Dhoom 3 - Every Magic Trick Has Three Parts

Sunday, December 22, 2013

In case you are a movie buff like me, you must have guessed a lot of content of this post just from the title! However, in the interest of everyone else, let me just put this alert!

Since you are still reading, I am almost sure you are one of those people who will not be spending a bomb watching this in theater. Dhoom 3, as per my expectations, was just going to be just another franchise movie - and as it goes with the franchise movies, no one gives a shit about the story! Franchise movies keep on reaping the benefits of the one thing that ticks with the audience and keep of repeating it till the producers or the audience gets fed up.

Obviously, in Dhoom franchise, the thing that ticks with the audience isn't either Uday Chopra or Abhishekh Bacchan - its the bikes! PS: Somebody needs to tell Uday and Abhishek that! In a nation, where every middle class youngster driving a 125cc bike thinks himself to be a super biker, I guess YRF really hit a goldmine!

However, you see the new guy in the poster below? He made every bit of an effort to make people not hate the movie! You know, people say Aamir reads scripts and doesn't do meaningless films. Also, people say Dhoom movies are totally baseless, storyless and full of crap! You mix these two and you get Dhoom 3!

There are some things so stupid, that you start believing that its another Chennai Express, and then there are oh-so-Aamir-esque intense scenes, that they take you somewhere else!

So, Aamir does reads scripts; its just that he doesn't watch English movies! Ab English movies me to stories hoti hi hai, to wahi se chori kar lete hain!

The dark knight - So the movie starts in a sepia tone, with an old Jackie Shroff fighting the biggest villains of modern era - banks! - and then goes ahead and kills himself! Suiciiiiiiiide! Aamir khan grows up suddenly, and turns into - guess what - Joker! (The Clown)

The Prestige - Every magic trick has three parts, first the writers watch an intense and acclaimed English movie, second, they blatantly copy the plot, third, they add an emotional flood to it, and voila! Dhoom 3! The whole movie pivots around Aamir's double role! That's how he does the famous trick - Vanishing from spot 1, and appearing at spot 2, in less than 10 seconds!

Transformers - A BMW bike, which can run on road for more than 30 seconds without killing people - contrary to the popular opinion of BMW machines in India. And then it suddenly turns into a water scooter (yeah, the same one we ride in Goa), and then into a submarine, and then into a boat and then bike.

Oh, and there are 3 other key people in the movies - The first one is an american, with the most ice cold expressions I have ever seen. I guess his previous profession was being the CEO of Lehman Bank - he wouldn't have flinched a bit before firing 10,000 people in an hour! The second one is a hot american chick, but then there was no time for writing dialogues for her. She just mentions in her introduction - I have Indian friends, so I know a little Hindi!

And then we have Katreena - trust me on this, since they showed Eli Avram on TV, Katreena looks a 50 year old lady, who was once very cute ! Not much dialogues for her as well, but they gave her some tattered pieces of clothes, so that no one notices the acting and dialogues !

The only saving grace, and an amazing effort at that was Aamir's double role! Aamir, without any change in looks, has played two separate personalities so bloody well, that in one scene he transforms from Sahar to Samar and the difference is so very visible in microseconds, that it completely blew me away!

As it is visible from the movie poster, it is Aamir's movie, with everyone else supporting him - except from Physics and Logic that is.

Overall, I will give the movie 2.5 stars, but will not stop you from watching it once - only for Aamir!

Oh, and as it happens with each Dhoom movie - Instead of being caught by Uday Chopra, each villain prefers to rather die by jumping from a cliff! 

Hello World

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Before you ask, yes! Busy people do not blog regularly!

I visited this blog, yes my own blog, last weekend, after a gap of close to two months! Between home, office, Gurgaon jams, Yoga classes and GMAT applications, I barely get time to manage a 5 hour nap each night! And you know what the sad part is? After writing hundreds and thousands of words and putting in so much of effort, the first college you apply to sends a rejection email! Now I feel how Tushar Kapoor must feel after each movie! :(

Anyhow, as King Khan says - Jab tak hai jaan, jab tak hai jaan!

Past three-four weeks have been exceptionally bad, both on the personal and professional front. Life, through its own screwed up ways, has taught me some serious lessons during this time.

At any point in life, always be prepared to start everything from scratch!

You might be riding high on the seventh sky one day, and the very next day, you find that everything is gone to zero. Zilch! Everything happens so fast that you don't even realize that what was happening was real, or what that is happening now is real.

Its like inception, but in real life! :)

But then, a man's gotta do what he gotta do! So lets start afresh with - as they say in programmer's language - Hello World! 

How to read a good book

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Everyone in this world has their own style of reading - some people read too fast, some read too slow, some speed-readers read vertically instead of horizontally, while the remaining are just plain lazy and take years to complete a good book! 

I have been discussing this with several people, and basically skimmed down to two broad reading styles which people follow - the first one is followed by Mrs Furobiker and the second by yours truly! 

Addicted Reading - Yes! That is what I call the first style of reading, which my wife follows. When she picks up a book, she just can't keep it down till she reads the end credits! I have seen her finishing those huge Harry Potter books in just one night (to be precise, from 8 pm on day one to 4.45 am on day 2!). I have seen a lot of friends following this style of reading, where they are completely focused on the book, and want to finish reading the book in max two or three sittings!

Frankly speaking, I have also used such method of reading, but only with text books ! Start one night before the exams, finish it on the morning of the exam, and then go and vomit on the answer sheet! :D

However, I have observed that since the past year or so, I have moved on to a different style of reading.

Savoured Reading - Yes, that's what I call my style of reading. I have come to believe that there are a plenty of similarities between a good book and a 30 year old, single malt scotch; hence, both of them should be treated with similar respect!

As with single malt, you need to pour 10 ml in a crystal glass. It is not to be mixed with either water or ice. Then you shake your glass a bit, and then inhale the aroma that has been captured in the barrel for 30 years, while reading about the goodness of the malt on the bottle information sheet. Only after you have familiarized yourself with the aroma, you take a small sip, and let the scotch settle in your mouth. You roll it over your tongue, and feel it inside your mouth before letting it pass down your throat, marking your food pipe till your stomach!

A good book, in my humble opinion, deserves a similar treatment! 

First, you tear away the packaging to get the feel of real paper in your hands. Then you flip swiftly through the pages, while breathing in the fragrance of crisp, newly printed paper. You should then always read the preface written by another classic author/editor. All classics have a preface written by some distinguished editor. Never glance through the summary at the back of the book. That tawdry summary is for the schoolkids. 

