Jaipur Trip - Travelogue - Part 1

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The best part about being a bachelor is - you can make plans in 5 minutes, fill up your tank and drive 5 hours straight to Jaipur! No thinking required! (Almost :P )

So the other day, me and few friends headed to Jaipur, JLT!! :D

This was the first time I was driving to Jaipur, so we started at a very odd time from Delhi to beat the traffic. But saala, during our whole brainstorming session (of 5 minutes :P ) we forgot the biggest jerks on the roads! TRUCKS!! Daimn! Trucks were sprawling across whole Delhi-Jaipur highway!!

But ki farak painda hai yaara! Jaha 4 hours lagne the, waha 5 hours lag gaye! But driving on the Delhi-Jaipur highway is really awesome! There are few patches where construction is going on, but rest of the highway is - as they say Malaai ki tarah chiknaa! :D

On a side note, have you ever observed, how some of the trucks look like big-fat-junk-food-eating-obese-classmates ?? No? Nevermind. The image below exactly resembles one of my big-fat-junk-food-eating-obese-classmate! :D :D

Guess karo Mech 07 walon!

The best stretch in terms of driving starts 50 kms before the main Jaipur city! As soon as you are about to enter Jaipur, there is a divider separating the roads going to the Jaipur city by-pass and main Jaipur city. Always take the route going to the main Jaipur city. This might take you a bit more time, in case of peak hours, but man!! This route is beautiful!

Anyways, we landed in Jaipur in wee hours of morning and went to sleep within 30 minutes of reaching there! :D

Actually, we were staying at a friend's relative's place. They had arranged for beds for us in their guest room. So like nice (and extremely tired kids!) we immediately went to sleep!! ZZzzzz! :D  A long 5 hour drive, coupled with the fact that we had a full working Friday, made sure that we couldn't have stayed awake for more 15 minutes even!

After we got up and had a nice (and heavy!) breakfast, (bhayya, bina petrol ke to gaadi bhi nahi chalti :D) we headed out for sightseeing!!

Jaipur main city is a pretty crowded place. It took us close to an hour to reach City Palace - the main attraction of Jaipur! The City Palace is huge !! I mean like really huge!! Saala, itna huge hai ki  hindustaan ke ek palace me poora Romania fit ho jaye! :D :D

Just the courtyard of this palace is larger than size of my home multiplied by 25!! :O  Raaja ke tashan dekh-ke apni garibi pe bahut dukh hua mujhe us din! :( :P

Anyways, good that I didn't take KD to Jaipur, or else, she would have added one more place in her list of dream places to get married  ! :D :D

Anyways, City Palace is a must visit on your tour to Jaipur. If you are lucky, you might catch some cultural events or some green events happening in the main courtyard of the palace. Also, make sure you visit the archaic textile factory just outside the City Palace, for some authentic Jaipuri type clothes! Mostly chic stuff, so guys beware !! :D (if you wanna read more about the history of this place - here is the wikipedia link!)

PS: Yeah, yeah! There are no pics in this travelogue. Ab bhai, main koi bond photographer to hu nahi. Na hi mere pass Rs 30,000 ka SLR camera hai. Google kar lo, Jaipur sabki photos me ek jaisa hi dikhta hai! :D :D

... coming in part 2 of this travelogue - Visit to Jantar Mantar, Jaipur ! 
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