Beautiful Beautiful Words

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I always refrain from writing not-so-happy stuff on this blog, but sometimes, you read something so true, something with which you can relate so closely, that you just can't refrain yourself.

I know I can never write so simply and yet so beautifully, so I am going to paste few lines written by Om Malik on his tech blog. Most of you reading this, won't be able to relate to what he is saying, but the ones, that are leading a broken life like me, will surely feel the emotion in his words.

When my life hiccuped, like it has for so many others who go through similar events, I was wondering if it would ever be same. I wasn’t too thrilled with how things had turned out. I was forced to deal with life’s unpredictability and unfortunately there isn’t a manual for dealing with that. You just have to get up every morning and deal with it. Sometimes it is depressing and sometimes it fun. But most of the time it is just a state of existence.

Sigh..  indeed.. it is just a fucking state of existence...
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