Samsung Galaxy S2

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Touch wood! But my folks are pretty awesome!

So as you all know, my birthday is just around the corner (to be precise Saturday, 24th March, and yes, I am accepting gifts in advance! :D ) Unlike boring parents of some of my very boring friends, my parents do not believe in gifting stupid deodorants, perfumes or clothes on my birthday! Yey! :P

We are a gadget loving family you see! :D

Last year, it was my beloved Kindle ! This year, it is Samsung Galaxy S II !! Woopieeeeeee!!!! To be honest with the numbers, each one of my mom, dad and sis holds 33.33% equity in this gift!:P

Now let me show-off the phone a bit, please! :P

In my humble opinion, this is the best Andoid phone I have used till date!! With 4.27 inch super AMOLED capacitative touchscreen, and 1.2 GHz dual core processor, you can not not play Angry Birds on it the whole day! :D Oh, and if that wasn't enough, this phone has an 8 MP back camera with LED flash, and a 2 MP front camera, just in-case you want to do a video chat through phone!!

As they say, vigyaan ne bahut tarakki kar li hai ! 5 minutes back, I downloaded an application, which utilizes the back camera and LED flash to measure my heart rate!! Just need to keep my finger on it for 10 seconds! Phew!

I was just looking at the spec sheet today morning, and was amazed by the fact that this tiny little phone (I am just kidding, it is huge!) has 1 GB of RAM in it !! When I bought my first computer in college in 2003, my PC had a RAM of 256 MB :P . No wonder, I could never play Angry Birds on it! :P

Its just the battery life of this phone (with the gigantic screen), that makes me miss my old Nokia at times! With heavy internet usage, both over wi-fi and 3G, the phone needs recharging at-least once a day!! Whereas, my Nokia used to remain alive for close to 3 days, with regular calls and Tweeting !

But then, there is no point buying such a feature rich phone and not exploit it fully ! Sigh!

Anyways, let me use it for a month more at-least, before I review this phone fully. Hopefully by then I will have the latest version of Android - Ice Cream Sandwich - on it, as it is currently running on Android 2.3.3 ! :(

Till then, go back to work! Jab dekho time pass karne chale aate hain! :D

PS: You can buy Samsung Galaxy S II from as well !
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