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Saturday, February 23, 2013

As you guys are aware, being a super awesome blogger, I am reviewing Tata Cars these days :D (link).  Well not just cars, I am also reviewing restaurants, cafes et al as well! This time, I got a chance to review V Spot Cafe + Bar, Gurgaon as a part of Blogadda Product Reviews Program.

Although, Blogadda asked me to review it by 10th Feb, but due to my jam-packed schedule, I could only visit the cafe last week. I hope the blogadda guys don't mind that :P

So, Blogadda gave me the chance to review the place and gave me vouchers worth Rs 2000 to be used. However, the V Spot guys had some confusion among themselves, and allowed me to use only Rs1000 vouchers in one go! Sad start to the visit I must say! But let me be honest with the review, and I will try not to let  this incident cloud my judgement on the cafe! :P

Anyway, the first thing that you'll notice about this place is its kick-ass decor. It starts from the stairs leading to the cafe with funky cartoons on the walls all along and continues all the way up and for better. Good concept I must say!

The USP about this place is their tongue-in-cheek humor  Its everywhere from the guide to "whether you should dump my boyfriend" to "Should I hit on her" on the table mats; the funky napkins; one-liners as tickers above their large bar; smart-ass quotes on the cushions, everything! There was so much there that you are bound to miss out on a lot in just one visit.

The ambiance of that place is pretty decent, with large spacious hall indoors and a lavish arrangement outdoors on the terrace for large groups. The music was nice- peppy and fast- perfect for cafe. They also had games to keep you entertained like Xbox and foos-ball (yeah the same one as Joey and Chandler had in Friends!). I wonder how Chandler and Joey made foosball seem so easy! :P I struggled with it for half hour just to make a fool of myself! :P Also there was a video booth where you could get yourself recorded. Of course, I didn't try it! Kahi sala koi director mera video dekh ke mujhe movie me na le le :D

The menu didn't let us down either. It had few advises which "actually" helped for losing weight! See the picture below and decide how much these help you! It seems these were written by a khaata-peeta Punjabi. Eventually, we ordered some drinks and snacks. This place keeps you entertained, I must say!

The food was nice but the drinks were up to the mark. I had Dutch Truffle Cake Shake and Naughty Nutty- both of which were a delight. (Also put some more firangi khaane k saman ka naam here..Mujhe nhi yaad aur). One of the items from Today's special really made my day. It was La La Lasagna. Simply superb.

This is not lasagna stupid! Its pasta! I didn't take lasagna's picture! :P 
Overall, its a good place to hang out with friends. Considering the ambience, the food, their lavish bar, and their hospitality, I would give them a 4.2 on 5 :D

PS: Review completed with creative inputs from the little sis, who blogs at Me Myself!


Unknown said...

I also had a nice experience there. Though the other 1000 voucher is still in my purse. Not sure when that would come to use!

Amrita said...

wow seems like a nice place! your sissy's blog seems nice as well! :)