Live From London by Parinda Joshi : Book Review

Friday, November 18, 2011

So, I again got an opportunity to review a book courtesy Blogadda! Although this review should have been published few weeks back, but as you know, I am the third busiest guy in the world after KRK and Rakhi Sawant, so the delay! :D

Overall, I would give this book a rating of somewhere in the range of 351 out of 700! Frankly speaking, I had high hopes from the book from its initial reviews and descriptions I read on the internet, but it didn't fully meet my expectations. The concept of the book is nice, but overall I feel the author made the book a bit predictable somehow. Somewhat like it happens in the movies, you can guess the story and ending of every chick flick, but what keeps you glued to the movie is the hotness of the chicks in the movie! :D Alas, you can not see the protagonist in books! :P

The story is about a girl, Nishi Gupta who lives in London, and has an uncanny ability to land up in screwed up situations! And somehow like it happens in all movies, she unexpectedly lands up in the Britain Got Talent! And then there is some usual stuff which you can guess - Embarrassment, sudden fame, love affair, two wriggling flowers :D, breakup!

And then common sense prevails! Like recession-time-sacked NRI employees decide to return to India, in a similar way dumped protagonist decides to come back to India. But post that the story follows the normal curve, and like it happens in the movies, its a Happy Ending ! Thank God! (Not because the ending was happy, but because the book was over!) :D

My overall thought is, if you liked Uday Chopra in Pyaar Impossible, you will surely love this book! :D OK, lets cut some slack to the author. This book is a nice Metro read, but not if you are planning to deep dive into the book and analyze each character, their behavior or are looking for some new plot!

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