Post that start reading the book, but then take a break post 10-15 pages or one chapter as designated by the author. Close the book, and your eyes to savor the beauty and the deep meaning of the thoughts penned down by the author. Reflect on your opinion on the author's point of view. Only when you have completely absorbed the hidden meanings of the lines, pick that book up to continue.

I usually take a week to 10 days to complete a book these days; sometimes even more based on the quantity of pages or the quality of the writing. Also, these days, I don't mind throwing out a book in between if I find it distasteful.

So what type of reading style do you follow?


Monday, September 09, 2013

If given a choice by a Genie, in terms of both time and place, where would you like to go? 

With standard 95% confidence levels, I can bet my Boss's (or whosoever decides my appraisal numbers) life on it, that the answer will be one simple word - College! What a time it was! No money, no responsibilities, no work, no formal clothes to wear, and in some cases not even having a bucket to be able to take a bath daily! :D

PS: Since my family reads this blog, so I am willingly omitting the parts about beers and babaji ki booti! ;)

With the same feelings at heart, few months back I took a long detour while coming back from a family trip to visit the baap of all touristic, religious and famous places in India - Banaras! Which also happens to be the place that holds my alma mater in its lap - Banaras Hindu University! 

But you know what - after spending a good half day in the holy city, I got utterly bored! I roamed around the ghats, the temples, the roads and bylanes, university areas, classrooms, hostels - but got no emotional response that I was waiting for! Zilch! There were strange faces, new kids, and random visitors roaming around the places, but not a glimpse of the faces I was looking for! 

I didn't understand what I was looking for, or why I wasn't happy. But I wasn't! 

Today, when I saw the Indiblogger contest by Yatra.com, especially the key headline, "If you could take your family or friends to any place on the planet, where would that be and how would you make your trip the happiest one ever?", I realized what was missing! My Friends! 

So yeah, If I could, I would take the entire chunk of people that were present in 2007 back to BHU, back in the same settings, as if Yatra.com is a time machine! Now as some of the pokey readers would ask - Why the nerds, and why not just the friends? Simply because any experience at any place involves both the good and the not-so-good things! You know, as they say, Delhi gaye aur traffic me nahi phase to kya khaak Delhi gaye! :)

Just going back to the place as tourist will be good, but living the life as we used to live will make us the happiest people alive. You know, there is a difference between visiting the famous Assi ghaat as tourists just at the time of evening aarti, and sitting whole night on the ghaats just because you have nothing else to do, are poles apart in terms of experiences! 

Khair, dreams are dreams. But if I get a chance to relive just a few of my college day moments with my friends, I would certainly like to spend some time in the following places:

Hostel - Four years, three hostels, four different rooms! I vividly remember each of my hostel room, and its location in the three hostels along with the rooms of most of my friends! Rajputana is 1st year, Vishvasaraiya in 2nd and 3rd and Vishvakarma hostel in the final year! The funny thing is, even after so many years, mess Maharaj (cook) And hostel workers still remembered me with face and name during my recent visit!

Rajputana Hostel
Limbdi Corner - It was THE hangout place of IT BHU. Located at the corner point of the roas joining Girls hostel and Classrooms, there could not be any better hangout place ;). Some of my Delhi friends in BHU used to call it Priya Cinema of Banaras! :D

Limbdi corner
Assi Ghaat - Did you guys watch Raanjhana movie? There is a scene on the steps of Assi ghaat. In the background, near the steps, you can see a board painted on the wall - Pizzeria! How I miss that place. We used to visit that place specially to eat its Apple Pie!

Aahar Vihaar - The only place which provides cheap food, and allows you to get your own booze! We had to go through small, water filled bylanes to reach this place. But worth the effort!

Cinema Halls - I miss those days, when we could buy Balcony ticket on the day of movie release, and that too in black for less than 50Rs. These days, almost half my monthly salary goes in buying a gold class movie ticket! :(

Last but not the least Mechanical Department - Where we forcefully spent a lot of hours, gaining attendance, so that they don't throw us out! :D

What days man! Even writing about the places made me so nostalgic... I got so many pics in this old post! I wish Yatra.com could really arrange such a trip!

A poster ..

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

... at my G M A T coaching had this

Ring the bells that still can ring, 
Forget your perfect offering, 
There is a crack in everything, 
That's how the light gets in.

Think about it! How apt!

I am very sure Leonard Cohen didn't had a competitive entrance exam in mind when he wrote this song! By the way, I was just thinking - aren't all the competitive exams are just about testing how good are you at cracking that particular exam and not how intelligent you are?

More on this later.. right now, very busy in writing essays! Any tips will be appreciated! 

Chennai Express - An honest review

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Let me get this out of the way, if I had to give a rating to Chennai express, I would give it a 3.6 on a scale of 5. According to me, it is not as horrible a movie, as the so called Twetterati or esteemed critics are claiming it to be. Now, as with everything with life, you have two choices - either close this page, and move on with your life, or read on to understand why I think people are following a herd mentality to judge this movie. 

Yes, there are some flaws with this movie, and the biggest of all is the lack of sub-titles for the part where Tamil language is being spoken. Apart from that, I guess you will get almost everything you expect from a Rohit Shetty and Shah Rukh Khan movie! If you went looking for a strong story line, and a class acting in this movie - I think its you who is stupid, not the guys who made this movie! 

Now, it may be that I liked this movie a little bit more than others, because of two fundamental facts about me - I am a die hard SRK fan, and the love of my life is from Hyderabad. (though, technically Hyderabad and Chennai are hundreds of miles apart in terms of both distance and cultures, but then I could certainly relate to many sequences in the movie!)

This movie, if I may, is similar to Rainbow Surprise doughnut - The base is something completely different, the filling is going somewhere else, but then you mostly eat it for the colorful particles sprinkled on the top! The movie is very similar in this regard - there are so many typical (and funny) SRK moments sprinkled in this movie, that it reminds you of the whole two decades of worth remembering SRK moments! And surprisingly, SRK looks pretty young in this movie - at least compared with his recent appearances in IIFA and some small time TV shows. On top of it, SRK was back as Rahul, and yeah, the movie has that grab-my-hand-to-catch-the-train-scene 5 times in a row! ;)

Deepika padukone, no doubt, sported a horrible south Indian accent in the movie. I think at some places it was more irritating than Deepika Padukone herself. But then, overall, her acting made up for what she lacked in the accent. I think she was better than SRK in most of the intense scenes in the movie.

