this article (must read) about what doctors think their end should be like - There will be no heroics, and I will go gentle into that good night. (or at least I would like to)