Moron Watch # 1

Monday, January 09, 2012

Since this blog was created with the vision of insulting people (FAQ), let me carry this tradition further with pinpointing few more idiotic incidents which I witness in daily life! (Yeah, I am mean that ways! :D ) 

So exactly how much effort does it take for a person to climb up to first floor using stairs? Tough question!

Daily, (well almost daily) I see a cute chick wait for approximately 8-10 minutes for the lift (its a busy building you see). Finally, when she gets into the lift, she very carefully scans all the buttons inside the lift! (Actually I feel she is either dumb or dyslexic, and gets confused seeing so many numbers! :D ) After scanning the numbers for approximately 30 seconds, she presses  the button for the - wait for it - First Floor!! 

Every singly day, she repeats the same ritual!! And every single day, I am like What the Fuck dude!!
So the first Moron Watch award goes to the Lift Girl !! Taaliyan!! :D :D

... for spending 8 minutes 30 seconds waiting for the lift, every single day, instead of taking the stairs, which would take her less than 30 seconds to reach her office!! And secondly, getting confused with the button numbers every single day! As they say, beauty and brains... ...  :D :D 
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