I Dont Support Anna Hazare

Thursday, August 25, 2011

... and I don't think whatever he is doing makes any sense...

I asked 20 morons (err... acquaintances) who are madly supporting Anna hazare and his Lokpal bill, that how will it root out corruption? No body had a clear answer! All they know is - its cool to support Anna, and those who speak against him are enemies of the nation, equivalent to Pakistanis.. and if you dont support Anna, you will go to jahannum! Your soul will be fried in burning oil...blah blah blah !! Phew !

Seriously, will they recruit people from Mars to be the members of the Lokpal team? Eventually, they will have folks from the same super-set of government employees! And if you forgot, we are talking about scams of hundreds of Crores of rupees people! Don't you think they can buy off Lokpal team members with their pocket change! Leave about petty 100-200Rs bribes, India can not function without that, but see the big picture guys! If your bill can not stop that, then its completely useless!

More so, the method which Anna has adopted is totally anarchic! Any bored jobless retired old guy will sit on a hunger strike tomorrow, asking for any mindless thing, will you give it to him? Do you think this is the right way to make government do something? If somehow I can amass 30,000 people (by any means, whatsoever) will the government pass any bill which I want them to? NO ! This is wrong!

Seriously, what hurts me more, is seeing educated people supporting Anna's anarchic ways of demanding stuff from government! You guys are just playing puppets in the hands of opposition parties! Do you seriously think BJP, RSS or any other party is corruption free? Will they WANT any such anti-corruption bill? They are just using you guys, and trying to oust Congress from the center! Personally, I don't care about any of these parties, but educated people behaving like a mob - hurts me a lot !

Anna can call himself as much Gandhian, but in my opinion, Gandhiji must be tossing and turning in his grave seeing Team Anna's tactics! Giving speeches like - If anything happens to Anna, government will be entirely responsible for it. Asking the masses for "Jail Bharo" aandolan! Sitting inside the jail as if its your sasural! Jab tak mujhe muh-maanga dahej nahi doge, ye doli nahi uthegi!! :D

Anna is just one step away from mass hysteria and riots in India. He is instigating people to go and surround homes of members of parliament, ministers, and even government offices! What if there are just 2% anti-social elements in the crowd and they incite people to do something totally uncalled for! Team Anna (which includes well educated people like Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi) either does not realize this or are too lost in their own sweet world that don't give a shit about anything else.  I am like 50% sure these non-violent protests will not be the same for too long!

I am not in favor of corruption, I am just against Anna's method of creating a mob to force government to do something. If he is such a Gandhian (and visibly has such a good support across India), he should go and form his political party, participate in elections, prove his mettle, form a government and bring about the change! Just creating a bill or a law will not solve any purpose, its the right mix of people that this country needs!

Jai Hind!
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