Magar SAAG to sabji ka naam hai na?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Even i thought so till a few days back! :D but surprisingly there is a place near Timisoara which is also known as Saag!! And no, they dont grow any saag out there!

So the other day, the 6 of us decided to have a picnic! I dont know why but i find the word picnic too funny! :D Picnic to school me hoti thi na! :P Its been like 8-9 years I went to picnic. These days we only go for trips but not picnic! OK!! I am obsessed with the word PICNIC :D

The trip to saag was super fun! We did bar-be-cue, we also did bar-be-daru and well some more fun stuff! The bar-be-cue'd chicken was so awesome, that as soon as we went for a dip in the lake, some pet dogs of the people camping nearby came and ate most of our stuff! :(  :(

 But never mind, har kutte ka din aata hai!! :D

I think it was the first unguided bar-be-cue of my life, prior to this, i have only tried it in a couple of bar-be-cue parties, but there are professional chefs to help you! Oh wait! I think our chicken just caught fire!! :D

The best part was that we were about 8-9 kms out of the city, and by the time we wrapped up, it was about 9-9.30 in the night! Surprise surprise! No cab was willing to come so far off from the city in the night!! Oh, and if you are surprised that I said 9 kms is far off, i will give you some perspective of the size of the town i am living in. One day, i wanted to go for a jog. I set my stopwatch to 15 minutes and started running! By the time my watch clocked 3 minutes and 12 seconds, i was faaaaaaaaaar out of the city!! So yeah, 9 kms is considered as far as moon in this place! :P

So we had no option but to walk! 8 kms / 2 hours / 14 street dogs later we finally reached the city! But not without witnessing some awesome  performance enhanced bikes and cars racing and performing stunts on and off the highway! Ekdum fast and furious style! :D But yeah, there were no bikini-clad-horny-chicks throwing their clothes off to announce the start of the race! :(

Ye movie wale bhi na :(

With sudden rush of adrenaline in our bloods and a board of "go-karting for kids" nearby, we had no other option! :D

Bhai sahab ab hum kahi jaayen aur waha drama na ho? Within 30 seconds of the start of go-karting, someone banged me really hard! Something happened and my vision became hazy! Having seen 3 seasons of Doctor House, I started diagnosing myself, thinking that my head must have banged and i lost my vision! It was only a couple of minutes later, my vision stablized and then i saw!!

My left eye contact lens flew out of my eye due to the impact!! And it got stuck right in front of my eye on the helmet screen! :D :D

Most of the people think about God when they are in trouble! Well, I am a special case, I think about TV!!! The dialog from the movie Aankhen - "Kya teen andhe bank loot sakte hain" was blaring in my head, and i said to myself - "Kya aadha andha gaadi chala sakta hai?" :D

With a perfect right side vision and a hazy left side one I went back into the race! Not to mention there was a lot of banging into the cars, on the sidewall and some more cars! Thank God for the protectors and the tires on the side of the track! Warna boss single piece me wapis nahi aata koi :D

What a day!!

Overall, we took close to 200 pics, and created a lifetime worth of memories! Sometimes I wonder, how fucked up my life would have been in this country, if i hadn't met these awesome people! 

Random Clicks

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Awesome weather today! I was feeling hungry so went out to grab a bite, and took my camera along with! Here are some random clicks.

Click on the images to enlarge! The first two images of the pigeons are an experiment with depth-of-focus. Enhanced focus is on the subject while the background is hazy..

Pigeon on the bench

Smile please! You are on camera!! 
Central monument of Piata Unirii

Easter Bunny !! 

I think thats a live rabbit! 

Monument and the Church of Piata Victoriei

Roses are red, Violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you! 
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What an Idea sirjee

Thursday, April 14, 2011

About 6 years ago, on a fine summer morning, I was doing my early morning "Long Term Fixed Deposit" thing in the hostel washroom, and I said to myself - If God has given me such an uncanny ability to annoy and insult people, why should I confine it to the inmates of this hostel? Why not go out and annoy the whole world! :O

And thus this blog was born! :D

Fast forward 6 years, and it was a cold shivering rainy and awful afternoon in the mid of April - I was standing in a sandwich shop in Iceland and another brilliant idea stuck me!!! We will come back to the idea in a little while, but what does this whole story tell you?

