Chicken Soup For The Indian Couple's Soul - Book Review

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

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What happens when someone gives a you a free book to read? You grab the opportunity and read that book for free! :D After all, recession hai bhai, paise jahan bache bacha lene chahiye! :P

I always wanted to read a book from the Chicken Soup series, but never really got a chance to do that. In case you have a brain as large as a crow, let me explain the concept of Chicken soup series to you. Chicken soup books, unlike typical books, are not novels. It is rather a collection of several shot stories, written by different authors (or budding authors), inspired from their real life stories.

And that my dear friends, is the best part about this book. Pick this book up, read one story and then go back to work! This book comprises 8 sections and 101 stories, written by scores of authors from different genres of life! Though the same thing also becomes the achilles heels of the book! Due to multiple writing styles, and limited space available to each author, the book is written in a fairly simple language, and at some places it sounds fairly amateurish. So this is not the book for those hoarding up novels and books for their CAT/ GMAT Prep.

Coming to the real topic of the book - Chicken soup for the Indian Couples soul - it is fairly evident from the title, that this book is all about pyaar, ishq aur mohabbat! :D You know, shaadi and all season going on *wink wink*, so such books are good to read :D

In its 8 sections and 101 stories, the book tries to cover all aspects of relationships - right from beginnings, middles, endings and new beginnings! Most of the stories in the book will touch your heart, even if you are a borderline romantic! Though some of the stories look like they were written by people of our parents generation! :D No, you cant relate even a bit with them, and then there were some where there is an actual Karan Johar movie in the making!

But then, there are a lot of stories where you will find you head nodding, and relating the story to your or someone you know's real life.

Though, there were some shortcomings in the book, which I hope the author works at in the next bowl of Chicken soup! Firstly, the stories seem a bit too sentimental, as if written for the purpose of making the female reader consume 10 boxes of tissues in one go! :D Secondly, some of the stories are a bit too idealistic, as I said perfect K Jo movie material. And lastly, it gets repetitive after a point, you kind of start expecting what's next in each story!

But nevertheless, if you are a hopeless romantic, or want to read some inspiring stories relating love, relationships and life, then do go of it! I give this book a rating of 342 out of 459!

“Nobody is perfect, but in love people can be perfect for each other.”
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