Moron Watch # 2 - Facebook Photos Edition

Monday, February 20, 2012

Nope!! There isn't any dearth of morons in this world!!

Its just that, there is some 'stuff' that was keeping me busy from the past couple of weeks. More on that later !

Anyways, why do you think people click pictures? To create memories, right? Right! So, we agree till this point. Now why do people share pictures? To share memories. Simple!

Now my question is - who would you want to share your honeymoon memories with? Or rather WHY on the earth would you want to do that?? Every time I open Facebook, I find myself staring into a badly taken picture, with the guy holding the camera in his right hand and his nayi-naveli-dulhan in his left hand! More than 50% of the space in that picture is taken by the new-grooms arm (with a wrongly spelled tattoo of his girlfriend wife's name on his wrist!). And most of the times, the poor wife is pushed out of the frame with only her one eye and half-a-nose making into the picture!! :D :D

Now why would I or someone else want to see that?

Sharing wedding pictures is cool, as you give an opportunity to the lazy ones to witness your wedding from the comfort of their own bedrooms! But honeymoon pics!!

From what I remember, few years back there was a news about a couple from some PDS K R Puram sharing their pre-marriage honeymoon video! It didn't go very well with their parents, teachers and friends i guess ! :D

Ab bhaisahab, aap apne honeymoon pe jaake gaaiye, bajaaiye *wink wink*, ya naachiye! Hame aisi bakwaas fotos dekhne ki koi iccha nahi hai! :D

As they say - Every idiot with a camera is a photographer these days, and every idiot with a camera and a new-new-wife is a Moron in the making... :P
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