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Sunday, December 04, 2011

... English thumke, dil ki rhythm pe, maare jam jam ke.. Desi Boyz !

One word - Loved it ! 

Desi Boyz Logo
Directed by comedy king David Dhawan's son Rohit Dhawan, Desi Boyz is another brainless comedy, with a pinch of emotion and a truckload, or rather shipload of Hot Chicks! :D Bhai Sahab, just ogling at the hot-hotter-hottest background dancers, and sidekicks will make this movie paisa vasool! Rest everything is a bonus!! :D :D

The movie ropes in recession of 2009 - unemployment, economic crisis, blah - to form the foundation of the movie! And then sadde munde - John and Akshay - decide to try the alternate profession of male strippers! Agreed that John is a horrible actor, but in front of him, Akshay was looking like - what I will look in front of Akshay! :D :D Sookhi Haddi! :D

Best surprise in the movie was Sanjay Dutt ! Although his role was very short, but bhai ne poora tashan maara hai un 10 minutes ke role me bhi! There was a nice background track with cool wordings for Sanjay Dutt, I am not able to find it on Youtube :( If anyone finds it, do give it to me!!!!

Last but not the least, super hottie Chitrangada Singh!! Who turns out to be Akshay's Ex-Classmate-But-Now-Teacher-Cum-Girlfriend !! Complicated hai na!! Just see the first 10 seconds of the video, and you will realize what I am talking about! :D

I liked the first half of the movie much more than second half! Maybe because first half is a roller coaster with movie running at a rapid pace, while the second half (as usual) has some sentiapa! Akshay again tried giving his Namaste London like short speech praising India, but it came out to be pathetic :P And before i forget, I love Deepika's dimples!! (And her smile too! :D :D) Shes too cute man!!

And with this, I leave you to hear this lovely song (and to see some firangan hotties! :D ) !

My fav song from this movie!! Subha hone na de...

My rating ***/5 

Sometimes I get so jealous of sadda Johnnie baba!! - He doesn't know how to act , I don't know how to act; His dialog delivery is pathetic , My dialog delivery is horrible! Saale ki kismat hai fir bhi - He gets to earn tonnes of money while just dancing around firangi models, whereas I get to sit 12 hours a day typing shit on a computer! :( :( :(    .. wo kehte hain na, upar wala meherbaan to John bhi pehelwaan :P

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