The movie is shot in beautiful locations down south. I never knew Rameshwaram was such a pretty place - it is definitely on my must travel Indian locations list now! That reminds me, I am yet to visit the backwaters of Kerela as well! It has been on my must visit places since past 3 years!

If you have seen any tamil movies (i have seen plenty with subtitles, while I was in BHU), the madrasi don and his goondaas will not seem out of place humor to you, neither will their hacking knives! The big muscled goondas are shown in their full tashan, with scorpios and all! BTW, I don't think any respectable goonda up north would ever ride a 12 lakh ki scorpio!

The music is hit and miss! While some of the songs seriously get on your tongue, there were couple of them, which could have been easily ignored! Tera rasta choodun na, was a total surprise!

Mehebaani Nahi Tumhaaraa pyaar maangaa hai
Tumhein manzoor hai, tabhi toh yaar maanga hai
Gairon ke dar se, tere shehar se 
Hai kasam rishta todoon na 
Tera rasta main chhodoon na

And that temple scene, where SRK carries Deepika for over 300 steps, was much more deep than you could imagine from this movie!

Overall, I would say the movie is definitely a one time watch, and is not as bad as people are portraying it to be! People, specially on twitter and facebook, tend to follow herd mentality these days, I believe.

Just to get more RTs and Likes, they will try to write what people want to read! These days, not many people have got the guts to write what they really feel! If you like a movie, God damned, just accept that you liked it! No two people in the world have got exact same tastes, and for starters, I am not one of those who will not write what he feels - even if the whole world thinks I am wrong!

mint-o Ultramintz Review

Saturday, August 03, 2013

First things first - I am reviewing mint-o Ultramintz as a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda! In case, you want me to review any product or service for you, feel free to use the contact form!

When I got the email from Blogadda, I wondered - How are they going to send me mints! My first guess was probably some nearby paan-walla would come and deliver them to my house! Needless to say, the Ultramintz guys fared way above my expectations in this regard! What I got was two royally packed, elegant boxes of Ultramintz, marked with my name and all! Nice!

Inside these cardboard boxes, was a tiny metallic box with mints surrounded by velvet clothing et. al. Ek baar ko to maine socha, kuch badi mehngi cheez aa gai hai - isko khaun ya bank locker me chupa doon :P Anyways, I am keeping the packaging to reuse! Biwi khush ho jayegi packaging dekh ke hi :D

Anyways, as shown in the picture below, Ultramintz comes in a tin box, containing 60 pellets for Rs50! Doesn't the word pellet remind you of Paintball? Which, in-turn, reminds me of Sheldon Cooper!

Waise, the mint is pretty strong! Don't go by the size of the pellet. Its like chota package, bada dhamaka! Probably because of the special peppermint oils from France, which the company boasts of! Kaha kaha se kya kya dhoond laate hain ye company wale! I am not into mints or chewing gums, but this thing surely freezes your mouth and throat man! Just have a cool glass of water after these mints and you will realize what I am taking about!

Comparatively, the mint is better than a lot of competitors available in the market. I am sure, smokers are going to love the mint!  Classier to show off, easier to keep in the pocket! By the way, isn't mint a natural line of growth for ITC? Sutta bhi banao, mint bhi! I have always believed that 90% of the mint and chewing gum sales are at the sutta shops outside offices!

Plus, the mint also boasts off being sugar free! Girls, are you listening! ;) I think this is a pretty tempting feature for the people who eat mints multiple times a day, and are calorie conscious!

On the business side, I think its a good strategy to give 60 pellets in one go! Enough to hook a person for a long term! Much better than selling one one toffee, which is a bad strategy for customer retention!

Overall, I think this is one of the better mints available in the market. I recommend that you guys give it a try, specially if you are habitual of eating toffees or gums throughout the day! Plus, since I am recommending it, this mint is going to be the next cool thing in town :D So, don't be the left out kid! :D

On a serious note, I have offered it to few of my close friends and colleagues, and it seems to have been received pretty well! I have gobbled up one box, but the second one is still seal packed! So, in case you want one, and are around me, don't hesitate! :)

When the time comes

Sunday, July 28, 2013

... how would you like to go?

Past couple of weeks have been especially excruciating for me, and my family. It was something very personal, so I would not like to divulge intimate details of it, but broadly it was around pain, and death. More or less, every single one of us concluded at the end of the ordeal, that death is inevitable, but all we can pray to God, is give us a peaceful and quick one.

I, for one, would like God to simply turn off my power supply in deep-sleep when my day comes. Everyone wants to live for 500 years, that's a different story, but still, its good to think about the end once in a while.

Another major lesson I learnt over the period is, and pardon me for my generalizations, doctors these days are no less than ***! Medical profession, over the years, has downgraded itself from a noble cause to a money minting shop! If you want to read technical details of what I am talking about, you better Google for the word 'futile care'.

Basically, with advancements in medical technologies, human beings have not increased their lifespan. Instead, we have provided doctors and medical care professionals with the requisite tools and pumps to keep the person only so much alive, that his/her vitals are being displayed on the observation monitor.

I have seen doctors, and literally good doctors in my humble opinion, change colors and opinions, while talking off-the-record compared with while talking in front of his seniors - who have to sign on his appraisal forms! Basically, instead of giving the patient medical care, the hospitals are built around the model of prolonging the treatment to mint as much room rent and equipment charges as possible!

Oh, and do you know, medical care professionals are given monthly targets in terms of rupees!

This whole bloody system is a sham, I tell you! I have been reading a lot about this sitting outside the ICU and in the waiting rooms for the last few days, and the more you read, the more you will be shocked and disgusted with the ethics of medical professionals these days. (Though, I would certainly agree that there are a few good ones as well, but we can say the same for politicians as well, no?)

Anyhow, as aptly mentioned in this article (must read) about what doctors think their end should be like - There will be no heroics, and I will go gentle into that good night. (or at least I would like to)

New book to read.. After so long!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

So, in case you were living under a rock, you must have heard that Amazon has launched in India. I don’t know about you all, but I am super excited about this! I mean, I love buying stuff online, but more often than not, I am pretty disappointed with the service levels these guys offer!

By the way, do look for coupon codes etc by clicking here to get some additional discount on these websites!

