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Monday, January 07, 2013

Did I ever mention it to you guys - I am really scared of injections!

The problem with injections is not the pain - that is really nothing but a pinch, however, there is a bigger issue associated with it - waiting for the pinch! Right from the moment you reach doctor's shop (yes shop, not clinic - we will come back to it some other day). Yeah, so right from the moment you reach doctor's shop to the moment the nurse mercilessly inserts the needle in your butt - or if you are a grown up like me, your arm - all you have to do is wait!

The moment from the nurse asks you to roll up your sleeve, to the moment when she ties something on your arm to make your nerves come out, to cleaning your arm with spirit, to mercilessly tearing your skin to draw your blood - its nothing but a long wait! Those few seconds feel more than twenty pain and anticipation filled years!

And then when the needle hits you, you don't even realize what happened. More often than not, you are busy  checking your Twitter feed reading what some tom, dick and harry ate for lunch!!

So you get the point, right? In case you got the point, I am sure you are a married folk, if not, then wait for the marriage!

Not that I have a frikking ounce of stage fright nor was I worried about wedding preparations but I was anxious as hell starting couple of weeks before marriage! At one point, I (and I am sure she) were of the mental state ki bas ek time machine hoti, so that we would have fast forwarded the time to reach  Leonardo da Vinci airport - Fiumicino, Rome! :D

Bhaisahab, hindustaan me shaadi karna bhi ek bada babaal hai! Phew! :P

Anyhow, first week of December is blurred in my memory! There was so much happening around me - so many people, so many activities, so much colors and light, so much music - too much for my small brain to process and store in individual compartments! However, all I remember is it was fun while it lasted! Kids (li'l bros and siss) have so much energy, I tell you - I was really amazed by their potential to dance for hours and hours practicing Sexy Radha song at my place!

.. records indicate that I was a boring spectacle wearing nerd at their age :P

Do you ever think how boring will life be without any goof-ups? Actually, goof-ups were more like blunders :P What else would you say when all relatives and friends go out of home for some reason or the other, and we ALL get locked out! Yes, approximately 50-60 people were supposed to in my home one day prior to my engagement, and somehow everyone went out at the same time, while auto-locking  the main door of the home!

Oh and how would you describe the situation where people remember to get dozens of liters of alcohol to the engagement venue but completely forget about the pooja ka samaan listed down by punditjee! :D Punjabis and their darubaazi! :D

By the way, these wedding photographers are so bloody irritating! More-so for the bride and groom! Saala, itna PDA (public display of affection) to pichle 6 saal me nhi kara, jitna is fotographer ne 2 ghante me karwa dia! :P

I actually spotted Mrs Furobiker clenching her fist, almost about to punch the photographer during Vidai time, when the video guy pushed me aside to get a 'single shot' of her crying ! Phew. Bach gaya saala!

Oh, and if any of you guys visit me personally, I would love to show you the videos of Pheras! Amazingly funny! My naughty cousins had created such a ruckus, and thanks to Hindi movies they had mugged up simple wedding mantras and were chanting in full volume along with our beloved pundit jee! :D

... and I am still searching for the person who gave them the idea of throwing flowers at the couple during phera time! Kids took it so personally, that I had five muscle injuries due to their forceful flower, bouquets and flowerpot blows on the bride and groom! :P

For those of you, who didn't see my online wedding invite, here is the link -- >

And here comes the new couple in town ...

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