Commencement Address

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I love watching commencement speeches on YouTube! My favorite till date is by Late Steve Boy! (click here to read its transcript)

Not that I am looking at inspirations or something in my life, its just that I love to watch how people condense their whole life's struggle into a short 15 minute speech with at least 30 customary fun punches! :P

Also, it is always good to see underdogs do well in life, gives me hope that by the time I am 50, I should be doing at least OK for myself! :P

That reminds me, I didn't hear any commencement speech at my graduation ceremony at IT BHU! (oops, IIT BHU - ahem!) I was in the class of 2007 and I don't even remember the day when I got my degree! The convocation ceremony must have been either in late 2007 or mid 2008! Though what I do remember that no famous or rich guy came in my convocation! :O

That is if you do not consider the director of the institute as either famous or rich! :D

Though on a serious note, I think there will be plenty of guys from my college who have made it pretty big in life! Hmm! I guess should write a formal letter to some big guy in the institute or maybe alumni association! Someday I will.. Phew! (I am talking about writing a letter regarding these commencement ceremonies, not about getting rich and famous! :D That only time can tell! )

Oh, I started writing this blog to share one commencement speech which I recently saw on Abi's blog.You might or might not like the whole speech, and I frankly don't even care :P ! I just wanted to save this speech at an easy reference for myself! Though, I would recommend that you guys watch it in entirety. The guy talks about a very important aspect of our professional life - Luck!!

More often than not, we do not give Luck its proper share of credit, but it does help (or screw) you every single day! Being at the right place, at the right time, with the right people is all that matters - at times - isn't it??

What do you guys think about it?

Ah! The video is hosted on YouTube! In case you are not able to view it, probably your office has blocked YouTube! Tch Tch Tch! Guess its time to find a new job that allows YouTube access? :D :P
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