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Monday, April 15, 2013

... yet no updates on the blog!!

Seriously, it seems that I have been stuck by a huge bout of writer's block this season.I have had many outstation trips, read several books, watched trillions of stupid movies and yet haven't mocked even a single thing in the past 3 months!

Oh dear God! Log sach hi kehte the, aadmi badal jaata hai ekdum shaadi ke baad! :D

Jokes apart, I honestly think I almost forgot that I had a blog since past few days. Neither did I read any blogs since March. Its just the new age mediums - Facebook and Twitter - that were providing me updates regarding 5,00,000 people who got married in the past 72 hours! And it seems all the children born in India in the past 20 days were to people in my friend's list only! Phew!

By the way, I am sure every single one of you must have heard or seen Apple's ad to dispose off your antique smart phone to get a minimum 7,000 discount on iPhone 4! How can you miss that! Apple made sure that you even see that ad while peeing on the wall of any shady theka in Gurgaon!

Ab sochne wali baat ye hai, ki hamare nukkad ki dukaan wale Recharge Bhayya bhi jab ek phone ke 250Rs se zada nahi denge, to Apple wale dhakkan to hain nahi ki usi phone ke 7,000Rs de rahe hain?? Its just that Apple doesn't want to use the word "Discount" for its elite iPhones, that's why its collecting junk in the name of exchange bonus!

I never liked Apple as a company, simply for the walled garden that they wanted people to play in! However, simple dislike has turned into deep rooted disgust with this recent ad campaign that Apple is running in Delhi. Selling off their 3 year old outdated iPhone after everyone has rejected it in US and Europe for a discount, and that too as if you guys are doing a favor to us - saalon, India ko kachre ka dibba samjha hai kya?

Anyways, coming back to normal life ki baaten - Facebook again changed its face! All the photos and videos seem bigger on my newsfeed now! And upar se kuch left right bhi ho gaya hai sab! Saala, jab tak kuch samajh aane lagta hai, Facebook wapis redesign ho jaata hai!

Anyways, this post is going in some random directions. Isse pehle ki aap sab confuse hoke apne baal noch lo, main chala sone! Hope to be regular on this blog from now on! :D [bade logo ne kaha hai - hope is a good thing, probably one of the best things :D ]

Accha, through some free tools availble on internet, I have made an android app for this blog - Please download it from the google play button below and enjoy! (and let me know if you find any bugs bunnies! :D ) Bhagwan aapka bhala kare!

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