Tuesday, March 06, 2012

You can not summarize relationships better than this image !

Ladko ki hamesha watt hi lagti hai! 

The only words I could utter after viewing this image were - So True, So True!! Sigh..!

Anyways, you must be wondering - ladka pagla gaya hai, kaisi behki behki baaten kar raha hai :D

Ab kya karen bhayya, zindagi ne hi aise mod pe laa ke khada kar dia hai :P ... I have started my downfall from a khulla saand to the poor guy in the image above! :O

In short, I had my Roka Ceremony the other day!! (old post link) In case you didn't know (which means you are a non-punjabi reader! Cheee!) Roka is a small ceremony, where parents of the dulha-to-be and dulhan-to-be say official YES to each other, and exchange some fruits and sweets! Bole to chintu, moonh meetha karao, ladke ka rishta pakka ho gaya hai! :P

If you ask me, the feeling is yet to sink in! Suddenly all the equations change on the stroke of midnight! No more chup chup ke milna, no more secret dates, suddenly everything goes so formal! Phew! Jo karna hai sabko bata ke karo! Jaha jaana hai sabko bata ke jao! Ye jeena bhi koi jeena hai bhai!? Bataiye bataiye!?

Ab kabhi shareefo wale kaam kabhi zindagi me kare hi nahi, to thoda ajeeb to lagega na! :D

Anyways, now you know, what's keeping me busy these days! Blame her for my absence! :D  .. that is, if anyone noticed that i am missing from my blog! :D

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