Bye Bye 2011

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Finally, we bid adieu to 2011 ! As some people are saying, today is the last day of the second last year of this civilization! (Remember, the world is going to end in 2012 ! :D )

For me, 2011 had its own shares of ups and downs. However, if we compare it to the recent past, 2011 screwed up a bit more than others! But anyways, the story of my life still remains the same, and will be in the near future -  roz sala yahi sochta hu, bas bhagwan ye wala exam/ye wala deliverable/ye wali client call paar karwade, baaki sab to life me chill hai! :D

Yesterday only I was contemplating, how the year started - with me in the Icelands of Romania - where i made a sheet of paper with couple of resolutions, and tonnes of To-Dos ! And how, the year is ending today, where forget about the resolutions, even my To-Do list feels ashamed of me! :D  Anyhow, there will be no resolutions this time, no to-do list - bhaad me jaaye sab kuch - but just a tiny philosophical thought!

Life is too short to give a crap! 

And trust me, this one tiny line, is the answer of life, universe and everything! :D One moment you are there, and the other you are not! So better live that moment, rather than creating flowcharts and supply chain diagrams for that! :D

Happy New Year!
Chalo then, ending the customary new year post with the epic party dialogue!

Khana to kutte bhi khaate hian, Insaan bano, Daaru piyo!! :D 

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year! Party hard, be safe and remember 1st January is not a working day! ;)

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