Looking into the future

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Sometimes, you just know what is about to happen! I don't know about you guys, but I get this feeling - call it deja vu or anything - but few seconds before such thing is about to happen, my brain sends me a signal!

Same happened to me couple of days back. So, as usual, I was driving towards Mrs Furobiker's office, to pick her up in the evening. I take a slightly longer route in the evening, mostly because the usual routes are clogged at that time. There is one red light near IFFCO Chowk, Gurgaon, which remains relatively empty.

The signal was red, the countdown meter displayed 55 seconds - so, like a responsible citizen, as well as a poor salaried guy, I killed the ignition (to save fuel, of course) and started listening to music. There were just 2-3 cars in between me and the signal, and there was no car behind me.

Suddenly, my eyes drifted towards the inner rear view mirror of the car, and I could see a light waving!  The waving light was approaching fast in my rear view mirror!

Countdown showed 42 seconds.

Suddenly, God knows from where, a very sure thought came in my mind - this bike is gonna hit my car! Although, there was no reason to believe so, as the road could accommodate 4 cars paralelly, and mine was the only car in that row!

Countdown showed 36 seconds.

By now, the bike became visible in my left rear view mirror as well. And what I was thinking as a youngster doing stunts / swerving on the road, clearly was a case of out of control bike hurling towards me, and other cars!

Countdown showed 30 seconds.

Micro-seconds of happiness, followed by bout of anger! Happiness because the bike managed to miss hitting my car from the rear end. Anger, because finally the driver lost complete control and hit the front rear view mirror of my car before going ahead and hitting a tempo from the back!

Countdown showed 27 seconds.

I got out of the car to catch the miscreant, thinking it was some teenager driving his dad's bike on main road. Turns out, they were three middle-aged drunk bastards. Completely inebriated! As, I was about to shout on these guys, the driver almost slipped and fell on the road, while the two guys sitting sitting pillion were trying to keep the bike straight!

Eventually, I realized, there is no point talking to three drunk Gujjars when they are not able to understand where they are, and if they are driving or sitting on their cots smoking hookah!

By this time, the light turned green - and as ever, impatient cubicle-workers from Gurgaon, heading back home towards Delhi started maddening honking for me to move my car. Just two more cars came behind my car, but the amount of honking they did in 5 seconds, equated noise levels emitted by a kilometer jam!

Delhi, specially the satellites around it - Noida and Gurgaon, have become pathetic places to live in. It may be due to locals or due to people coming to work here, but surely, the quality and security of life keeps plummeting to new lows in these places. I simply felt amazed at myself for not even feeling like shouting or speaking at those drunk bastard bikers - what's the point!

Anyway, coming back to the main topic of this blog - did you guys ever feel that something is about to happen, just a few moments before it actually happen? Or do I have some special powers! :D
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