Vicky Donor - Movie Review

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Did you guys watch Vicky Donor? No? What!!

Go watch it now! (Not with your parents, please) :D

On a serious note, I absolutely loved the movie! Maybe because I watched a comedy movie after a long time, maybe because of the subject of the movie, or maybe because of the Dilli-wala style of the characters of the movie! Waise, I am repeating myself, but Bombay has lost its fizz! Most of the movies these days are either shot in Delhi, or the actors acting in them try to speak in saadi Dilli style di Pindi! (Pindi = Punjabized Hindi :P )

Anyways, coming back to the movie - its about a lukkha guy, Vicky, who in lure of earning pocket money, turns into a Sperm Donor! Ab bhai aap log butter chicken te paranthe khane wale Punjabiyon ki fertility ke baare me to jaante hi honge :P So, after a few tests and few test drives (*wink wink* :D) saada Vicky turns into a rockstar of the sperm donor world ! Bole to ladka ekdum demand me aa gaya!

I think Ghalib had sadda Vicky in mind when he wrote the following lines

Is dunia me aaye ho to kuch aisa karo kadradaan, 
jis gali se niklo aawaz aaye - Abba jaan Abba jaan! :D

If I had to give an award for the best performance of this movie, I would definitely give it to the auntyjee who played the role of Daadeejee (grand mother) of Vicky! Oh man, that old lady is hilariously funny! :D In one scene, auntyjee itne tashan se daaru ki gillassi maang rahi hai, ki bade bade bewdo ko bhi sharam aa jaye! :D

The second half of the movie was tad slower than the first half, when Vicky falls for a bong girl and their pyaar mohabbat begins! The director had me at the point when they show the two love birds chatting on Facebook. Vicky says - Hi Fish, and the Girl replies - Hi Butter Chicken! :D You can not show a more real conversation than that between a bong and a punjabi!

Anyways, there are some awesome scenes in the movie, where they tell their respective parents about their choices! The respective set of parents thrash the other community in such a funny way, that you will literally roll on the floor laughing (or as the kids these days say - ROTFL!) :P! Its a must watch scene on Youtube, if you are not planning to watch the movie!

The ending was a bit drab, but nevertheless, I spent some time on thinking about it and realized, there could not be any other ending to this ! See, it had to be a happy ending, and it had to do with kids, so you know, right...

There is only one song worth listening in this movie - Paani da rang! I am sure, your respective Radio stations must have already killed you with the male version of the song. However, do listen to the female version of this song as well, I felt its much much better, and the lyrics are also written in a way that female version should have been the original version. Seems old buddies of Ayyushman ( I dont know the actual mis-spelling of his name), Raghu and Rajeev bullied the director to promote his version of the song! :O :P

I would definitely recommend this movie as a must watch movie. The best part is, in case you did not like any of the shit i mentioned above, the bong chick alone makes the movie worth watching! :D :D

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