Ecuador Declared a Punjabi Colony

Friday, August 17, 2012

Chak de phatte, nap de gilli! 

In a modern day david vs goliath kind of a story, Ecuador has taken a stand against the big, bad capitalist world, and provided asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange!

Do take note, that it takes much more guts than a normal dal-roti eating, lassi drinking country to take such a stand against one of the (kind of bankrupt) super powers of the world! 

To better understand the gravity of the situation, or better put as the courage of this tiny country, you need to understand that Ecuador is so tiny, that it took 30 minutes and a magnifying glass for our special correspondent to spot the country on a 40-feet wide world map! Secondly, they didn't give asylum to Julian Assange in their own country -- wait for it -- they did it under the aegis of "Diplomatic Asylum", in one floor Ecuador embassy right in the heart of the UK!!

To award this act of self-less courage, (also, for helping India save its face by getting lesser medals than us in 2012 Olympics (zero). Thank God, we were second last in the medals tally, no?), Ecuador has been awarded the status of a Punjabi colony, placing it right next to West Delhi on the places to eat best butter chicken and soya chaamps rankings! 

Praising this unprecedented act of courage, Gattu jalebi-walla organized a langar distributing free jalebi to everyone living in 200 kms radius of Ecuador embassy in Delhi. 

The obvious next step is to fly Julian Assange in a diplomatically asylumated (if that's a word) Ecuadorian aircraft to Ecuador! 

However, at the time of this article going to the press, there were several committees comprising IIMM ABCDE alumnus working on one of the biggest challenge faced by the Ecuadorian embassy! Though, according to the reports, no solution has been found till now!

The challenge, as explained to our extremely talented, IITT graduate, reporter by Gattu Jalebi-wala in his own words - "Bhayya, Assanage ko airport tak leke kaise jaoge, hawa me udakar ya ghunghat pehnakar? :D Jaoge to London ki galiyon se hi na! :D Tab to police pakad hi legi na! :D"

Ecuadorian diplomats were unavailable for any comment! 

Though the story is still developing, but the whole world is keeping a watch on the situation. (and the amount of mud being thrown out of Ecuador embassy, while they build a tunnel from embassy to the airport! ) :D

# Fake News (in case you were wondering till now! Sigh! :P ) Here is the real news
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