Bye Bye 2011

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Finally, we bid adieu to 2011 ! As some people are saying, today is the last day of the second last year of this civilization! (Remember, the world is going to end in 2012 ! :D )

For me, 2011 had its own shares of ups and downs. However, if we compare it to the recent past, 2011 screwed up a bit more than others! But anyways, the story of my life still remains the same, and will be in the near future -  roz sala yahi sochta hu, bas bhagwan ye wala exam/ye wala deliverable/ye wali client call paar karwade, baaki sab to life me chill hai! :D

Yesterday only I was contemplating, how the year started - with me in the Icelands of Romania - where i made a sheet of paper with couple of resolutions, and tonnes of To-Dos ! And how, the year is ending today, where forget about the resolutions, even my To-Do list feels ashamed of me! :D  Anyhow, there will be no resolutions this time, no to-do list - bhaad me jaaye sab kuch - but just a tiny philosophical thought!

Life is too short to give a crap! 

And trust me, this one tiny line, is the answer of life, universe and everything! :D One moment you are there, and the other you are not! So better live that moment, rather than creating flowcharts and supply chain diagrams for that! :D

Happy New Year!
Chalo then, ending the customary new year post with the epic party dialogue!

Khana to kutte bhi khaate hian, Insaan bano, Daaru piyo!! :D 

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year! Party hard, be safe and remember 1st January is not a working day! ;)

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Dilli Ki Sardi and Christmas !

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Seriously, I love this song - Tadpaaye tarsaaye re, saari raat jagaye re, pyaar tera, Dilli ki Sardi!!  :D :D

And since Delhi and Winters are two of my most favorite things in the world, so that makes this song all the more special! :)

Anyways, I have heard that today is Christmas! Sigh, one more festival falls on weekend! Kat gaya! :( :(   Oh, by the way, I was just scanning all the Christmas wishes on my Facebook wall and Twitter feed, and there has been a remarkable decline in the number of people wishing MARRY Christmas this year! :D  Did government of India secretly launch "English Speakna Seekhen" institutions all over the country? :D 

Or is it recession, that is forcing people to correct their bloody english atleast? :O (old post link)

Anyways, Teri vi Xmas, te, Meri vi Xmas.. Sabnu Xmas diyan lakh lakh vadhaiyan!!

Coming back to the original topic of Dilli ki Sardi, one of my friends, Srinivas, summarized recent change in Delhi's weather beautifully in one line - "And the Delhi temperature just dropped from 'Awesome! Delhi winters are here' to 'Dude, it's not funny anymore'..." 

Every year, Delhi's honeymoon period with winters lasts only for a week! And then, it gets horribly, horribly cold out there! And yeah, foggy too!! Last week, I was returning from vacation, and it was so bloody foggy down in Delhi, that we barely saw the ground 2.834 seconds before the plane touched down! Wo to bhagwaan bhala kare us pilot ka, bas 2-4 foot ka estimation galat hota, and we would have landed on somebody's rooftop in Dwarka! :P

There comes a day/moment/point every winter season, when i start to believe that the super romantic winter season is over, and the horrible horrible phase of Delhi winters has started! And sadly, that moment is always in Loo ! Ewww! 

Ab hum kaam kuch bhi karte ho, but dil se to engineer hi hian na bhai shab! :D Why the hell nobody thought about connecting geyser to the loo!! Warm water from the geyser is available for bathing, on the washbasin, but no sir! We don't give warm water for cleaning your backside! Damn! 

last resort! :D :D

60 years of freedom, 2 trillion engineers manufactured every Year, but no one, and that includes me, no one ever thought about this! Blasphemy! And we cry about India shining! Sigh.... Ab mujhe hi kuch karna padega, aur fatafat use patent karwana padega :D :D

Secondly, this thought hit me yesterday night, while sleeping! Why are quilts (blankets/razais) about 6 feet in length? People like me, who want to tuck some part of their quilts below their feet, need about 7 feet of quilt! I am really really uncomfortable, if some air seeps in near my feet! So to make perfect closure, I tuck about half feet quilt under my feet, and then I cant tuck in the blanket under my head! 

I cant create a perfectly sealed cozy enclosure for my sleeping! :( :(  (that is without curling up as a baby bear! :P )

I am thinking, I shouldn't be publishing all these fantabulistic ideas in the open like this! These ideas have the potential to make me the Funsukh Wangdu of the future! :D 

Chalo then, once again wishing you all a Merry Christmas! May a sizzling hot Santa climbs down your chimney tonight and gives you a gift of your lifetime! :D 

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The Indiblogger Delhi Meet

Sunday, December 11, 2011

After declining a ton of invites to attend Tweetups, Wiki-meet ups, Aandolans, Hunger Strikes and what not, (you see I am so busy! Like I am the KRK of real world :D ) I finally chanced upon a Blogger Meetup page on the Indiblogger website! I have always, like ALWAYS, wanted to attend one of these blogger meets.

