Sardar vs. Pawar !

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Are wah, ye to post title me kavita ho gai! :D

If you are a keen follower of news on the internet, you will surely agree that this week was full of ekdum masaaledar, dhinchak, rakhi sawant type news updates from all over India! :D Saala, bade din baad akhbaar padne me maza aya! :D

Firstly a guy named Harvinder Singh slapped sadda agriculture minister Sharad Pawar! Man, I am sort of against any kind of violence, but ye dhai kilo ka jhapad dekh ke, I myself felt like going and slapping few of the ministers! Very Inspiring I must say! :D On a personal level, I nominate this guy for the next Bharat Ratan! :D

Waise looking at the haalat of this country, I guess throwing shoes (link) and slapping politicians in public is the best measure we have to wake these bloody sarkari guys from their deep slumber! Waise bhi media is now bored of Anna Hazare (link), so its high time that the mango people (link) do their bit!

Sharad Pawar Slapped in Delhi

Secondly, Superstar Rajni is back with his super powers! His son-in-law, sang some weird song in a mix of Tamil and horrible accented English, titled 'Why this Kolaveri Di'. And with Rajni anna's name on his back, and lazy crazy jobless tweeters all over the world, this song garnered over 3 million views in less than a week!

Totally senseless song, just aimed at teaching 8 Tamil words to the rest of the world, is being splashed all over my twitter and facebook (link) timeline! And who names their kids - Dhanush!? The day is not far when people start naming their kids - AK 47, Bullet, Talwaar.. oh wait..!

Why this Kolaveri di ! 

Sigh! at the power of internet, and useless people who have access to twitter and facebook in their offices!

And last but not the least! Another bloody Twilight Movie Released! On top of that, people are flocking at the screens to watch it actually!! The world is going to dogs I tell you!

How can people watch such a horrible, horrible movie, starring two emotionless zombies (both seem gay to me by the way) and one chocolate guy who turns into a big hairy dog every few days! Sigh!

Hope the world ends in 2012, before the release the next part of this horrible sequence!

Live From London by Parinda Joshi : Book Review

Friday, November 18, 2011

So, I again got an opportunity to review a book courtesy Blogadda! Although this review should have been published few weeks back, but as you know, I am the third busiest guy in the world after KRK and Rakhi Sawant, so the delay! :D

Overall, I would give this book a rating of somewhere in the range of 351 out of 700! Frankly speaking, I had high hopes from the book from its initial reviews and descriptions I read on the internet, but it didn't fully meet my expectations. The concept of the book is nice, but overall I feel the author made the book a bit predictable somehow. Somewhat like it happens in the movies, you can guess the story and ending of every chick flick, but what keeps you glued to the movie is the hotness of the chicks in the movie! :D Alas, you can not see the protagonist in books! :P

The story is about a girl, Nishi Gupta who lives in London, and has an uncanny ability to land up in screwed up situations! And somehow like it happens in all movies, she unexpectedly lands up in the Britain Got Talent! And then there is some usual stuff which you can guess - Embarrassment, sudden fame, love affair, two wriggling flowers :D, breakup!

And then common sense prevails! Like recession-time-sacked NRI employees decide to return to India, in a similar way dumped protagonist decides to come back to India. But post that the story follows the normal curve, and like it happens in the movies, its a Happy Ending ! Thank God! (Not because the ending was happy, but because the book was over!) :D

My overall thought is, if you liked Uday Chopra in Pyaar Impossible, you will surely love this book! :D OK, lets cut some slack to the author. This book is a nice Metro read, but not if you are planning to deep dive into the book and analyze each character, their behavior or are looking for some new plot!

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So, who else loved RA ONE !! ??

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

If you are a real Shah Rukh Khan fan, you will be able to appreciate the connection in the following image:

Ra One Movie Ticket

Wo kehte hain na - Jitni Shiddat se maine tujhe paane ki koshish ki hai; ki har zarre ne mujhe tumse milane ki saajish ki hain !! :D

As soon as i got this ticket in my hand, I became a fan of this movie!! Without even watching it! :D Call me kiddish or whatever, but i love such connections! I love it when i see 1000 km, 2000km or some good number on my odometer, or when I see 10.10 , 11.11, 12.12 on my watch.. or.. you get the drift, right! :D

Anyways, coming to the real movie now, here is my verdict -- Whatever the hell people are saying all over the web, twitter or movie review websites is total farce!! I absolutely loved this movie! Come on people, you can not go to this movie keeping Robot or Mission Impossible in mind! Rather, just keep your mind in the freezer and just go there to enjoy the flick and I am sure you will surely love the innocent humor of the movie !

Talking about innocent, pliss ignore the first joke of the movie, where they show three Chinese girls, with the names - Iski Lee, Uski Lee and Sabki Lee ! :D :D

I agree there are 2000 logic flaws in this movie, which even an illeterate person like you can spot! (or if you are an engineer like me, you can probably spot 2 lakh logic and scientific flaws in this movie!) But seriously, you think SRK is an engineer? Or will 5-10 year kids will be able to spot them? Or 40 crore population of India? NO! And thats what we call brilliant marketing - Sell overhyped, easy to understand, dhinchak stuff in the market, and there are plenty of buyers out there. (Most of them illiterate though! :D ) Who needs pseudo intellectuals, jinke gharwale bhi unki baat nahi sunte! :D :D

Anyways, mostly I feel, junta has really become Phattu these days! Just because all their friends are bashing Ra.One on FB, they find it compelling to bash it! With majority of them bashing it without even watching it once! Seriously, spineless creatures! Na zindagi me khud kuch unconventional kara na, na hi kisi ko karne dena hai! As babaji says - Ye corporate culture ne phattu aur spineless bana dia hai sabko! :D :D

Chalo bhai, feels good after blogging after so long. Main to bhool hi gaya tha ki I have a blog too! Ye badhti umra.. ufff! :D