Bye bye winters !!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Finally, Delhi is witnessing a bit of sunshine these days! yey!!

Although winter season is my favorite time of the year, but this year, saala kuch zaada hi ho gaya! Actually 'kuch' nahi bahut zada ho gaya! Along with the God-damned single digit temperatures, this year Noida witnessed strong winds as well!! Saala itni zabardast thand thi baahar, ki rat ko ek baalti paani gira do, and tadaaa!! Subha tak ice-skating ring tayyar! :D

By the way, since we are talking about winters, I just remembered good old school days! Actually, I could have published this incident in my upcoming book "Winter survival guide for engineers", but for the benefit of the public at large, let me share with you my best winter trick here (for free)! :D

BTW, needless to say, this is going to be a guys-only type of book! (waise bhi, engineering colleges me ladkiyan hoti hi kaha hain :P ) and you will be able to buy it from Kindle store! :P

Actually, as you must have guessed, being a guy, and an engineer, and that too from a hostel only college, I am water-o-phobic !! (yeah yeah, my vocab is shitty, if you know the right word for it, write it on a paper, and shove it up your... :P) Anyways, moving on, so I have never been too fond of taking a bath, and Delhi winters just reinforce my belief in the fact that - only dirty utensils need washing! :D

Although, rest of the stuff was taken care of by applying deo like they do in AXE advertisements, but somehow, I was never ever able to make my unwashed hair sit and adjust properly on my head!! Eventually, a few of them stood up in protest, and that too around the epicenter of my head!! Damn! Ab dekho bhai, punjabi khoon hai, badtameezi to kissi ke baap ki nahi jheli zindagi me! :D So the scissor in the pic used to be my weapon of mass destruction! Jo saala aawaz uthayega, kat ke washbasin me beh jaayega :D !

Eventually, when the winters ended, the hair around the epicenter of my head were remarkably shorter than the rest of the head! (and no one could find a solution to this puzzle :P ) Though, there are several American universities researching on the same, and you can exclusively read their results in ToI !

And trust me, this trick hasn't failed me till date! Pehle pyaar se baal bithane ki koshish karo, warna **insert Akshay kumar-esque pervertish laughter here** :D

Anyways, you guys must be thinking why such a long and boring post, and that too suddenly out of nowhere? This is just to tell everyone, once and for all - I am not going bald, it's just that the fucking winter season just ended! :D :D

Beautiful Beautiful Words

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I always refrain from writing not-so-happy stuff on this blog, but sometimes, you read something so true, something with which you can relate so closely, that you just can't refrain yourself.

I know I can never write so simply and yet so beautifully, so I am going to paste few lines written by Om Malik on his tech blog. Most of you reading this, won't be able to relate to what he is saying, but the ones, that are leading a broken life like me, will surely feel the emotion in his words.

When my life hiccuped, like it has for so many others who go through similar events, I was wondering if it would ever be same. I wasn’t too thrilled with how things had turned out. I was forced to deal with life’s unpredictability and unfortunately there isn’t a manual for dealing with that. You just have to get up every morning and deal with it. Sometimes it is depressing and sometimes it fun. But most of the time it is just a state of existence.

Sigh..  indeed.. it is just a fucking state of existence...