MTV Roadies 9 - The Auditions Story

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So as you all know, I got a press invite for MTV Roadies 9 !! (Thank you so much !!)

Press Invite

I mean I couldn't believe my eyes when I got an email from Blogadda to invite me for attending Roadies Delhi auditions as a press member! Then came a call from Mumbai, and then another formal email! Everything was happening so fast, that I couldn't believe if someone was making a bakra out of me or if it was for real!! :D But then I Googled, Twitter searched, and Facebook searched about it to triple confirm! Saala research industry me rehte rehte ekdum har cheez Google karne ki aadat pad gai hai! :D

Anyways, so on the morning of Auditions, I reached the venue at about 10 am, and Oh My Fucking GOD! There was a stream of people.. No no .. there was a bloody river of human beings! Almost 1 KM long line. All dudes and dudettes thrown around everywhere! I drove around for about 25 minutes to find one parking space! Phew! Frankly speaking, except for Pragati Maidaan (where whole Delhi gathers to see all hottie chicks during auto expo! :P ) I have never ever seen so many people sprawling around!

Roadies Crew

Ahem Ahem! Then the coordinator from MTV called and confirmed, Press is allowed entry from Gate number 2! Bole to exclusive entry! :D One other girl from MTV took me to the catchment area, where people were lined up on the floor, waiting for the GD rounds!

Roadies Participants Waiting for Group Discussion
I must say, these people have truckloads of energy!! I mean after waiting for hours and hours, they still had so much energy to shout, cheer and pose for pics when they saw camera in my hand! I clicked a lot of pics, and trust me, there were enough hot chicks to click 2000 pics, and not get bored of it! :D

Roadies Participants Delhi

I even managed to attend a few group discussions of Roadies! And seriously, these guys can make all the kids in all the B Schools and engineering colleges I go for recruitment literally CRY !! By God ki kasam, have never seen such die hard spirit and burning rage to demolish any and all opponents in a GD anywhere! Awesomeness!

Bade Bhayya!

Chote Bhayya!

And then came the moment, for which we all were waiting for! A one-on-one meeting with Raghu and Rajeev!! I wouldn't spoil the fun for you, but here is a short 20 minute video I shot while we all were talking to these two icons! (You will need to crank up your speaker volumes, as I shot it with my digital camera!)


(If someone needs the high definition version as well, do let me know. It was 2GB in size. I reduced the size for uploading it)

Seriously, really really made my day!! 

Rest In Peace Steve Jobs

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steven Paul Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011)

Not for the iPad, iPhone, Mac, iPod and a million other things this guy gave to the world, but I will always remember him for those 2 lines he said, which I read every single day!

"Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life, because almost everything - all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure - these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important"


MTV Roadies 9 - Quick Update

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Longer posts and pictures coming soon! :)

Bahut din se dikhe nahi thakur !

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Gabbar, ajkal to life ki watt lag gai hai !

Leave about days, I am not even able to keep track of the weeks flowing by! The only days, when I realize--what day of the week it is--is Saturday, when i wake up in the morning, get ready for office, and then realize - saala aj to chutti hai ! :D :D  (workoholic bastard!!!)

In short, life ekdum boring ho gai hai janeman! :(

By the way, *drumrolls please*, I went to temple today, that too EARLY MORNING !! OMG ! How could i do this to myself! :( .... Beta, mummy ki maar se bachne ke liye karna padta hai :D

The temple had a huge line, owing to the fact that its almost the last Navratra. I was standing at the end of the line, when I saw an auntyjee, trying to do a sprint like Kajol did to catch the train in the last scene of DDLJ! And peeche peeche her patidev was also running trying to match up with her! (buddha saala ) :P And then instead of shouting "Raaaahuuuuul" like Kajol did, auntyjee shouted "Bhayyyyyaaaa" in a specific direction! :O :O No need to make that face, even I got confused! :P

I was shocked till she completed her sentence -  "Bhayya, bhagwaan ke liye mera baccha mujhe wapis de do!!!!" (Aaila, crisis me bhi over acting! :D ) I got amazed, looked at her patidev, and gave him a look saying - Dude! what the fuck is wrong with your chick? :P (Ab har kissi ko apni wali to chick hi lagti hai na bhai! :P

When I turned around saw this in the direction of the shout, ekdum se poora scene samajh aa gaya! It seems that auntyjee, engrossed in her pooja path, picked up the prasad waala nariyal, and left her 4 year old son at the nariyal wala! Bhakti ke chakkar me aunty apne chillar lena hi bhool gai! :D On top of that, from her position in the long line, I am guessing, It took her atleast 15 minutes to realize ki saaman me ek piece kam hai :D Must have been a really sweet and silent kid! :D (Apne papa pe to nahi gaya hoga. Baap to bada khadoos lag raha tha uska! :D )

And on top of that, after getting the kid back, the melodramatic auntyjee wanted to fight with the whole line to get back to the position - "where she was standing before she realized that she had two kids, and had lost one of them" :P. Seriously, aise cartoon hote hain na kuch log, ki inki life ke video seedha cartoon network pe dikhoge, to bacche haste haste pagal ho jayenge!

Are bacche chodo, bade bade log haste haste pagal ho jayenge, till they realize - O teri, ye pagal aurat to meri biwi hi hai! :D :D

Seriously, if not for these people, life would have been so boring!