Raanjhanaa - Interesting Movie!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Like every movie ever made, Raanjhanaa had its own share of hits and misses. And, I must add, the wrongs were pretty bad goof-ups in my humble opinion. But still, a fine screenplay, some classy acting, and a heart-touching love story manages to hide the flaws under the carpet, and one comes out thoroughly amazed and at the same time confused individual.

Most of the movie is shot in the backdrops of Banaras, and JNU. Ab banaras ka to aap jaante hi hain - after Delhi, if I love, adore and respect any other place in the world, that is Banaras. Having spent four glorious years of my life in Banaras Hindu University, their certainly is a special place for the old city in my heart! And thankfully, the movie shows real banaras ke ghaat and galiyan, not like some made up set!

This reminds me of Ye Jawani hai Deewani - bhaisahab, first time in my life I heard that someone shoots the movie in Kashmir and shows it as Manali! Duh!

That Assi Ghaat painted on the walls, nearby a board for Pizzeria! This Pizzeria used to be our one of the favorite Saturday dinner places. It serves a wonderful Apple Pie! I can still vouch for it! 

Anyways, coming back to the movie - I would like to give a standing applause to the writers! The story intricately weaves a host of social issues - religions, politics, income divide - and yet maintains the love story that steals your heart away! To add to the magic, the writers have left so many open-ends in the movie, that it requires an entirely different post to examine each and every scenario in the movie. 

Plus, *spoiler alert* I never knew Abhay Deol is also there in this movie! This guy is a real charmer! Be it Dev D, or his movie on chalta phirta cinema (i forgot its name, please remind me?). I have always loved his off-beat acting! And the strongest portions of the movie are where Abhay Deol is on-screen! Dhanush and Sonam Kapoor have played their parts well, but then Mr Deol is Mr Deol! 

Now coming to the cast selection of this movie - I would certainly go and fire the casting director of this movie. Like right now! With such a powerful plot, backed my melodious music of Mr Rehman, a better cast would have done wonders! If the movie is getting 4 starts with this cast, I would certainly breach a 4.5 or even 4.75 on 5 with better actors. 

On one hand, we had anorexic Sonam Kapoor, who has such plastic reactions - a diametrically opposite attribute compared with a true Banaras ki Chori. Maybe she was a good fit to a JNU student Dilli ki Chori, but certainly not Banarsi. 

On the other hand we had Mr Dhanush, with a very influential Sasur. I guess the casting director wanted to encash on his viral success of Kolavari D song. But then for me, it didn't work out. His acting was fine, but then this wasn't the movie for him. 

Worst case, I would prefer the guy playing Dhanush's best friend to be in the lead role, instead of him. Try to understand the scenario, for the lead character in a Hindi speaking movie, and that too with slight UP bhojpuri accent you go and get a guy, who sucks the feel out of words with his pronunciation! And don't even get me started on the looks.

Jaisa kisi bade aadmi ne kaha hai, USA se mangwani hai to Lambhorgini mangwao, Fiat Padmini Premier to Patna me bhi milti hai! :D Bradd Pitt laate to samajh aata, Dhanush, teer, kamaan, goli to sab aajamgarh me bhi mil jata hai! :D

And, the cardinal of all sins - Banaras pe movie banaye, aue Paan nahi dikhaye? Dhat!

Anyways, there are some sections which are dragging, and some hilarious and/or interesting and fast paced. The movie does has more than the anticipated numbers of twists and turns. Actually, much more twists than I thought this movie could have!

Now just waiting for Pankaj's review of the movie to understand what exactly happened in the last 15 minutes of the movie!

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