Fast and Furious 6

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Nature has its own amazing ways. 

I have been wanting to watch Fast and Furious 6, since the day I saw its initial trailers. And then I completely forgot about it, till I got an sms of ticket booking confirmation early this week. Turns out, my little sister and wife are much more enthusiastic about exploding cars and explicit insults to the laws of physics, than I am!

X Box 360

Friday, May 24, 2013

As they say - बोयज़ एंड देइर मीन टोय्ज़ ! :D

After pestering my parents for close to three decades, I finally got permission to buy my first real video game! :D Yeyyyyyy!!! To be fair, I have owned plenty of these machines but each of them had much lesser computing power than my X Box 360!

As soon as you open the box, you realize what fun you have been missing all your life! I remember the first ever video game I owned was a Mega console - In which I had to insert a cassette to play games! Something similar to the one in the image below:

What fun we had with these games! I distinctly remember going to palika bazaar to purchase new cassettes with sometimes 10,000,000,000 games in each cassette! LOL! That was one of the biggest con I ever witnessed in my life! The cassette had only 10-15 games, but the menu showed 10,000 different names for each game! So eventually after trying first 500 or so games you realized that you have been conned! :D

But then, who cared! As soon as you get bored, you can always exchange it with your best buddies!

Though with the enemy gang, the rules of engagement were a little different! It was a credit based system! The needy always had to give extra games/cassettes compared with the giver! :P

You know, the large mega consoles can only be attached to TV sets, so how do you think the poor kids will pass the time in the school! :D As they say necessity is the mother of inventions!

Then came the season of hand-held or portable games! Although, these games were much simpler than the Mega games, but what the hell - everyone needed to own one of these:

I personally never liked them much. They were easier to break and frequently required cells and button replacement. Plus there was only limited hand eye co-ordination that was required.

Eventually, i got busy with studies and then there was a gap of 4-5 years where I seldom played any games - in simpler words, there was a blanket ban on all sorts of video games till IIT JEE exam :P

Thankfully, soon after I got admission in BHU, I found some crazy nut gamers in my college batch as well. Needless to say, much of the 3rd and 4th year of college went by in a rush playing PC based games 12-14 hours a day! :D

Age of empires, FIFA, Unreal tournament and Counter Strike were the top games during that era! (PS: the underground secret is, some of them still play these games online against players from many different countries  after their wives are off to work :D

Well, for me, gaming took the back seat as soon as the college got over, as I got busy with job, non-nerdy friends, newly found disposable income, shaadi etc etc. But one day during my last vacation, I passed by a game parlor in a hill station, which still housed those huge SEGA video games, in which you have to insert a coin to play for five minutes. I suddenly got hit with this wave of nostalgia, and my whole life right from class 1 ran in front of my eyes! How can i ever forget about this age old passion of mine!! Shame on me :(

And then I vowed - like arjun did in mahabharta - by taking some water in my hands :P that I will gift myself a new console soon post my GMAT exams! and then I did! :D

Though, there were some initial troubles in setting up the X BOX, and I almost shorted the whole system in over enthusiasm! :D But then, post the first week, things have been going smooth! That is, if you discount a very angry wife and heavily swollen eyes, as I haven't slept more than 3 hours any day  post my purchase!

Caution to fellow gamers in India: In case you are getting your XBOX from the US of A, please be aware. Bloody US people use 110 volts electricity, whereas India uses 240  volts. And Microsoft built XBOX of such a shit quality that it can not compensate for voltage on its own! I blew up my power supply unit within three minutes of getting my hands on the brand new XBOX. Get yourself a step down voltage transformer if you are purchasing it from some other country or buy an India based power supply unit.

Or else, be prepared to be embarrassed while tears run down your cheeks and your wife smirks at you as you hold the dead XBOX in your hands! :(

That my dear friends, is the story I will tell my grand kids on how I met the true love of my life! :D

Patience pays off

Monday, May 20, 2013

If you guys read my last blog (link), you would totally understand that the title of this post aptly summarizes this whole post in just three words!

It seems that the creators of the show - How I met your mother - are fans of this blog as well! :D As soon as I wrote a post on abandoning the series, these guys showed who the mother is !! Even if just for a few seconds!

Lets be fair to these guys - they didn't say she is The Mother, but they showed her carrying a yellow umbrella! If you have been following the show since long, you would know - The Yellow Umbrella is the sign!!

Though, for the first time in my life, I am happy about not Facebooking for a week! Some moron handling the social media account of HIMYM posted the pic on show's Facebook page much before non-US people could watch it!  Close shave, I must say! I logged in few minutes after watching the episode to see the spoilers spread across my whole time line! Phew! :D

Although, weirdly enough, neither did these guys get any super-famous celebrity, nor did they choose anyone super-pretty! I was expecting either of the two post eight years of hype! By the way, if you follow it closely, this new chick oddly looks a mash between Robin and Lily! Coincidence? I think not!

Now just hope they don't show mother's side of the story in the next eight seasons! Fingers crossed! :D

Chalo fir, I am back to hibernation! :D


Sunday, May 05, 2013

Patience is a virtue they say, and I also agree with them - whosoever they are who are saying this utter nonsense! By the way, looking at my Facebook feed these days, it seems that Einstein and Mahatma Gandhi said all the quotable quotes that could have been said in whole of the human history!

Let's not digress!

If you ask me to name three most patient people in the world - sorry, I can only name one! I know the other two by face, but never really got to know their names! Yes! That first person is ME! The other two are in the picture below!

Yes, you guessed it right - these two are Ted Mosby's kids from the TV Series - How I Met Your Mother! If you haven't seen the series - don't bother! You better buy a puppy, raise him to be a full grown dog and then finally let him die - these two kids and their stupid dad Ted will still be sitting in the same place, telling the same old story in probably season 2,987 of HIMYM!

Spanning over eight years, I spent countless number of hours watching each episode released till date. For beginners, we are on Season 8 Episode 22 and yet, we have not found a single sign of the mother, being talked 'bout in the title! 

I have seen the series go from Legen-wait for it- dary, Legendary to downright plain, and sometimes stupid! The episodes are becoming much predictable, and have started losing relevance to the story. And looking at their Facebook page, I can easily say that it seems they do not intend to introduce the mother, and probably end the story in the next few episodes as well. 

You might ask - Why such a long rant? 

Well, this is not exactly a rant. This is me, just taking back my words from every discussion, where I defended this series. This is me, apologizing to myself and to everyone - whom I called stupid - for not liking this series.

This is me, deleting all bookmarks relating to this series, and vowing to never ever watch this piece of junk ever again in my life!

What a load of crap this was. Anyways, it was good till it lasted. Hope, 2 million years from now our future generations do not find unsold DVDs of this stupid series even as fossils!