Book Review - "Rainy Days" By Samarth Prakash

Monday, September 17, 2012

In life, sometimes there are normal coincidences, sometimes there are SRK movie type coincidences, and sometimes there are miracles. However, what never happens in life is that a Male (21-28) gets a Female (18-24) on the seat next to him!

That's what happened in the beginning of the book, and that's what gave away what was to follow - a cliched soppy love story! 

rainy days samarth prakash

Rainy Days by Samarth Prakash is another run-of-the-mill love story, by a budding Indian author. I wouldn't say that anything was bad about this book, but there was nothing unique, good either! As a friend commented the other day - after reading so many amateurish books by budding Indian authors, sometimes I start liking Chetan Bhagat's writing! Sigh!

There is one thing that is actually very confusing about the author - his writing style! At some places, the guy is so philosophical that he dwells into similarities between rains/nature and life! One moment on the road on a rainy day, can at times be explained in two pages, whereas the actual story is told in a much hurried way! 

Its almost like driving on the Gurgaon toll, if you are stuck, you will stand at the same place for a trillion hours, otherwise, life zips away too fast on that road! Sigh! See, the side effects of reading this book - even I have started writing philosophical gyaan out here! 

The book starts with an India-Australia cricket match in Bangalore. Due to the twist and turns designed by the destiny, our protagonist Raghav goes to see that match alone! (Seriously? A cricket match, alone?) Due to a similar set of destiny-conspired-reasons the female lead Megha, also goes to see the same match alone! Cherry on the top is that this single, lonely girl sits next to our single, lonely boy. And then it rains! 

Wait! It gets more interesting from here! (Not!) The match is abandoned, and everyone sits in the open, getting drenched for hours, while the hero shares his umbrella with this unknown girl, while nicely engaging in a meaningful conversation for hours, in the first go!

Kya bhayya, Karan johar se milke aye ho kya?

Leave about striking a conversation, I bet you to find a real engineer that is able to not-piss-off the girl in the first meeting! Sigh!

In short, most of the story is quite predictable with much room left for further development of main characters. Other folks just got a cameo role in this book, which is a pain point, as after sometime the hero-heroine chatter becomes monotonous. Add to that the melodrama, and you have a ready recipe to bang your head on the wall, if no table is available nearby!

I know I am being a little harsh with this book review, but then I wasted so many precious hours of my life on this book, to witness such an artificial, cheap bollywood movie type climax! And to be frank, I can't write good stuff about a book just because someone has given it to me for review!

Anyway, in case you love too much melodrama in a love story, then go ahead and pick this title up from Flipkart. Click here to buy this book. Buy Rainy Days from

And in case, like me, you don't, then wait for my next post! It is going to be a tag given to me by someone who likes SRK as much as I do - Akanksha 

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Unknown said...

And the reviews on Flipkart give it 5 stars!

Bollywood has SRK, this book doesn't. So I might as well, give it a skip!

Waiting for the nest post already!:)