Ek Coupon Milega?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Seriously! I am addicted to coupons and daily deals sites! 

I realized it today morning, when I was planning to have a haircut, and instead of just getting up and going to nukkad wala nai,  I started looking for haircut deals! :D Yesterday only I saw a haircut, conditioning, styling, and shampoo deal for 400Rs ! :P Instead of just paying 20Rs to the nukkad wala nai.. I was thinking about spending bloody 400Rs! Just because someone was giving me 40% discount!!! sigh.. I think we all are morons! (or maybe its just me :O !!)

Last week only, my addiction to these Snapdeals, Mydalas, SoSastas, Delios of the world reached its epitome, when I was tempted to have a helicopter ride, because someone was offering 1000Rs discount on its actual price! :D :D I think I now understand, why people in US live their whole life on credit cards! (and the reason for recession too! :D )

But I still don't think we get as awesome deals as people in US get on Black Fridays or cybermonday deals or crazy Tuesdays! Majority of the deals we get in India are on services and not on products. Massage parlors, Barber Shops, Tattoo Parlors and what not; whereas in the US, the deals are on products! Even if people are burning their money out there on the deals, they are atleast building some small assets for them! I personally see a very bleak future for these daily deals sites in India in the next few years! Hopefully people will realize that they never needed these services in the first place! Phew! But well, you never know about the Indian market! Anyways, kuch zada hi analysis ho gaya yahan! 

Sometimes I think I am the only guy in this world who is addicted to shopping! or maybe, others are too scared to say! Saalon, mard ke bacche ho to bahar niklo :D 
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