Relatively, I have always been amazed with Amazon (US) website. I ordered my Kindle, as well as Xbox from the same! Super neat ordering, tracking and delivery! Comparatively, most of the Indian daily deals sites, which now offer products as well, sell near expiry date products for a discount!

Anyways, so yesterday evening, I was just browsing Amazon India website, and found Tuesdays With Morrie, by Mitch Albom! Ever since I read Five people you meet in heaven from Mitch, I have been looking forward to read other titles from the same author!

Mitch has a very different writing style compared to what I have been reading in the past! There is a certain combination of sadness, social message and philosophy in his books. From what I have heard about Tuesdays with Morrie, it is more or less based on real life incidents!

The book is based on meetings between Morrie Schwartz, a sociology prof of Mitch, and Mitch Albom, who at that time was a small time journalist! The discussions were mostly about life, and death - the two fundamental truths of human existence!

Will write a detailed review of the book as soon as I get some free time to open the packaging and read it! :D By the way, did you guys notice - even my recent WeChat entry is also written on the lines of Five people you meet in heaven! I guess Mitch Albom is kind of my favorite author these days! :)

Anyways, it has been so long I read and reviewed a proper book! Guess have to start applying to blogadda’s review program again or else, I will have to spend my own money on books! :P

Till then, adios amigos!

Raanjhanaa - Interesting Movie!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Like every movie ever made, Raanjhanaa had its own share of hits and misses. And, I must add, the wrongs were pretty bad goof-ups in my humble opinion. But still, a fine screenplay, some classy acting, and a heart-touching love story manages to hide the flaws under the carpet, and one comes out thoroughly amazed and at the same time confused individual.

WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

So the other day, Mom, Sis and Mrs asked me to look at the WeChat contest on IndiBlogger, which they thought was interesting enough to take part in! And indeed, it was pretty different from the usual ones! So the objective of the contest is

If you could connect with 5 or more people in a WeChat group - who would they be, and why? What would you talk about? The people can be dead, alive or even fictional.

Fast and Furious 6

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Nature has its own amazing ways. 

I have been wanting to watch Fast and Furious 6, since the day I saw its initial trailers. And then I completely forgot about it, till I got an sms of ticket booking confirmation early this week. Turns out, my little sister and wife are much more enthusiastic about exploding cars and explicit insults to the laws of physics, than I am!

X Box 360

Friday, May 24, 2013

As they say - बोयज़ एंड देइर मीन टोय्ज़ ! :D

After pestering my parents for close to three decades, I finally got permission to buy my first real video game! :D Yeyyyyyy!!! To be fair, I have owned plenty of these machines but each of them had much lesser computing power than my X Box 360!

As soon as you open the box, you realize what fun you have been missing all your life! I remember the first ever video game I owned was a Mega console - In which I had to insert a cassette to play games! Something similar to the one in the image below:

What fun we had with these games! I distinctly remember going to palika bazaar to purchase new cassettes with sometimes 10,000,000,000 games in each cassette! LOL! That was one of the biggest con I ever witnessed in my life! The cassette had only 10-15 games, but the menu showed 10,000 different names for each game! So eventually after trying first 500 or so games you realized that you have been conned! :D

But then, who cared! As soon as you get bored, you can always exchange it with your best buddies!

Though with the enemy gang, the rules of engagement were a little different! It was a credit based system! The needy always had to give extra games/cassettes compared with the giver! :P

You know, the large mega consoles can only be attached to TV sets, so how do you think the poor kids will pass the time in the school! :D As they say necessity is the mother of inventions!

Then came the season of hand-held or portable games! Although, these games were much simpler than the Mega games, but what the hell - everyone needed to own one of these:

I personally never liked them much. They were easier to break and frequently required cells and button replacement. Plus there was only limited hand eye co-ordination that was required.

Eventually, i got busy with studies and then there was a gap of 4-5 years where I seldom played any games - in simpler words, there was a blanket ban on all sorts of video games till IIT JEE exam :P

Thankfully, soon after I got admission in BHU, I found some crazy nut gamers in my college batch as well. Needless to say, much of the 3rd and 4th year of college went by in a rush playing PC based games 12-14 hours a day! :D

Age of empires, FIFA, Unreal tournament and Counter Strike were the top games during that era! (PS: the underground secret is, some of them still play these games online against players from many different countries  after their wives are off to work :D

Well, for me, gaming took the back seat as soon as the college got over, as I got busy with job, non-nerdy friends, newly found disposable income, shaadi etc etc. But one day during my last vacation, I passed by a game parlor in a hill station, which still housed those huge SEGA video games, in which you have to insert a coin to play for five minutes. I suddenly got hit with this wave of nostalgia, and my whole life right from class 1 ran in front of my eyes! How can i ever forget about this age old passion of mine!! Shame on me :(

And then I vowed - like arjun did in mahabharta - by taking some water in my hands :P that I will gift myself a new console soon post my GMAT exams! and then I did! :D

Though, there were some initial troubles in setting up the X BOX, and I almost shorted the whole system in over enthusiasm! :D But then, post the first week, things have been going smooth! That is, if you discount a very angry wife and heavily swollen eyes, as I haven't slept more than 3 hours any day  post my purchase!

Caution to fellow gamers in India: In case you are getting your XBOX from the US of A, please be aware. Bloody US people use 110 volts electricity, whereas India uses 240  volts. And Microsoft built XBOX of such a shit quality that it can not compensate for voltage on its own! I blew up my power supply unit within three minutes of getting my hands on the brand new XBOX. Get yourself a step down voltage transformer if you are purchasing it from some other country or buy an India based power supply unit.

Or else, be prepared to be embarrassed while tears run down your cheeks and your wife smirks at you as you hold the dead XBOX in your hands! :(

That my dear friends, is the story I will tell my grand kids on how I met the true love of my life! :D

Patience pays off

Monday, May 20, 2013

If you guys read my last blog (link), you would totally understand that the title of this post aptly summarizes this whole post in just three words!

It seems that the creators of the show - How I met your mother - are fans of this blog as well! :D As soon as I wrote a post on abandoning the series, these guys showed who the mother is !! Even if just for a few seconds!

Lets be fair to these guys - they didn't say she is The Mother, but they showed her carrying a yellow umbrella! If you have been following the show since long, you would know - The Yellow Umbrella is the sign!!

