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Saturday, February 23, 2013

As you guys are aware, being a super awesome blogger, I am reviewing Tata Cars these days :D (link).  Well not just cars, I am also reviewing restaurants, cafes et al as well! This time, I got a chance to review V Spot Cafe + Bar, Gurgaon as a part of Blogadda Product Reviews Program.

Although, Blogadda asked me to review it by 10th Feb, but due to my jam-packed schedule, I could only visit the cafe last week. I hope the blogadda guys don't mind that :P

So, Blogadda gave me the chance to review the place and gave me vouchers worth Rs 2000 to be used. However, the V Spot guys had some confusion among themselves, and allowed me to use only Rs1000 vouchers in one go! Sad start to the visit I must say! But let me be honest with the review, and I will try not to let  this incident cloud my judgement on the cafe! :P

Anyway, the first thing that you'll notice about this place is its kick-ass decor. It starts from the stairs leading to the cafe with funky cartoons on the walls all along and continues all the way up and for better. Good concept I must say!

The USP about this place is their tongue-in-cheek humor  Its everywhere from the guide to "whether you should dump my boyfriend" to "Should I hit on her" on the table mats; the funky napkins; one-liners as tickers above their large bar; smart-ass quotes on the cushions, everything! There was so much there that you are bound to miss out on a lot in just one visit.

The ambiance of that place is pretty decent, with large spacious hall indoors and a lavish arrangement outdoors on the terrace for large groups. The music was nice- peppy and fast- perfect for cafe. They also had games to keep you entertained like Xbox and foos-ball (yeah the same one as Joey and Chandler had in Friends!). I wonder how Chandler and Joey made foosball seem so easy! :P I struggled with it for half hour just to make a fool of myself! :P Also there was a video booth where you could get yourself recorded. Of course, I didn't try it! Kahi sala koi director mera video dekh ke mujhe movie me na le le :D

The menu didn't let us down either. It had few advises which "actually" helped for losing weight! See the picture below and decide how much these help you! It seems these were written by a khaata-peeta Punjabi. Eventually, we ordered some drinks and snacks. This place keeps you entertained, I must say!

The food was nice but the drinks were up to the mark. I had Dutch Truffle Cake Shake and Naughty Nutty- both of which were a delight. (Also put some more firangi khaane k saman ka naam here..Mujhe nhi yaad aur). One of the items from Today's special really made my day. It was La La Lasagna. Simply superb.

This is not lasagna stupid! Its pasta! I didn't take lasagna's picture! :P 
Overall, its a good place to hang out with friends. Considering the ambience, the food, their lavish bar, and their hospitality, I would give them a 4.2 on 5 :D

PS: Review completed with creative inputs from the little sis, who blogs at Me Myself!

Tata Indica Vista D90 : Detailed Review

Friday, February 15, 2013

I am sure you must have read my last post (in which I declared myself SRK of blogging world!) that I got a Tata Indica Vista D90 for 3 days to review! So, here we are with the detailed review! (previous post link) Blogadda Product Reviews Program

This is going to be a slightly longer than usual post, so this is the right time to get your tub full of popcorn and a large coke! And if anything is left after you are done reading? Please courier that to me - I am broke these days, and need something to eat! :(

Disclaimer: Still developing my SLR skills, so images taken from varied sources.

*** Review Begins *** 

Overall, the new Vista D90 is a value for money car. From what I have heard, ex-showroom price (Delhi) is between 6 to 6.9 lakhs. I obviously got top-end model for review, so I am assuming it should be just shy of 7 lakhs (ex-showroom price).

Tata is maintaining the core Indica shape with this car as well, although fine-tuning it with every new upgrade! From the inside, Tata has worked a lot on this machine! The plastic quality is much better than what it used to be, and the fit and finish of the insides is better as well. Although, a lot more work is desired if you compare it with other cars in the market.

The Insides

This car is spacious! Period. I don't think I will be wrong by a mile if I say - this is one of the most spacious hatchbacks in the market! Though upon further inspection I realized that Tata has probably derived all this leg-space by reducing the size of the boot! Vista D90 sports an average 232 Liter boot.

Instrument panel is a refreshing change! After experimenting with a centrally located instrument panel, TATA has moved it back to the normal place - near the steering wheel! The central panel is now occupied with a system display. It shows time, instant mileage, trip mileage and distance-to-empty. Neat! Although unlike my Fluidic Verna, the toggle button between these displays is locted far from hand's reach. I could only tinker with the displays on red lights or when stuck in a jam!

