Book Review : JFK by Jhangir Kerawala

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

JFK … A dying man’s last word … A plea, an accusation or a clue? That’s what the police couldn’t figure out. What they did know was that they had serial murders in broad daylight, and just one suspect with little motive … Jatin F. Karunamoi, the dead man’s best friend. Jatin is no hero; he’s an unemployed 50-year-old, desperate to find a job. But his only hope for a life of dignity lies in him finding the real killer.

Book: JFK
Author: Jhangir Kerawala
Published by: Grey Oak Publisher
Year of publication: 2012
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The first thing you realize when you start reading this book - JFK does not translate to John F Kennedy! JFK refers to Jatin F. Karunamoi, the protagonist of the book! Leave about the story of the book, but I can't stop myself from thinking again and again - why did the author name his book JFK?

Trust me on this, as I have been using Google too long to realize - You will not get any page related to this book on first 10 pages of Google, if you just type in JFK. Update: Maybe not even on the next 20 pages, unless you write the words 'book review' or Jhangir Kerawala along with book title!

In this age, when parents name their kids after checking the availability of email addresses, domain names and twitter handles, this is a huge mistake, I tell you!

However, I will just repeat the typical closing sentence of every punjabi argument - Sannu Ki ! :P

OK! Coming back to the topic, if I want to review this book in two words, I will say - must read!

The book is written in a very simple language, and weaves in a lot of daily life incidents along with the central theme of the book. It is a murder mystery, where JFK (Karunamoi not Kennedy) - a close friend of the victim - plays the key role in the story. And mind you, he is no super hero (or Akshay kumar for that matter. Our hero can open his own pants, and that too in the privacy of his own room, unlike Akshay!)

Protagonist, JFK, is just another middle-class guy, with his fate one notch more fucked-up than the normal middle-class guys out there. JFK travels through a path full of illicit women, secret societies, blackmailing, criminals and what not to find the real murderer of his best friend!

The book is otherwise a nice read, however, it mentions that the murdered guy was a part of a Free mason society, and is one of the well respected Mason in their secret society! God knows why, but this word Mason reminds me of Dan Brown novels. And specially, when everything is so nicely fit in the suburbs of Kolkata, why include such an alien concept in the book?

I guess this only the author can explain. Will update you guys, once I get a reply from the author on the same :P

Chalo then, let us give the author - Jhangir Kerawala - a standing applause for his first book, JFK. I hope you give out even more fantabulous book in the next go! Click here to buy this book

Did you guys observe that the initials of the author are JK? Maybe he also has a middle name with F? OMG! Conspiracy theory! The author named the book on his own Class 8th nick-name - JFK!! :D Chalo anyway, I am off to work!

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Ohh, amazing too see that JRK explain things such nicely!!!, Thanks for sharing this information.