Though, for the first time in my life, I am happy about not Facebooking for a week! Some moron handling the social media account of HIMYM posted the pic on show's Facebook page much before non-US people could watch it!  Close shave, I must say! I logged in few minutes after watching the episode to see the spoilers spread across my whole time line! Phew! :D

Although, weirdly enough, neither did these guys get any super-famous celebrity, nor did they choose anyone super-pretty! I was expecting either of the two post eight years of hype! By the way, if you follow it closely, this new chick oddly looks a mash between Robin and Lily! Coincidence? I think not!

Now just hope they don't show mother's side of the story in the next eight seasons! Fingers crossed! :D

Chalo fir, I am back to hibernation! :D


Sunday, May 05, 2013

Patience is a virtue they say, and I also agree with them - whosoever they are who are saying this utter nonsense! By the way, looking at my Facebook feed these days, it seems that Einstein and Mahatma Gandhi said all the quotable quotes that could have been said in whole of the human history!

Let's not digress!

If you ask me to name three most patient people in the world - sorry, I can only name one! I know the other two by face, but never really got to know their names! Yes! That first person is ME! The other two are in the picture below!

Yes, you guessed it right - these two are Ted Mosby's kids from the TV Series - How I Met Your Mother! If you haven't seen the series - don't bother! You better buy a puppy, raise him to be a full grown dog and then finally let him die - these two kids and their stupid dad Ted will still be sitting in the same place, telling the same old story in probably season 2,987 of HIMYM!

Spanning over eight years, I spent countless number of hours watching each episode released till date. For beginners, we are on Season 8 Episode 22 and yet, we have not found a single sign of the mother, being talked 'bout in the title! 

I have seen the series go from Legen-wait for it- dary, Legendary to downright plain, and sometimes stupid! The episodes are becoming much predictable, and have started losing relevance to the story. And looking at their Facebook page, I can easily say that it seems they do not intend to introduce the mother, and probably end the story in the next few episodes as well. 

You might ask - Why such a long rant? 

Well, this is not exactly a rant. This is me, just taking back my words from every discussion, where I defended this series. This is me, apologizing to myself and to everyone - whom I called stupid - for not liking this series.

This is me, deleting all bookmarks relating to this series, and vowing to never ever watch this piece of junk ever again in my life!

What a load of crap this was. Anyways, it was good till it lasted. Hope, 2 million years from now our future generations do not find unsold DVDs of this stupid series even as fossils!

Book Review - Business Sutra: A Very Indian Approach to Management by Devdutt Pattanaik

Sunday, April 28, 2013

So, I may not be a high-fi management graduate from some elite b-school, but I do know a thing or two about management. After spending six yeas in the advisory industry, i am bound to know some stuff you see. Therefore, as soon as I saw the book up for grabs on blogadda (and that too for free!) I requested a review copy for the same! Needless to say, This review is a part of Book Review Programme at BlogAdda.com. Participate now to get free books!

On top of that, without even a hint of modesty, I want to shout on the top of my voice that I scored a 740 on G M A T this week! God knows what will it get me, but well, not too bad I would say!

Coming back to the book - Business Sutra: A Very Indian Approach to Management - the first thing that intrigued me was author's name. I had certainly read that somewhere before! Upon Googling, I re-discovered that he is the guy with the most unusual designation in the world! Chief Belief Officer at the Future Group! I am not sure what his job description looks like, but just searching Chief Belief Officer on google will make you reach this guy!

Business Sutra: A Very Indian Approach to Management

In his book, Devdutt mentions that beliefs are the root cause for human behavior, and behavior in turn drives day to day business! I guess that's the role of a belief officer - find the correlation between business success, employee behavior and beliefs! That my friends, is business sutra for you!

Devdutt, being well read about Indian mythology, uses a lot of mythological situations and examples in his book to depict situations in day-to-day running of the business. And, I must say - he connects them very well. This book brings about a very fresh and unique perspective, one which I haven't encountered in the past.

The best part about the book is the illustrations and the grey boxes. Specially illustrations, kept my interest alive throughout the long book and they appear on every other page. Also, at times, when the mythology angle to management becomes an overdose, it is easier to flip through the pages while glancing through the grey boxes. I must say, this book has got something for each type of reader! On top of that, author kept the language of the book simple and easier to follow.

Another interesting thing about this book is, you need not follow each and every chapter religiously. You can open up any section/sub-section or even a random page, and start reading - you are bound to find an interesting mythological insight in few minutes!

The book is relatively long and juicy and spans over 430 pages. It took me over a week to complete this one. Every once in a while, it is good to stop and ponder over the connection or the knowledge the author shared. I would love to pick this book up again couple of months later. I am very sure that there are some finer aspects and deeper meanings which will get discovered in further readings!

In short - loved the book! This one is for the keeps!

Free Download - One Year Lived - Adam Shepard

Friday, April 19, 2013

Hey Guys,

So, other day I got an email from Adam Shepard from www.OneYearLived.com.

Those who don't know Adam - he is the author of Scratch Beginnings.Published couple of years ago, the book got featured in  the New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, the New York Post, the Atlantic, on the Today Show, CNN, Fox News, NPR, 20/20, 147 radio programs, and blah, blah, blah. So, you get the drift.. he is a decently famous author.

This time, Adam has come out with a new book, known as One Year Lived. In this book, Adam has chronicled his life between late 2011 and late 2012. During this time, Adam visited seventeen countries on four continents and lived some amazing adventures. “It’s interesting to me,” he says, “that in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe, it’s normal for people to pack a bag, buy a plane ticket, and get ‘Out There.’ .

However, we live with this very stiff paradigm—graduate college, work, find a spouse, make babies, work some more, retire—which can be a great existence, but we leave little room to load up a backpack and dip into various cultures, to see places, to really develop our own identity.”

In short, this is the story of an year, when Adam really lived!

Now, the interesting part is - Adam has agreed to provide his new book free of cost to the readers of this beloved blog - The Furobiker. Yes! Free! Free! Free!!! (Though, if you are one of the rich ones, you can purchase the book for 15$ from Amazon - here is the link!)

I have started the book today itself, and hopefully will post the review soon!

So what are you guys waiting for! Download from the link below!

Though there is an interesting concept tested below - pay with a tweet. You get the book free by posting one tweet or one Facebook like! The download button will appear post that!

Google Reader - RIP

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Google calls it spring cleaning, I call it bull-shit!