Music System - The model I got had an integrated (TATA branded) touch-based music system. Took me five minutes to understand, post that it worked like a charm! Though there was a button for GPS navigation as well, but it was unresponsive. I guess either some maps need to be purchased or there was some other method to operate it :/ The display is very bright, and distracting at night. Although, Tata has built in a nice sleep feature that shuts off the screen 10 seconds post any activity!

ABC - Accelerator, brake and clutch are placed fairly, though a dead pedal is sorely missed! Also, if you are a big foot like me (shoe size 9), chances are that your left foot will repeatedly collide with steering rod while pressing clutch! And more so, when you are stuck in neck-to-neck traffic on Gurgaon toll!

Seating - The model I got had nicely fitted bucket seating. Comfortable and sturdy!

Air conditioning - The variant had automatic climate control which worked just fine. The AC seemed powerful, although in Mid February in Delhi, I actually can't comment on the AC quality! Though the plastic knobs definitely had a cheap feeling about them. Oh, and there is an Economy button as well, probably to save precious fuel after temperature is maintained. The AC doesn't show any noticeable drag on the power.

Under the hood

Vista D90's 1.3L quadrajet engine is the same one as used by Punto, Manza, Linea and couple of more cars! Although performance of all these cars is much varied due to their weight, built and ofcourse tuning boxes! D90 delivers 89BHP at 4,000 RPM and 200 NM of torque post 1750 RPM.

The car, in layman terms, has a nice pick-up. The power delivery is gradual across the RPM range. Although Turbo lag is still noticeable. This car uses a variable geometry turbo, which in layman terms means better power at lower rpm's as well. I personally found the best power delivery between 2,500 and 3,500 RPM. Post 3,500 RPM, there is only noise and not much power!

The gear ratios seemed normal, adjusted to in-city driving. Although I found the gearbox to be a bit notchy - even in a car that was just driven some 500 odd kms!

Even in jam packed Delhi to Gurgaon runs - during peak office hours - my D90 was able to deliver over 16.2 kmph mileage! Which is pretty good, trust me. I assume that on lonely highway drives, this machine will easily touch 20+kmph!

Ride quality - Ride quality is average. Though the car easily jumps over the regular potholes, but the suspension is a bit stiffer than I would have preferred. I am not sure why, but backseat riding seemed a bit more bumpy to me compared with driver's seat ride! Tata can definitely work on this area.

Handling - Average at best! Honestly, for the price you are paying, the handling is pretty average! The steering isn't much confidence inspiring, and I had to considerably slow down at curves, red lights etc to make a proper turn. Swift, in the same price range has much better handling.

The Outsides

The car looks sporty at first, and then you spot the Indica-esque features! Fitted with spoilers and alloys, the bright purple Vista D90 I got surely turned some heads at the Gurgaon Toll. The big headlamps, and bright fog lights surely adds to the muscular finish of the car.

Though the ORVMs are too small. I felt uncomfortable with their adjustments as well. Probably, Tata designed them keeping city riding in mind, but I desired atleast 1.5x larger ORVMs!

Tata has neatly kept Quadrajet, TATA and Variant Logos on the body. These logos too add to the sporty finish of the car. There is a body kit available as well, but in my humble opinion, you better skip it!

The Bottom Line

As one wise man once said - You don't choose a car, the car chooses you! :D

The Vista D90 is a good mix of sporty looks, powerful engine and spacious interiors. The engine is best suited for in-city driving and gives a nice combination of mileage and pick-up. Though the drive-ability and ride quality could have been better, but in case you are looking for a car for your daily ride to office - this is your car my friend! Download the official brochure from here (link)

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day! 

హ్యాపీ వాలెంటైన్ డే

Next level of blogging

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Now, you must have read some movie reviews, book reviews and a lot more blah blah on this blog. Some was sponsored (I got free book/product for review) and some were out of appreciation (or disgust :P )

But then, last week I got an email. From Blogadda! And I jumped so hard that my head hit the roof! Thank God it is winter season, warna to by God, sir pankhe pe hi lag jaana tha! :D

So, the email said - being the awesomest blogger that I am, Blogadda and Tata Motors were sending a new Vista D90 for me to review! Wow! That's something, you must be thinking! Yes, you are right! Its actually a big thing! I got selected among a handful bloggers to test drive Vista D90, pre-launch, and that too for full three days!!

So this baby arrived yesterday night!

A brand new car, with tank full of diesel! What more do you want in life!!

So, I am off to test drive Vista D90. I just have 72 hours with this baby, and have full tank of diesel to me! :D

Keep looking at this space for more! BTW, I think its the right time you took my autograph! Baad me shayad mere pass itna vella time hi na ho! :D