Afterthoughts on the Guwahati incident

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Frankly speaking, I was not even sure how to spell Guwahati before the last week's outrage that shook all the TV channels and social media websites. The way we speak, it should ideally be spelled as Guhati and not Guwahati. As Amitabh says - English is a phunny language...Phew. Anyways...

So what was your first thought when you saw the Guwahati molestation footage? Outrage? Anger? Disgust? Then you are pretty normal, I must say! But just normal, I must add, if you didn't notice anything fishy in the video!

Honestly, while watching the whole footage on TV news channels or on Youtube, there was something bothering me. Something just didn't feel right! To clarify my doubts, I started looking at more mob related videos on Youtube, and there I understood what was wrong in Guwahati video!

I am no Batman when it comes to journalism or video shooting! But having spent 4 key years of my life in a eastern UP village, I have seen and known how mobs work! In short, it is never ever possible to get such a front line footage, and such clear focus on a mob activity!!

Just look at the complete video (I am sure Youtube has removed it due to user complaints, but do some persistent research and I am sure you will find it), and try to notice that the mob is surrounding that poor little girl from three sides - All the time! Just three-fucking-sides!! Because the fourth side is (reserved?) for our esteemed reporter Gaurav Jyoti Neog, from the News Live?? (I must add, the channel is promoted by health minister Himanta Biswa Sharma, his wife Riniki Bhuyan Sharma)

In case of general mobs - where several people are beating one person - the mob is always focusing on the key activity - beating that person! Seldom in such mob activities you will see people molesting the person, and then facing and laughing at the cameraman, as if saying - bhai video sahi aaya na, ki dubara shot doon!

Many a times in the Guwahati video, you can see the key accused molesters hurting the girl and then looking up at camera to validate their shot, and then carrying out the heinous activity again! I wonder if other news channels and law enforcement agencies in India are not able to see the obvious, or if there is too much political weight behind News Live!

The videos available on the net are just 7-10 minutes clips, however, several news reports claim that the molestation continued for well over 30 minutes in real time! Thirty bloody minutes, and not even one police  van could reach there? Did anyone even call the police? Or were all the police guys way too busy in making some moolah, by trying to shove in alcohol meter in the mouth of ever passer by driver in that area!

That alcohol meter deserves an entire blog post on its own. Let's not digress.

Anyhow, the key accused in the molestation - Amarjyoti - is a good friend of our respected reporter on duty as well. Along with that, there is this one NGO guy, (RTI activist and leader of the Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS) Akhil Gogoi), who claims to have the full cellphone footage of what happened that night, and claims to have some pretty solid evidence supporting the fact that the whole even was instigated, if not orchestrated, by the News Live reporter, while trying to get some sensational footage to boost his channels TRP!

I never held news reporters in very high esteem in my eyes, but I never thought that their benchmark is so so far below what I thought! This reporter (if found guilty), should be given atleast twice the punishment being given to the molesters to set an example for the TRP hungry pimps running around with a camera!

And for the resolution to this issue, see the image at the top of this post! I don't think hanging those 18 guys will solve the broader problem engulfing this country and more so places like Gurgaon, which are being referred to as rape capitals all over the world!

The problem lies in the mindset of people, specifically of those sitting at the top! Really-really disgusting to see ministers and even some females at high ranks asking the female folk to curb their freedom for their own protection?? Is this 1837 or are we living in a Taliban dominated society? Can this country not even guarantee equal freedom for just about everyone residing in its boundaries?

It is very clear that the underlying moral fiber of this country is rotting, and it wont take longer when one day it completely breaks down!

...and that is the only reason I just want to fly away from this place sooner than ever! Someday.
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