I still can not believe it, Google is sunsetting one of my favourite products - Google Reader! On any given day, top websites visited by any normal person are Gmail and Facebook (and Google.com as well, if you count home page views); however, the nerd in me spends a much larger chunk of my time on Google Reader every single day!

I used it to keep track of hundreds and hundreds of blogs - which I have been following for over 5 years, tech websites, newspapers, Google product blogs and what not! All gone, in a poof! Are you kidding me Google!

Seriously, tell me Google - Why should I spend time adding any data to any of your service, when one day you can simply shut it down, giving me 2 months to extract my personal data and move to another service! So many categorizations, starred posts, saved links - I guess I better start writing important stuff on my personal diary only! I have zero trust on your products now!

On top of that, Google Reader is also one of the top referrers to my personal blog - TheFurobiker.com! Which means, 90% of my total 5 readers will vanish the day Google Reader breathes its last!

Oh, and even before the pyre of Reader cooled down, Google launched another experimental product - Keep, which is nothing, but a copy of note keeping service - Evernote! Someone aptly mentioned on twitter - Never use a Google service, in which either Google is mining a ton of your data, or is bombarding you with gazillions of ads! Because they are gonna kill it sooner or later! You guys could have given us the option of paying for the service, if all your brilliant nerdy slaves were not able to fina a way to monetize the service!

Gone are the days of Don't be evil!

You are going to be the next Microsoft, Google! Mind my words!

Bhookh lagi hai khaana do!

Friday, March 08, 2013

*cough cough*

This blog is gathering dust since long, looks like no one visits here anymore. Let me take a jhaadu and clean it up a bit. Oh, by the way, this is Mommy Furobiker typing out this blog. Mera naalayak munda is busy with his married life these days, to maine socha main hi update kar doon is blog ko!

Haan to as I was saying, this post is a part of Healthy & Tasty Recipe Contest with Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil & BlogAdda.com . Ab dekho bhai, baat poore dus hazaar ke prize ki hai, to part lena to banta hai na!

As the name says, the contest is about recepies, to how can I forget our khaandaani recepie book - Khanna Khazaana! Yeah you read it right, its khanna and not khaana, though they sound similar, and are very deeply integrated words! :D Trust me!!

So this recepie is called - as my gawaar son calls it - Mili Julli Sabziyaan  or Assorted Vegetables!

Contrary to the popular belief among all the kids - NO! Mixed vegetables are not made by mixing left over vegetables of whole week! There is a real recepie for it! Don't trust me? Read on...

Recepie Name: Mili Julli Sabziyaan or Assorted Vegetables
Complexity: As low as it gets
Preperation Time: Less than one episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hain
Cooking Oil to be Used: Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil (contest sponsor hai bhayya!)

Now, before we start cooking, here is an appetizing pic of what's to come

So, here are the ingridients:

1. 100 grams Beans
2. 100 grams Carrots
3. 100 grams Frozen Peas
4. 2 Potatoes
5. 1 Small Cauliflower
6. 2 Small Onions (cut into Small pieces)
7. 2 Small Bell-Peppers
8. Salt to taste
9. Black Pepper to taste
10. 3 tbsp Cumin Seeds power
11. 3 tbsp Fortune Rice-bran health oil

On a side note, ever made a vegetable rangoli?


1.       Rinse vegetables and chop them into small pieces separately.

2.       Fry chopped beans, cauliflower and potato in three table-spoon of Fortune Rice-bran health oil. Keep stirring on low flame for 5 minutes.

3.       Add peas and carrots to the mixture and simmer for another 5 minutes.

4.       Finally add onions and bell pepper and cook for 5 to 7 minutes until onions are soft.

5.       Add roasted cumin power, salt and black pepper, place a lid and cook for 10-12 minutes.

6.       Turn off heat and garnish with fresh coriander leaves and shredded cottage cheese.

7.       Serve with hot delicious Paranthas, obviously!

End Result

Chalo then baccho! Be good!

Signing off,

Let the treat follow & Let the words flow

Saturday, February 23, 2013

As you guys are aware, being a super awesome blogger, I am reviewing Tata Cars these days :D (link).  Well not just cars, I am also reviewing restaurants, cafes et al as well! This time, I got a chance to review V Spot Cafe + Bar, Gurgaon as a part of Blogadda Product Reviews Program.

Although, Blogadda asked me to review it by 10th Feb, but due to my jam-packed schedule, I could only visit the cafe last week. I hope the blogadda guys don't mind that :P

So, Blogadda gave me the chance to review the place and gave me vouchers worth Rs 2000 to be used. However, the V Spot guys had some confusion among themselves, and allowed me to use only Rs1000 vouchers in one go! Sad start to the visit I must say! But let me be honest with the review, and I will try not to let  this incident cloud my judgement on the cafe! :P

Anyway, the first thing that you'll notice about this place is its kick-ass decor. It starts from the stairs leading to the cafe with funky cartoons on the walls all along and continues all the way up and for better. Good concept I must say!

The USP about this place is their tongue-in-cheek humor  Its everywhere from the guide to "whether you should dump my boyfriend" to "Should I hit on her" on the table mats; the funky napkins; one-liners as tickers above their large bar; smart-ass quotes on the cushions, everything! There was so much there that you are bound to miss out on a lot in just one visit.

The ambiance of that place is pretty decent, with large spacious hall indoors and a lavish arrangement outdoors on the terrace for large groups. The music was nice- peppy and fast- perfect for cafe. They also had games to keep you entertained like Xbox and foos-ball (yeah the same one as Joey and Chandler had in Friends!). I wonder how Chandler and Joey made foosball seem so easy! :P I struggled with it for half hour just to make a fool of myself! :P Also there was a video booth where you could get yourself recorded. Of course, I didn't try it! Kahi sala koi director mera video dekh ke mujhe movie me na le le :D

The menu didn't let us down either. It had few advises which "actually" helped for losing weight! See the picture below and decide how much these help you! It seems these were written by a khaata-peeta Punjabi. Eventually, we ordered some drinks and snacks. This place keeps you entertained, I must say!

The food was nice but the drinks were up to the mark. I had Dutch Truffle Cake Shake and Naughty Nutty- both of which were a delight. (Also put some more firangi khaane k saman ka naam here..Mujhe nhi yaad aur). One of the items from Today's special really made my day. It was La La Lasagna. Simply superb.

This is not lasagna stupid! Its pasta! I didn't take lasagna's picture! :P 
Overall, its a good place to hang out with friends. Considering the ambience, the food, their lavish bar, and their hospitality, I would give them a 4.2 on 5 :D

PS: Review completed with creative inputs from the little sis, who blogs at Me Myself!

