Sunday, May 05, 2013

Patience is a virtue they say, and I also agree with them - whosoever they are who are saying this utter nonsense! By the way, looking at my Facebook feed these days, it seems that Einstein and Mahatma Gandhi said all the quotable quotes that could have been said in whole of the human history!

Let's not digress!

If you ask me to name three most patient people in the world - sorry, I can only name one! I know the other two by face, but never really got to know their names! Yes! That first person is ME! The other two are in the picture below!

Yes, you guessed it right - these two are Ted Mosby's kids from the TV Series - How I Met Your Mother! If you haven't seen the series - don't bother! You better buy a puppy, raise him to be a full grown dog and then finally let him die - these two kids and their stupid dad Ted will still be sitting in the same place, telling the same old story in probably season 2,987 of HIMYM!

Spanning over eight years, I spent countless number of hours watching each episode released till date. For beginners, we are on Season 8 Episode 22 and yet, we have not found a single sign of the mother, being talked 'bout in the title! 

I have seen the series go from Legen-wait for it- dary, Legendary to downright plain, and sometimes stupid! The episodes are becoming much predictable, and have started losing relevance to the story. And looking at their Facebook page, I can easily say that it seems they do not intend to introduce the mother, and probably end the story in the next few episodes as well. 

You might ask - Why such a long rant? 

Well, this is not exactly a rant. This is me, just taking back my words from every discussion, where I defended this series. This is me, apologizing to myself and to everyone - whom I called stupid - for not liking this series.

This is me, deleting all bookmarks relating to this series, and vowing to never ever watch this piece of junk ever again in my life!

What a load of crap this was. Anyways, it was good till it lasted. Hope, 2 million years from now our future generations do not find unsold DVDs of this stupid series even as fossils!

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