Early Morning Post

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I was just scanning my Google reader subscriptions, and realized that its just not me who has gone slow in terms of blogging! Almost all of my favorite bloggers have started taking it lightly! Phew! 

Had to happen eventually, no? Jobs, relationships, priorities - everything changes in a few years time! Ab aap log bhi soch rahe hoge subha subha bakwaas kyu kar raha hai bhai! :D

Anyways, it is not subha-subha ka time at least for me! I haven't slept a wink whole night! Yep! I ate some momos and shit like that yesterday evening, and I guess either the momos guy steamed them in drain water or probably the momos were given to him as his baap ki aakhiri nishaani 20 years back! Fuck! 

Bottom line is, around 10 in the night, I started having severe stomach pain and shivering! And it was all downhill from there! The pain got unmanageable and shivering turned into high fever and body pain! By 11 pm I was wearing two sets of bedsheet and was curled up in the corner like the old street beggars they show in the cartoons! :P

If I remember correctly in the dizzyness of the pain, I took around 5 tablets in the night! Whatever anyone or everyone suggested - I popped that pill! Guess momos and tablets made some deadly mocktail in my stomach and were causing stupid reactions! 

You know, when we get up in the morning we feel - abhi abhi to soye the yaar, itni jaldi subha ho gai - it is absolutely not true! Trust me on this, the night is so bloody long! I wasn't able to sleep the whole night, and was just trying to shift positions to reduce the pain and trying to cover myself more by stealing bedsheets from everyone else's beds! :P 

It must be around 4 am, when I somehow started getting a feeling that I will probably die tonight! I was totally numb for sometime and was having cold sweats all over! Maybe the medicines had started working or the momos got digested and got converted into shit! :D It was then I remembered Border Movie starring saade Sunny paaji! 

If you remember that movie, it was all about surviving that one night! The next morning our super advanced fighter planes (without headlights) would have got the permission to fly and saved the world! Same was my mental situation and I was praying - bas bhagwaan ye raat kat jaye bas, subha to sab theek ho jayega! Phew!

Anyways, have you guys ever observed moms have this super power of receiving the health status updates of their kids via blue tooth!  She got up early to check on me, and fed me another cocktail of medicines! Guess the second round started helping me, and I could finally sleep from 6 to 7 am ! 
Even now, the pain hasn't subsided but it is sort of managable, and I am hoping those fucking momos would be out of my system in the next 24 hours or so! 

This incident - along with lack of sleep - got me into a thinking mode. Saala kitna bhi tashan maar len bahar, lekin body ke ander 1 paise ki bhi dikkat hoti hai to hamari g@@nd fat ke haath me aa jati hai! Even though one can pick up 40 kgs in gym, but jab 102 fever me body shiver karti hai, to sala 30 seconds bhi ekdum straight nahi let paata aadmi! 

But anyways, getting sick once in a while is ok i guess! People start pampering you so much, and on top of that, no one even wakes you up early in the morning for watching (the overhyped) Satyamev Jayate! :P

Here is to couple of more days of sickness! - Cheers! 


Amrita said...

very sorry i am laughing at the end of such a distressing post.. but you never lost ur funny bone.
And yesssssss the night is veryyyyyyyy longgggggg.. i realised this when i was expecting an cudnt sleep some nites and surely once chiyaa was born and gave us the initial sleepless nights. the night is very very very long :(
surely jaan hai to jahan hai.. and i also felt i was going to die when i had typhoid
and how is the food posioning now? you better? goin to ofc tom? ;)
and why SMJ ko over hyped kaha? Is it?

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

Get well soon bro.. lagta hai five star ka khana hajam nahi hua tujhe...

The Furobiker said...

@cherry - Stomach is a li'l better now. Takes a couple of days to get back in shape i guess. SMJ is an entire topic that needs a complete blog post :D

@DD lol

Amrita said...

Getting back on this real late .. ghar ghrihasti bache bla bla
that apart i would loveeeeeeeeee to have ur take on SMJ. surely do make a post on it. I personally liked the docs and fertilizer wala episodes.

The Furobiker said...