Tata Indica Vista D90 : Detailed Review

Friday, February 15, 2013

I am sure you must have read my last post (in which I declared myself SRK of blogging world!) that I got a Tata Indica Vista D90 for 3 days to review! So, here we are with the detailed review! (previous post link) Blogadda Product Reviews Program

This is going to be a slightly longer than usual post, so this is the right time to get your tub full of popcorn and a large coke! And if anything is left after you are done reading? Please courier that to me - I am broke these days, and need something to eat! :(

Disclaimer: Still developing my SLR skills, so images taken from varied sources.

*** Review Begins *** 

Overall, the new Vista D90 is a value for money car. From what I have heard, ex-showroom price (Delhi) is between 6 to 6.9 lakhs. I obviously got top-end model for review, so I am assuming it should be just shy of 7 lakhs (ex-showroom price).

Tata is maintaining the core Indica shape with this car as well, although fine-tuning it with every new upgrade! From the inside, Tata has worked a lot on this machine! The plastic quality is much better than what it used to be, and the fit and finish of the insides is better as well. Although, a lot more work is desired if you compare it with other cars in the market.

The Insides

This car is spacious! Period. I don't think I will be wrong by a mile if I say - this is one of the most spacious hatchbacks in the market! Though upon further inspection I realized that Tata has probably derived all this leg-space by reducing the size of the boot! Vista D90 sports an average 232 Liter boot.

Instrument panel is a refreshing change! After experimenting with a centrally located instrument panel, TATA has moved it back to the normal place - near the steering wheel! The central panel is now occupied with a system display. It shows time, instant mileage, trip mileage and distance-to-empty. Neat! Although unlike my Fluidic Verna, the toggle button between these displays is locted far from hand's reach. I could only tinker with the displays on red lights or when stuck in a jam!

Music System - The model I got had an integrated (TATA branded) touch-based music system. Took me five minutes to understand, post that it worked like a charm! Though there was a button for GPS navigation as well, but it was unresponsive. I guess either some maps need to be purchased or there was some other method to operate it :/ The display is very bright, and distracting at night. Although, Tata has built in a nice sleep feature that shuts off the screen 10 seconds post any activity!

ABC - Accelerator, brake and clutch are placed fairly, though a dead pedal is sorely missed! Also, if you are a big foot like me (shoe size 9), chances are that your left foot will repeatedly collide with steering rod while pressing clutch! And more so, when you are stuck in neck-to-neck traffic on Gurgaon toll!

Seating - The model I got had nicely fitted bucket seating. Comfortable and sturdy!

Air conditioning - The variant had automatic climate control which worked just fine. The AC seemed powerful, although in Mid February in Delhi, I actually can't comment on the AC quality! Though the plastic knobs definitely had a cheap feeling about them. Oh, and there is an Economy button as well, probably to save precious fuel after temperature is maintained. The AC doesn't show any noticeable drag on the power.

Under the hood

Vista D90's 1.3L quadrajet engine is the same one as used by Punto, Manza, Linea and couple of more cars! Although performance of all these cars is much varied due to their weight, built and ofcourse tuning boxes! D90 delivers 89BHP at 4,000 RPM and 200 NM of torque post 1750 RPM.

The car, in layman terms, has a nice pick-up. The power delivery is gradual across the RPM range. Although Turbo lag is still noticeable. This car uses a variable geometry turbo, which in layman terms means better power at lower rpm's as well. I personally found the best power delivery between 2,500 and 3,500 RPM. Post 3,500 RPM, there is only noise and not much power!

The gear ratios seemed normal, adjusted to in-city driving. Although I found the gearbox to be a bit notchy - even in a car that was just driven some 500 odd kms!

Even in jam packed Delhi to Gurgaon runs - during peak office hours - my D90 was able to deliver over 16.2 kmph mileage! Which is pretty good, trust me. I assume that on lonely highway drives, this machine will easily touch 20+kmph!

Ride quality - Ride quality is average. Though the car easily jumps over the regular potholes, but the suspension is a bit stiffer than I would have preferred. I am not sure why, but backseat riding seemed a bit more bumpy to me compared with driver's seat ride! Tata can definitely work on this area.

Handling - Average at best! Honestly, for the price you are paying, the handling is pretty average! The steering isn't much confidence inspiring, and I had to considerably slow down at curves, red lights etc to make a proper turn. Swift, in the same price range has much better handling.

The Outsides

The car looks sporty at first, and then you spot the Indica-esque features! Fitted with spoilers and alloys, the bright purple Vista D90 I got surely turned some heads at the Gurgaon Toll. The big headlamps, and bright fog lights surely adds to the muscular finish of the car.

Though the ORVMs are too small. I felt uncomfortable with their adjustments as well. Probably, Tata designed them keeping city riding in mind, but I desired atleast 1.5x larger ORVMs!

Tata has neatly kept Quadrajet, TATA and Variant Logos on the body. These logos too add to the sporty finish of the car. There is a body kit available as well, but in my humble opinion, you better skip it!

The Bottom Line

As one wise man once said - You don't choose a car, the car chooses you! :D

The Vista D90 is a good mix of sporty looks, powerful engine and spacious interiors. The engine is best suited for in-city driving and gives a nice combination of mileage and pick-up. Though the drive-ability and ride quality could have been better, but in case you are looking for a car for your daily ride to office - this is your car my friend! Download the official brochure from here (link)

Grow old with me! The best is yet to be ...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day! 

హ్యాపీ వాలెంటైన్ డే

Next level of blogging

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Now, you must have read some movie reviews, book reviews and a lot more blah blah on this blog. Some was sponsored (I got free book/product for review) and some were out of appreciation (or disgust :P )

But then, last week I got an email. From Blogadda! And I jumped so hard that my head hit the roof! Thank God it is winter season, warna to by God, sir pankhe pe hi lag jaana tha! :D

So, the email said - being the awesomest blogger that I am, Blogadda and Tata Motors were sending a new Vista D90 for me to review! Wow! That's something, you must be thinking! Yes, you are right! Its actually a big thing! I got selected among a handful bloggers to test drive Vista D90, pre-launch, and that too for full three days!!

So this baby arrived yesterday night!

A brand new car, with tank full of diesel! What more do you want in life!!