You know we keep on hearing stuff about these bloggers, who get a chance to publish books, who make trillions of dollars (yeah, that is like 1 followed by a loot of zeros! :D ) by just writing on their blogs, but never see such real life cases! (Or atleast I didn't come across any in my life). Finally, I can cut that one off my bucket list! :) I never thought people make so big with blogging! I have been blogging for 6 odd years but even earning pennies with my blog still remains a dream! Sigh!

Close to about 150 odd bloggers turned up at the Indiblogger HP Originals meet, and I must say there was a great mix of people from all walks of life! There were writers, poets, army men, students, software guys, air traffic controllers (!!!), entrepreneurs, full time bloggers, government guys - you name it and we had it ! I can proudly say, that I added about 20 new blogs to my google reader list today! :D

After coming back from that meet, I came to a conclusion - my blog is as haphazard as my life!! People are so focused and particular about what they write on their blogs (and what they do in life :P ) ! And similar to what constitutes my life, this blog is also full of mindless junk! :P Nothing is going nowhere! :D Whatever that means..

I even came across some very good new blog/website ideas during the meet! There was one guy who sells one liners to T Shirt companies!!! Although, most of them were typical techie bloggers, some were writing healthy recipes, one was creating a list of best dating sites :P (i guess he was joking!) , one was giving consumer rankings to different new products, and then there were a couple of girls who were into make-up/fashion blogging! Sigh!

And then there were some like me, who write about anything under the sun :D. Jo dil kare wohi likho - Ki farak painda hai yaara! :D On a serious note, we guys - the personal blogger category - rocks! Period! :D

Frankly speaking, I had a lovely afternoon, thanks to Indiblogger and HP, and would love to attend their meets whenever I get a chance!

Wo kehte hain na - We blog, therefore we are! :D

Make some noise for the Desi Boyz

Sunday, December 04, 2011

... English thumke, dil ki rhythm pe, maare jam jam ke.. Desi Boyz !

One word - Loved it ! 

Desi Boyz Logo
Directed by comedy king David Dhawan's son Rohit Dhawan, Desi Boyz is another brainless comedy, with a pinch of emotion and a truckload, or rather shipload of Hot Chicks! :D Bhai Sahab, just ogling at the hot-hotter-hottest background dancers, and sidekicks will make this movie paisa vasool! Rest everything is a bonus!! :D :D

The movie ropes in recession of 2009 - unemployment, economic crisis, blah - to form the foundation of the movie! And then sadde munde - John and Akshay - decide to try the alternate profession of male strippers! Agreed that John is a horrible actor, but in front of him, Akshay was looking like - what I will look in front of Akshay! :D :D Sookhi Haddi! :D

Best surprise in the movie was Sanjay Dutt ! Although his role was very short, but bhai ne poora tashan maara hai un 10 minutes ke role me bhi! There was a nice background track with cool wordings for Sanjay Dutt, I am not able to find it on Youtube :( If anyone finds it, do give it to me!!!!

Last but not the least, super hottie Chitrangada Singh!! Who turns out to be Akshay's Ex-Classmate-But-Now-Teacher-Cum-Girlfriend !! Complicated hai na!! Just see the first 10 seconds of the video, and you will realize what I am talking about! :D

I liked the first half of the movie much more than second half! Maybe because first half is a roller coaster with movie running at a rapid pace, while the second half (as usual) has some sentiapa! Akshay again tried giving his Namaste London like short speech praising India, but it came out to be pathetic :P And before i forget, I love Deepika's dimples!! (And her smile too! :D :D) Shes too cute man!!

And with this, I leave you to hear this lovely song (and to see some firangan hotties! :D ) !

My fav song from this movie!! Subha hone na de...

My rating ***/5 

Sometimes I get so jealous of sadda Johnnie baba!! - He doesn't know how to act , I don't know how to act; His dialog delivery is pathetic , My dialog delivery is horrible! Saale ki kismat hai fir bhi - He gets to earn tonnes of money while just dancing around firangi models, whereas I get to sit 12 hours a day typing shit on a computer! :( :( :(    .. wo kehte hain na, upar wala meherbaan to John bhi pehelwaan :P

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