The Secret Letters Of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Monday, February 13, 2012

I guess most of you already know my love for the book - The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari (those who don't should read that post) :D

So, when guys from DigiImprint Solutions offered me the next book written by the same author for review, I could not say no! Come to think of it, I have never said no to anything free :P

Secret Letter of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
Robin Sharma, the guy famous for selling millions of copies of his previous books, writes in such a mesmerizing yet simple tone, that you won't feel like keeping the book down. Though, it took me about 15 days to complete that book, partially because of my own hectic schedule, but nevertheless, I guess most of you guys can wrap this book up in one long sitting of 4-5 hours!

Frankly speaking, this book is not for every one of you reading this blog. This book, in particular, targets only those people who think that they have pretty much screwed up their personal life in the quest for corporate success. The book presents an exaggerated case of Jonathan Landry, a work-o-holic, who has pretty much screwed up all his relationships and friendships in life, because of spending 25 out of 24 hours/day in office.

...and then enters - the savior cousin - Julian Mantle! Julian is the guy who sold his Ferrari, to gain mental peace!! Can you fcuking believe that!!! :O :O :P

The savior cousin sends Jonathan on a around-the-globe-in-three-weeks pre-paid trip, to collect some Talismans, and associated pieces of parchments, containing words-of-wisdom related to these talismans.(before you google, let me tell you all Harry Potter fans - NO, talisman is not Hindi translation for Horcruxes :P)

The book gives you a simple message - "Have a good work-life balance guys! :D", but in the form of a story. The good part is - the protagonist has to travel to a new country to collect each talisman - and the writer has intricately described the beauty and the culture of each place, that you will immediately start Googling details about each of the country/city/place mentioned in the book!! Oh yes, there is a mention of India too, and the inevitable - Taj Mahal! The beauty of the book is that the Words-of Wisdom, the Countries and the Cultures are so well woven in the story, that you will never wonder - Abe, ye kya hua :D

During the course of the book, the protagonist is also updating a journal (with pen and paper, imagine!!) to jot down his thoughts, after getting gyaan from each parchment! In short, he was writing a paper blog!! (how 1990ish! :P ), which, eventually becomes a balance sheet of his life, and helps him in getting his life on track. Of-course we all love happy endings!! :D

But then, there is a short twist in the end, which I am not telling you here!! :P

Go buy your own copy to read that!!

I would give this book a rating of 474 on 629 ! That my dear friends, falls among - A Good Read category! :D

Yuvraj Singh

Sunday, February 05, 2012

... or Yuvi as we call him ... is my second favorite player in the world. First one being Sehwag.

I seriously am pretty agnostic towards the usual big-wigs of cricketing world, be it some oldie scoring 100 tons or someone taking 10 wickets in a single test match.

Its the rawness, flamboyance and aggression that makes me follow these two guys! And out of the two, only Yuvi has all three of them, Sehwag still lacks in the flamboyance department! Some qualities are inherently Punjabi, you see!

Seeing Yuvi's condition - cancer at 31 !! - I can only wonder about God's screwed up plans and our helplessness in front of him. Seriously God, what the hell were you thinking? There are way too many people across the border, who deserve this shit, but not Yuvi!

Here is me, wishing Yuvi all the luck in life for a fast recovery. Hope to see you on the field sometime this year, and hit 6 sixes to every baller who has ever crossed your path!