So, I am off to test drive Vista D90. I just have 72 hours with this baby, and have full tank of diesel to me! :D

Keep looking at this space for more! BTW, I think its the right time you took my autograph! Baad me shayad mere pass itna vella time hi na ho! :D


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yeah! That's what I like to call myself these days. Bhaisahab! I haven't read so many newspapers, magazines and books in a single month in a long time! I guess recession is back, if you know what I mean *wink wink*

So the latest one I am reading is RIP - by Mukul Deva. You know, sometimes you are reading a book or an article, and suddenly you are like - O teri! Le li isne to!! I had the exact same feeling within first 50 odd pages of this book!

Basically, RIP is an acronym for Resurgent Indian Patriots, which essentially is a group of ex-army guys going around killing corrupt politicians. I even wrote a knock knock joke while reading this book! :D Anyways, that was so horrible that I am too ashamed to even type it here :P

This book is based on the recent corruption related turmoil that happened in India. The problem is, the book went to press before the Delhi gang-rape incident, otherwise the author would have included that too! :D

RIP by mukul deva

The author has tried to use all aliases, while clearly telling you who he is talking about. Now you tell me, who is the activist spear-heading Lokpaal bill movement in Delhi? Hazare! But the author calls such a character Hazarika :D So difficult to guess, no? :D That's the lovely part about this book, wo hamare gaon me kehte hain na - Isne to sabki keh ke le li! :D

Not just the names, but the alleged scams, bureaucracy, locations.. everything rings a bell in your head, and your brain furiously starts processing through the news article that you might have read with a strikingly similar name in the past! ;)

Author has touched the right chord with the book, the need for a clean, honest political layer in India. That's basically the USP of the book. Other than that, there are many gripping parts in the book. The story is intertwined with finely detailed missions of the RIP team, along with the personal lives, and emotional turmoil faced by men in uniforms.

Among the recent fiction I have read, Mukul Deva's RIP definitely stands out. The story grips you till the last page. The author has written a crisp, clean story reflective of his Army background! Although, and it might again be because of his army background, the author was a little sloppy while describing love-shove portions in the story. I guess love, sex aur dhoka is Chetan Bhagat's forte ;)

Overall, for me, this was a good one time read.

Considering the current situation in this country, in terms of corruption, governance, security and what not, this book is sure to find thousands of readers among simmering youth of this country. Specially those, who think only radical measures can solve these issues.

I give the book a good 800/950 ! Pick your copy from Flipkart!

This review is a part of the biggest Book Reviews Program. for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!

Life of Pi

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Never, ever in my life I thought that such a simple story can be presented in such beautiful manner on-screen.  Life of Pi was special in more than one ways for me.

of dreams ... beyond dreams!

Friday, January 11, 2013

In case you recognize what building is this, please raise your hand. Ok, please stop! I think you are looking stupid raising your hand in front of a computer screen. :D

For those who can't guess, this is the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi! and before you ask - no, this is not my college!

To explain the significance of this picture here today, lets go some 15 years in flashback. To the time when I couldn't even spell engineering, forget about dreaming of an IIT or something. I must have been in 9th or 10th at that time, well the story is so old, that I don't even remember the exact time frame now. Either that, or a man really grows old post marriage :D

Let's not digress or we will be sitting here whole night. Meri to aadat hi hai bakar karna :D

So, I didn't know at that point in time, what this weirdly angled building is, in the middle of a compound that looked no less than a jungle from outside! However, every time we (me and my family) passed by it, my mom used to point at it, and say - when you grow up, you will study in this college!

Every single time! And having so many relatives houses near this elusive college wasn't helping either!

Innocent me, thought at that point of time - Big deal! People study in some Delhi university, I will study in IIT University. Who cares! After all, all you need to know to be successful in college is play guitar and dance on the stage! :P

You see, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai had played a huge role in creating a dreamland kind of image for Indian colleges in my head !

Anyhow, with time, I stumbled on in my school life to reach class 11 and joined some IIT JEE entrance coaching along with school. Trust me, till that time, I didn't even know what IIT is. It took me close to two months to understand the gravity of the situation, and realize - Beta, ye kuch zada bada wala panga le lia! :D .. that may be I over promised myself and to my parents!

Two long years, with each day consisting of 14-15 hours of study passed somehow, and my worst nightmares came true. I got stuck in between! I didn't get enough marks to get into IIT Delhi, and I got just about enough to land a seat in Mechanical Engineering in IT BHU. (which forced me not to drop a year and join BHU, which in retrospect was one of the best thing that happened to me in my life :D )

People might covet that seat, but in my eyes, I had failed. I wasn't going to that elusive building, I didn't care more than that.

Long time passed in between. I finished college, joined job, switched jobs, even IT BHU eventually got converted to an IIT (finally!) but my eyes always looked longingly towards that weirdly shaped building every time I passed that road!

It was like the first love, which was not meant to be. Like Kajol says in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai - Mera pehla pyaar adhoora reh gaya auntyjee (I know she didn't say auntyjee, but I forgot what was the actual word at the end of this dialogue :P  )

Fast forward to 2011. I had almost forgot about that angular building in south Delhi, when one fine day, my kiddo Sister announced that she wants to join IIT Delhi! For P H D !!! It all came back to me in a flash!

However, unlike me, she toiled hard, very hard for two years, to build knowledge base and reputation to land into that coveted IIT Delhi seat! And I am so happy to announce that she has finally got through it, after months and months filled with stress and anticipation. ... and with that I can breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Not that anyone ever said anything about it, but I always had a guilt feeling in my heart, that I could not fulfill my parent's dream of landing into IIT Delhi. I guess now they can proudly say - hamari bacchi IIT me padti hai! :D I guess that's the benefit of having two cool kids - even if one fails, the other steps in to make up for it!

Chalo, ab kuch zada ho gaya! :D

Oh, and kiddo sis - since, you are going to do your PhD in Environment studies, probably to save the planet? - here is a short best of luck message from my side :D :D

Mandatory post-marriage blog post

Monday, January 07, 2013

Did I ever mention it to you guys - I am really scared of injections!

The problem with injections is not the pain - that is really nothing but a pinch, however, there is a bigger issue associated with it - waiting for the pinch! Right from the moment you reach doctor's shop (yes shop, not clinic - we will come back to it some other day). Yeah, so right from the moment you reach doctor's shop to the moment the nurse mercilessly inserts the needle in your butt - or if you are a grown up like me, your arm - all you have to do is wait!