Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yeah! That's what I like to call myself these days. Bhaisahab! I haven't read so many newspapers, magazines and books in a single month in a long time! I guess recession is back, if you know what I mean *wink wink*

So the latest one I am reading is RIP - by Mukul Deva. You know, sometimes you are reading a book or an article, and suddenly you are like - O teri! Le li isne to!! I had the exact same feeling within first 50 odd pages of this book!

Basically, RIP is an acronym for Resurgent Indian Patriots, which essentially is a group of ex-army guys going around killing corrupt politicians. I even wrote a knock knock joke while reading this book! :D Anyways, that was so horrible that I am too ashamed to even type it here :P

This book is based on the recent corruption related turmoil that happened in India. The problem is, the book went to press before the Delhi gang-rape incident, otherwise the author would have included that too! :D

RIP by mukul deva

The author has tried to use all aliases, while clearly telling you who he is talking about. Now you tell me, who is the activist spear-heading Lokpaal bill movement in Delhi? Hazare! But the author calls such a character Hazarika :D So difficult to guess, no? :D That's the lovely part about this book, wo hamare gaon me kehte hain na - Isne to sabki keh ke le li! :D

Not just the names, but the alleged scams, bureaucracy, locations.. everything rings a bell in your head, and your brain furiously starts processing through the news article that you might have read with a strikingly similar name in the past! ;)

Author has touched the right chord with the book, the need for a clean, honest political layer in India. That's basically the USP of the book. Other than that, there are many gripping parts in the book. The story is intertwined with finely detailed missions of the RIP team, along with the personal lives, and emotional turmoil faced by men in uniforms.

Among the recent fiction I have read, Mukul Deva's RIP definitely stands out. The story grips you till the last page. The author has written a crisp, clean story reflective of his Army background! Although, and it might again be because of his army background, the author was a little sloppy while describing love-shove portions in the story. I guess love, sex aur dhoka is Chetan Bhagat's forte ;)

Overall, for me, this was a good one time read.

Considering the current situation in this country, in terms of corruption, governance, security and what not, this book is sure to find thousands of readers among simmering youth of this country. Specially those, who think only radical measures can solve these issues.

I give the book a good 800/950 ! Pick your copy from Flipkart!

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Amrita said...

sounds like RDB

Anonymous said...

would have been much better if u would have shared the torrent link too :P

The Furobiker said...

yeah. but kinda professional version of rdb

Rickie said...

Actually, even I had the same feeling as Amrita. It sounds like Rang De Basanti!
Good, engaging review.

The Furobiker said...

kahaani poori filmi hai

The Furobiker said...

of the book, or the movie which will be made on it?

Mahima Kohli said...

I so love all your posts.
The 'Bhaisahab!' and the 'O teri! Le li isne to!' parts were hilarious. Wish I could write like that on my blog too!