Google Reader - RIP

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Google calls it spring cleaning, I call it bull-shit!

I still can not believe it, Google is sunsetting one of my favourite products - Google Reader! On any given day, top websites visited by any normal person are Gmail and Facebook (and as well, if you count home page views); however, the nerd in me spends a much larger chunk of my time on Google Reader every single day!

I used it to keep track of hundreds and hundreds of blogs - which I have been following for over 5 years, tech websites, newspapers, Google product blogs and what not! All gone, in a poof! Are you kidding me Google!

Seriously, tell me Google - Why should I spend time adding any data to any of your service, when one day you can simply shut it down, giving me 2 months to extract my personal data and move to another service! So many categorizations, starred posts, saved links - I guess I better start writing important stuff on my personal diary only! I have zero trust on your products now!

On top of that, Google Reader is also one of the top referrers to my personal blog -! Which means, 90% of my total 5 readers will vanish the day Google Reader breathes its last!

Oh, and even before the pyre of Reader cooled down, Google launched another experimental product - Keep, which is nothing, but a copy of note keeping service - Evernote! Someone aptly mentioned on twitter - Never use a Google service, in which either Google is mining a ton of your data, or is bombarding you with gazillions of ads! Because they are gonna kill it sooner or later! You guys could have given us the option of paying for the service, if all your brilliant nerdy slaves were not able to fina a way to monetize the service!

Gone are the days of Don't be evil!

You are going to be the next Microsoft, Google! Mind my words!

Bhookh lagi hai khaana do!

Friday, March 08, 2013

*cough cough*

This blog is gathering dust since long, looks like no one visits here anymore. Let me take a jhaadu and clean it up a bit. Oh, by the way, this is Mommy Furobiker typing out this blog. Mera naalayak munda is busy with his married life these days, to maine socha main hi update kar doon is blog ko!

Haan to as I was saying, this post is a part of Healthy & Tasty Recipe Contest with Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil & . Ab dekho bhai, baat poore dus hazaar ke prize ki hai, to part lena to banta hai na!

As the name says, the contest is about recepies, to how can I forget our khaandaani recepie book - Khanna Khazaana! Yeah you read it right, its khanna and not khaana, though they sound similar, and are very deeply integrated words! :D Trust me!!

So this recepie is called - as my gawaar son calls it - Mili Julli Sabziyaan  or Assorted Vegetables!

Contrary to the popular belief among all the kids - NO! Mixed vegetables are not made by mixing left over vegetables of whole week! There is a real recepie for it! Don't trust me? Read on...

Recepie Name: Mili Julli Sabziyaan or Assorted Vegetables
Complexity: As low as it gets
Preperation Time: Less than one episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hain
Cooking Oil to be Used: Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil (contest sponsor hai bhayya!)

Now, before we start cooking, here is an appetizing pic of what's to come

So, here are the ingridients:

1. 100 grams Beans
2. 100 grams Carrots
3. 100 grams Frozen Peas
4. 2 Potatoes
5. 1 Small Cauliflower
6. 2 Small Onions (cut into Small pieces)
7. 2 Small Bell-Peppers
8. Salt to taste
9. Black Pepper to taste
10. 3 tbsp Cumin Seeds power
11. 3 tbsp Fortune Rice-bran health oil

On a side note, ever made a vegetable rangoli?


1.       Rinse vegetables and chop them into small pieces separately.

2.       Fry chopped beans, cauliflower and potato in three table-spoon of Fortune Rice-bran health oil. Keep stirring on low flame for 5 minutes.

3.       Add peas and carrots to the mixture and simmer for another 5 minutes.

4.       Finally add onions and bell pepper and cook for 5 to 7 minutes until onions are soft.

5.       Add roasted cumin power, salt and black pepper, place a lid and cook for 10-12 minutes.

6.       Turn off heat and garnish with fresh coriander leaves and shredded cottage cheese.

7.       Serve with hot delicious Paranthas, obviously!

End Result

Chalo then baccho! Be good!

Signing off,