Everybody Dies!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

For the first time in my life, I am sitting in front of my laptop and not able to type a single word! It feels like a small part of me died just few hours ago! This is an obituary to Doctor Gregory House!

Most famous words uttered by House, time and again, were "Everybody Lies" !! So, there can not be a more fitting title to the final episode of the series than Everybody Dies! Captures the essence and conveys the meaning!

For eight years I was hooked like crazy to this show! Even though in the beginning I could not understand the medical terminology shit they were talking about, but that never stopped me from desperately waiting for the next episode/season of this show!

If I had to choose one fictional character I idolize, I would rather choose House over God! God creates problems, House solves them!

Anyways, as Deepika Padukone has said time and again to all her boyfriends - Everything that has a beginning has an ending! :D :D

And trust me, there could not have been a better ending to the last episode. I specially like the last scene where at his funeral, everybody was saying stupid sugar-coated shit! And then suddenly Wilson breaks down, and calls House what he really is - A Jerk, jackass who had no emotions for anyone in this world, and can go to any length to demean his patients, friends and co-workers! :D

But whatever people say, you cannot find a more impulsive guy than House, and I love him for that! Bhaad me jaye dunia, jo karna hai wo karna hai! Even if it fetches him a jail sentence for that matter! :D

Waise Nirmal Baba ne kaha hai, House ke ye teen principals yaad kar lo, kripa aani shuru ho jayegi! :D

1) Everybody lies
2) People don't change
3) It is always about the puzzle!

There cannot be a bigger genius and a better friend than you House! Specially for what you did in the end.. Over and out! 


Divya Khanna said...

Good one! :)

Anita Mckenzie said...

Your reflections on House's character are rather profound- no matter the craziness he caused and the vulgar way he treated people, he made us al love him for who he really is. Few are the people who would play the game with such an honetsy to their ugly characteristics.