That my bloody brain is not in the head!! :D :D It is definitely stuck around somewhere near my stomach! :D  I can only think while eating or shitting :P

I remember one of my far sighted, MBA-going-to-be-investment-banker type of friend once told me - Dude, if you are in the government office, I am sure no one would bribe you with real money, just a couple of home-made paranthas and you are their slave for life! :D

Frankly speaking, in my ideal world, people would not bribe each other in ten, fifty, hundred, or thousand rupee notes! Instead they will bribe in plain parantha, laccha parantha, pyaaz parantha, and the epitome of money, the 1000Rs note of my world - Alu ka Parantha!! :D

Ahem! Likhte likhte hi muh me paani aa gaya! :D

Anyways, before I went to that sandwich shop, I was sitting in office and listening to some old songs, the last one being - Gore gore, o baanke chore (youtube link)! So while walking to the sandwich shop, I was humming to the tune of the same.

Now as soon as I entered the shop, I saw a "healthy" (when i say healthy, I mean as healthy as Dolly Bindra) chick ordering a pizza for herself! With super-extra-king-size layers of cheeze! :O  And suddenly, with a spark of brilliance my brain started working overtime, and within 3 seconds, like it happens in cartoons,  there was a bulb hanging over my head! :D

And I had remixed Gore, Gore, o baanke chore.. to depict the plight of that chick..(it will be good if you listen to the original song first, so that you can sing along)  :P

Gori gori, o moti chori,
thodi cheese kam khaaya karo!

Gore gore, moti ke chore,
apni mem ko daudaya karo!! :D  

And then there were some other paragraphs, which not deem fit for the public domain :D :D

Waise, by God ki kasam, if you just remove cheese and mayonnaise from this country, ek ek piece Katrina Kaif hai! :D :D   But anyways, as they say -- kabhi kisi ko mukammal jahan nahin milta, kahin zameen to kahin aasman nahin milta... Sigh! 

and its April already !

Sunday, April 10, 2011

First of all let me take a broom and clean off the spider webs hanging on this blog. Leave about others, these days even I am not visiting this blog!

PS: If you didn't know, as kareena says in Jab We Met, 'main apna sabse favorite hoon! "  I often enjoy reading my own posts from the past... Present ki to watt lagi hui hai , future ka kuch pata nahi hai, its only the past which I enjoy living in..

Anyways, if all of you were first busy in cheering India through the world cup, and then pasting messages like crazy on Facebook about fasting Anna, let me just remind you --> ITS APRIL ! ! ! The home-going month! I can't believe, it has been 5 months and 3 weeks to the day when I landed in this country and got terribly confused that why does this Mahindra Logan has a steering wheel on the wrong side! :D

By the way, the last time I read newspaper, there was a huge headline "Anna to fast until death"! I suppose that he is not dead, then why is he breaking up the fast? Lag gai na bhookh! :D :D

Frankly speaking, to me, this whole Anna Chaukanna thing was a huge drama! It was such a big drama, that i even wrote a letter to ekta kapoor (with my blood, like in the old movies), to request her to make a serial on the Anna episode! Only two people in the world can create a better drama than this - Rakhee Sawant (live) and ekta kapoor (through her serials)! :D

I even wrote a short story, where a guy called Mihir Virani goes on a "Fast until death" because he thinks that Tulsi Virani adds too much spices into the food! And the rest of the story is about Tulsi and Baaa trying to make him understand, that what has been happening for 200 years, wont go away in a minute, just because and old and dying (according to the life expectancy in India) man wants to go on a "fast until death"! :P :P

A very very well timed political campaign, to make use of the remaining adrenaline and beer in the bloods of young jobless Indians.

Anyways, being a curious (and a lazy) soul, I asked about 100 people, to give me a short executive summary style explanation of this  Lokpal Bill. About 50% of the people said, they just got a forwarded mail and sent it to all the 2500 contacts in their address book because they thought its cool and don't know all the details. 30% of the people shouted some meaningless sentences centered around anti corruption, Gandhi, hungry, youth power and aandolan (and hot chicks). The remaining 20% of the people blocked me from their Gtalk, Facebook and Twitter accounts, for asking obscene questions in the public forums! :D :D

Ghor Kalyug hai bhai!

Kissiko kuch pata nahi ho kya raha hai, bas maze lene hain sabko! :D :D