Holi - Day

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I know I sound like a sadist, but I was soooo happy that Holi was on a weekend, and the folks in India did not get a holiday! :D 

Cmmon, ek to I am missing some of the best festivals of the year, wasting my life in this ice covered country, upar se it hurts real bad, when everyone from the Delhi office is enjoying the leave, while I slog my ass on the festive day! Saala double nuksaan! :(

Anyways, Holi this year turned out to be much more interesting than i thought! I was at the apartment of my Indian friends in Timisoara, and oh boy, I have never had such an impromptu holi in my life! It started from people sprinkling clean water on each other, and moved on to adding haldi to make it coloured water! 

And then out of the blue, there were milk creamers, sauces, fruit syrups, surf water, chilled beers and a tonne of other things flying through the air!! :D  Yeah, I even got hungry and started eating cream entangled in my own hair after sometime :D 

Oh boy, it was fun! 

Anyways, yesterday night, I decided to start cleaning up my house. I guess it will nicely take me a month to clean up the mess i have made in this apartment! I started with the most obvious of things - collecting random papers, flyers, advertisements, newspapers lying around the house! I was so surprised that over 50% of the papers lying in my home were flyers / coupons from the hyper markets near my house! 

Back in India, the concept of applying coupons, discount vouchers etc could never take off! What we typically do is go and buy stuff from the lala-ki-dukaan at the corner of the street! Jitne paise super-market me jaane se bachenge, usse double ka petrol lag jayega! :D But these days, as I am buying a lot of stuff via internet, its good to hunt for discount coupons and vouchers! Trust me these firangis even have websites to exchange their discount vouchers!! www.savings.com

Coming back to the previous post, we have a clear winner of the quiz!! Vakku was able to find all three items! I am very sure that she used to keep her hostel rooms in equal mess to be able find out the good stuff hiding in between! :D

Here are the answers: 
Scene 1 : There is a transparent glass on the right side of the picture, just behind that is the MARS bar!
Scene 2: Spot the cap in the picture, and then move right along the wall and you will reach the hidden snickers!
Scene 3: Its dark red cloth on the floor, between the bag and the dvd player! 

Womens Day wali blog post

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

This is a strange strange country, I tell you!

Remember a few days back i was cribbing about lack of Valentine Day celebrations here? Today my confusion was sorted out, as I realized that due to translation errors, these guys have mixed up Valentines day and Womens day! I mean streets were full of flower vendors, and people were buying flowers as if there is no tomorrow!

While walking back home, I even saw a guy carrying 8 bunches (i think! Though, I am not too good with numbers) of nicely wrapped roses!! So either he bought flowers for all the women folk in his family or he is one lucky bastard! :D

Anyways, cutting the long story short, I just wanted to wish all three wonderful women in my life a very happy women's day!

Mom - Hats off to you for bearing with a half crazy and half idiotic kid like me! And seriously, I dont know how you manage school, home, cooking, shopping and a thousand other things in just one small day, everyday!  Meri to 4 mahine me hi watt lag gai hai! :D Here is a post which I wrote a couple of years back (link)

Sis - For the first few days, its a sigh of relief, but then life becomes pretty boring without your 24*7 chitter-chatter! I miss cribbing about all the idiotic friends/relatives we have :D

KD - I guess this song sums up what i wanted to say - (link)

So thats all for today folks! BTW. is anyone of you watching the new holy grail of crappiness on TV - Shaadi 3 crore ki?

Chai Chai !

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Lately i have realized that i am addicted to tea! YES ! I am a tea person! I am deeply, madly, truly in love with tea! I have no hatred for other beverages, but given a chance, I am even ready to give up a can of beer for a cup of garma garam adrak wali chai! :D 

My day starts with a huge mug full of extra milky tea with a tinge of Cinnamon and ginger; and it ends with the same. Hell don't even ask how many cups of tea i drink per day when I am working on a really stressed out project! :D 

So you get the point how much I love tea? Good! 

Now what i have discovered during the past few weeks, that the restaurants of this country are possibly conspiring against me!!! :O :O They are trying to serve me fucked up versions of things i love the most!! Last week I ordered "Parantha" in a pseudo Indian kind of restaurant, and they served me a dried and over-baked papad kind of a thing! And now this happened yesterday !   :(

Yesterday evening, I was having a slight headache, partially because of the cold (Its march and it hasn't stopped snowing!! ) and partially because i was glued to my monitor, whole day, working on a very high-priority ultra-top-secret project since 8.30 in the morning! 

As they say, nothing cures a headache better than a strong adrak wali chai! So I entered a roadside cafe and ordered a "ceai", yeah thats how they spell chai here, pronunciation being the same. I asked the waitress to add a bit of extra milk, as i like my tea to be a bit extra milky. 

In a very strange and satirical tone she asked me "You want MILK! with the tea?" I was already in a grumpy mood and snapped back "Yes! Do you mind?" Two minutes later i realized my mistake! :(

Apparently, the thing we call chai in India is not same as the chai we get here. In this part of the world, chai comes in the exact same tea bags, but instead of the usual black tea, those bags have dried fruits and fruit extracts!! So what she served me was hot red strawberry flavored water, with milk added to it! Needless to say, the citric acid in strawberry reacted with the milk, and what i had was  hot red strawberry flavored water with fucking paneer floating on the top!! GRRRR

Like you have to order "plain water" to get the normal water, you got to say "black tea" to get the normal tea! Huh! The chick even refused to give my money back!! :( 

Double nuksaan! :(

And yeah, they did not have black tea in there! Fir saala kappu-cheeno se hi kam chalana pada! :(