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Monday, October 22, 2012

Let me confess, I ate like a dog today! Mad dog! Actually, hungry mad dog! Phew! :D :D We will come back to this later...

In case you live under a rock, in the United States of West Indies, today was Ashtmi pooja, commonly referred to as Kanjaken! This day marks the end of Navratra fasts in some households, whereas in others the fasting will end tomorrow, on the day of Navmi! Yep, to me also it looks like a conspiracy from the forever-hungry group! Do din chole poori halwa! :D Aj chunnu ki mummy lunch me degi, kal munnu ki! :D

I posted this pic on Facebook today morning, and immediately it got a wave of comments and likes! I could so much connect with the comments out there! I too missed Kanjaks a lot, during my long stay in Romania. :( The pic is very nostalgic for everyone who has grown up watching this plate year after year!

Kanjak has been one of the fondest memories of my childhood! From as far as I can remember, two times a year, there is a week of no non-veg and onions less food, with my parents keeping fast. Then at the end of week, there is a small pooja in the morning and then we get a sumptuous meal of chole poori halwa! Heck, we even used to host poori eating competitions with my cousins at my place! As far as I can remember, highest record was of 15 pooris in one sitting! Phew! Yeah, we are kind of a food-o-holic family! :P

And you remember, the 5 Rupee coin that used to come along in the plate with poori chole! Being a forever-broke person, I really loved collecting that coin from my plate, and then borrow some from my sister's collection! Without telling her that I am borrowing, of course never to return in back! :D Kids, specially tiny girls, from my block even used to group together to go to everyone's house for Kanjak celebration! As per the statistics released by RBI, each kid earns their 2 month's pocket money on this day! Without paying any tax to the government, of course! :D :P

Till college, I used to keep all 8 days of fast in Navratras! And tab stamina itna tha, ki I used to drink just one glass of mixed fruit juice and 3-4 liters of water per day! For whole week! And then go on a mad binging spree, as soon as the fasts got over! Phew! By-God ki kassam, poore gaon me murge chup jate the ghar me us din! :D

Fast-forward 4 years, I started my first job. The story went downhill from there. From full week, I cut down my fasting days to just two. For the next five years, I just used to keep fast on last 2 navratras every time. :( Isse zyada himmat hi nahi hoti thi.

But then this year, suddenly mere bheje ka screw dheela ho gaya! :P I again decided to keep whole week fast! But then had to follow terms and conditions set up by mom! Punjabi moms, as you guys know, want their kids to eat 26 hours a day, 9 days a week! Bhai sahab, itna fried khana main ek saal me nahi khata, jitna meri mummy ne ek week me khila dia! :O

Being a number junkie, I tried estimating the calorie count of the food I ate during Navratra fasts! Surprise, Surprise! I was eating 3 times the calories during Fasting, compared with normal days! So much for so-called fasting! :(

Anyways, if you read the line on the top of this post, the fasts got over and let me confess, I ate like a dog today! Mad dog! Actually, hungry mad dog, inspite of binging on fast-approved fried-food for the whole week! Phew! :D :D

Seriously, these breads, biscuits, namkeens, KFC Buckets have something highly addictive in them! Never thought I would crave so much for them. :P Khair, back to normal life, though I am still waiting for the colleagues who celebrate navmi to get the chole, poori, halwa combo tomorrow! ;)

Aur sunao? Sab badhia?


The Furobiker said...


Unknown said...

Awww this made me so nostalgic! Ganging up with girls , going to all the homes in the neighborhood and coming back with money which I could spend "ON MY OWN" - It gave me such a high!

In UP, there is a tradition to call one young boy (called langoor) , along with the girls and it was one day when we could all bully a boy! What fun it used to be.

I woke up with a realization of being away from home and missing it all, but thankfully an office colleague made my day :)

Mahima Kohli said...

I cannot think of ANYTHING sensible to write here. Just that, I LOVED THIS POST. Such a feel-good read. Maza aa gya :D
Ever since we shifted out of our joint family home, festivals don't have the same fervor as before. Even yesterday I just managed to get only a little share of chhole poori sent by my dadi along with a 100 ki patti :P But kanjakein have always been all about fun and excitement. Punjabis just rock like no one else! :D

The Furobiker said...

yep.. in Delhi too a little boy is sent along with the girls.. dont think if he is called langoor though :P

The Furobiker said...

Indeed! Punjabis just rock like no one else! :D

Amrita said...

hmm more food during fasting? samajh ni aaya? u mean when u break ur fast u can have all fried stuff n all?
i thot fasting main restriction hota hai on foods

Eva Cyrus said...

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