Fast and Furious 6

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Nature has its own amazing ways. 

I have been wanting to watch Fast and Furious 6, since the day I saw its initial trailers. And then I completely forgot about it, till I got an sms of ticket booking confirmation early this week. Turns out, my little sister and wife are much more enthusiastic about exploding cars and explicit insults to the laws of physics, than I am!

Long ago, during the times of Mahabharata, when Shree Krishna was busy broadcasting Gita Saar, there was another saint who went by the name of Baba Furobiker. He predicted, that from now on, there will be only two types of people in this world - Mechanical Engineers, and Sentimental Fools. Ignoring that advice was the biggest mistake of the makers of this movie - these guys mixed the two breeds!!

Although, purists may say that these guys were not engineers, but what the hell! They know much more about cars and engines than the bunch of buffoons roaming around, who call themselves mechanical engineers! 

Coming back to the movie - I think Fast and Furious 5 (whatever fancy name they were calling it) set pretty high benchmark for these guys to deliver, but alas, this movie was not able to touch those heights! What was interesting in the movie was there were many more exploding cars and (not spoiling your party) other means of transports. However, the movie dragged a little when the emotional stuff came in.Actually, a lot of emo stuff came in the limited time.

It seems that the director wanted to connect all previous movies and had an intention of tying all loose ends in this one. Not a bad thing to do, but then you should realize that your USP is not a strong story-line, but jazzy exploding cards, hot babes and chase sequences!

The cast is awesome in whatever they do, specially Dom and Brian try to cover up the loopholes in the plot through their amazing acting. Though, Han had a very limited screen presence and importance in this movie. And, not to forget The Rock. The guy dominates the screen whenever the camera is in 100 feet radius of him!

Let us not even get into discussing logic and physics, rather the lack of them, for this movie. This is a pure entertainer, and you need to go with that mindset to enjoy this one. Though, there is a tinge of Bollywood and ekta kapoor that you will encounter while the dead come alive!

Oh, and bonus tip - wait for the end credits of the movie. There is a hint for Fast and Furious 7 that you definitely should not miss!!

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