Amazon Kindle 3

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Or as i call it, a birthday gift that arrived early! :D

So Bhaaiyon and unki Behnoo, let me present before you, my new toy Kindle Wireless Reading Device, (Wi-Fi version)

Amazon Kindle

Its been one week i got my hands on it, and i have not able to put it down ever since! The best part about Kindle is that I am reading four books on it side-by-side, and it opens each book exactly where i left it the last time!! Trust me, its a really good feature for people with memory as bad as mine!

There have been situations, that the small handmade bookmark that i keep in my physical books fell out, and i re-read about 10 pages again, having a feeling of deja vu! (or story guessing super powers) :D  Its only after reading them, I realize, that I had already read those pages before! :P

Also, there is one super awesome feature which i am totally, totally, totally in love with! There is this Chrome extension - Send to Kindle. Many a times while working in office, I come across an awesome opinion article or a detailed analysis, which is basically 4-5 pages long. Due to the truckload of work, and lack of time (even for breathing, at times!!) I add the article to my bookmarks and then totally forget about it in a day or two! With this extension, i am just pressing a small button on my chrome, and it removes all the ads and clutter, formats the article as per kindle format, and sends it to my kindle over Wi Fi ! Neat!

Now all I need is a free service, that takes the latest articles from all the blogs that I follow (over 300), package them into one large file, and send them to my Kindle at the end of the day!

Anyways, I just spent about 3 hours, sitting in a roadside cafe, reading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and enjoying the most rare commodity in Europe - SUN !! I was amazed that there was almost no eye strain,  even after reading on an electronic device for such a long time! Good Going!

Btw, going by my old habits, I am not very sure that how much time it will take me to get bored of this, and get back to watching stupid reality TV shows! But i think, for the good part of my remaining stay here, I am not even going to switch on the TV again! (I already have 10 books and 17 long articles untouched in my Kindle!)

And before i forget, Thanks sis, mom and dad for the early bday present! For those of you who want to buy this, here is the link on Amazon web store -> Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology


To the old lady ..

Friday, February 18, 2011

.. who lives in my apartment building, a few houses away from mine!

For the purpose of this letter, I will call you The Old Lady, because as per my best estimates, you are 398 years old, if not more, and I really don't give a shit about your real name!

So, dear Old Lady, if you did not know, I work really hard during the day, and want to enjoy my post dinner walk in solace for the sake of my mental well being.

Therefore, I just wanted to tell you that I am really tired of watching your scary old face every single time i step out of my apartment. What I could never understand is that why in the name of God do you polish your shoes at around 11.30 in the night and that too sitting in the corridor? And if you are not enough, I meet your twin sister on the ground floor, with an equally scary face and she too is polishing her shoes in the corridor!!

If it is an old European culture, where all the old ladies polish their shoes between 11.30 and 12 in the night every single day, for world peace and prosperity, then please forgive my bad general knowledge. But if that is not the case, then why the hell do you scare me daily!! (Lagta hai inki daili kitty party me competition hota hoga, uske joote mere jooto se chamakdaar kaise! :P )

Secondly, you and your husband must be young and intelligent (hopefully) when these buildings were first constructed in 1902!! Why the hell did you make the walls empty! All the thermal insulation gyaan can go to hell, did you not know that another reason for making thick walls was to prevent noise disturbance in the adjacent houses!!

Today was the third time, that a neighbor came at wee hours in the night and asked me to turn the volume down! Sala India me aisa bola hota to ghuma ke 2 lappad marta kaan ke neeche! Apparently, the Residential Welfare Society (a group of all 90+ oldies) has made a rule that no loud music can be played in the building post 10 pm! Munni Badnaam Hui is a noise for you, but no one says a thing to the couple banging in the apartment just above mine! Some days I seriously get worried that they are gonna fall out of my ceiling!

Sala apartment building hai ki chidiaghar, kuch farak hi nahi lagta! If you remove all the people above 80 years of age, and all their dogs,cats and pets as well, my best estimates say that only 7-8 humans will be left in the building! I mean seriously, there should be a ratio of young humans, old humans, dogs and cats maintained in every residential building! There has not been a single day in the past 4 months, when i have stepped out of my apartment, and have not met atleast 1 dog, 1 cat and one Oldie during my 60 seconds to reach the main gate of the apartment complex!

Anyways, dear old lady, i have stopped going for my post dinner walks just to avoid your face, and i have bought a pair of cheap headfones to control my noise emissions. Rest assured that your already cultureless future generations will now remain unaware of the deep rooted cultural hindi songs such as sheela ki jawani and munni badnaam hui, darling tere liye!

Oh and just as a closing note, I did not say "Bonjour" to your husband the other day! It was an almost similar sounding hindi gaali ... but, well good that you don't know Hindi :D 

Valentine Day Wali Blog Post

Thursday, February 10, 2011

First of all, as we say in punjabi - Valentine Day di lakh lakh vadhaiyan! :D

On a serious note, I am very very disappointed by the valentines week this year. I mean on any regular day, (by regular day I mean when i leave for office at 9 am and return home at 9 pm) I see at least 10-12 couples doing chumma chati on the roads. (Chumma Chati = Intense kissing, where supposedly the tongues reach each others intestines! :D ) The chumma chati is so intense that sometimes I am even tempted to ask - Ab batao, isne kal lunch me kya khaya tha? :D :D

Considering the situation on the normal days, I was desperately waiting for the valentines week since past 4 months! I thought maybe pyaar-ka-izhaar would be so intense during this week, ki bas ekdum maza aa jayega life me! :D :D you know what i mean *wink* *wink* :P ! But sala apna to bad luck hi kharab hai! :(  The situation here during this week has been worse than what used to be in Banaras! Leave about Valentine special pyaar-ka-izhaar, the normal 10-12 scenes visible during the regular days have also vanished in thin air! Ekdum sookha pad gaya hai! ("Banjar hai sab banjar hai" playing in the background! )

Anyways, as you must have guessed, life has suddenly become too boring. Its like waiting 4 months for the next Sharukh Khan movie, and the movie turns out to be Billu Barber! :( :(  In short - Kat Gaya!

What does a bored man do? Read his own old blog post to relive the wonderful past! Bole to, I started searching through my blog archives to find out how were the past valentines for this blog!

Firstly I Stumbled upon my last year's post! Hey Boy, Will you be my Valentine! (Click here) - That was the phrase, when i went crazy with the reality stuff on TV. The heights of my crazyness reached a level, that I tried to create a swyamvar kind of fiasco on my blog :D :D By the way, if you are single and desperate, I strongly recommend you to read that post before 14th! Yaad rakhna, bhagwan ke ghar der hai, andher nahi! :D

The second post i came across was a short and sweet one! Valentines Day 2009 (click here) - When I go back and check that post again, it seems more like - daru peeke senti hoke post kara tha shayad! :D :D

The third post was really really stupid. I mean it was so stupid that even if you fall down to my IQ levels, you will still find it stupid!! It was a very short post, and posted about a couple of weeks after valentine's day! I think I got some shock during that V-day and posted this out of crazyness! Valentines Day 2007 (click here) !

The last post i read, reminded me of what a nerd, stupid and boring kind of guy I was !!!! I actually used to write semi-senti semi-philosophical kind of bullcrap! Vday 2006 (click here) ! No wonder no chicks used to talk to me at that time! Shame on me! :(

Waise, reading my old posts made me realize that except for the nerd part, nothing much has changed about me in the past 5 years! I still write the same stupid crap as i used to write before, just that my grammar usage has gone from bad to worse :D Anyways, ki farak painda hai!

So hows your Valentine Week going on? Anyone getting lucky this VDay? *wink* *wink* 

Yeh Saali Zindagi

Saturday, February 05, 2011

I heard so many reviews about this movie in the past 12 hours, that I had to watch it at any cost! And boy, i must say, it was an awesome movie! 100% raw, as i like it! Oh, and I should warn you beforehand - Do not watch it with your parents etc., or else, things may become a little uncomfortable at times! As the movie has lots of maa-bhen ki gaalis!

Actually, the situation is not too bad if you are a Delhite, gaaliyan obviously form a large percentage of the words we utter! :P

The movie has a lot of awesome punchlines too, ekdum blog pe copy paste karne layak!! :D :D  One of my favorite one was - Ishq aur bullet me khaas farak nahi hota mere bhai, dono nikalte hain chaati faadne ke liye !  :D :D Thought the best one came near the end of the movie - Log sunenge to kya kahenge, Ch*tiya ashuqui ke chakkar me mar bhi gaya, aur laundiya bhi nahi mili! :D :D Pure Awesomeness!!

Needless to say, I loved the movie!! Deserves atleast 4 stars!

By the way, has anyone else noticed, that the attention of directors has shifted from the (crappy) snow filled mountains of Switzerland and the jhuggi jhopdis of Mumbai to the beautiful and picturesque locations in Delhi! I think its the third or fourth movie in a row that focuses on saddi dilli ! Suck it Mumbai!

yeh saali zindagi
On a different note, after slogging my ass for 11-12 hours each day, continuously for 12 days, including last weekend :( , I finally got a weekend to sleep! Its a different story that its 4 am in the morning and I am not feeling sleepy at all! I have watched - Ye Saali Zindagi, 4 episodes of MTV Roadies 8 - ShortCut to Hell, Dance India Dance Episode 5 and 3 episodes of Friends as well!

Saala ab to kuch aur dekhne ko bhi nahi bacha hai!

Chalo anyways, I will go to sleep now, will be back in a day or two, with my report card on 30 Day challenge (Part 1) and also the tasks for my second 30 day challenge! Ciao!