Friendship Day !!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Woohooo ! Its the first Sunday of August again! So here is me wishing you all a very happy friendship day!!

Friendship days celebrations have been getting more and more boring year on year! These days no one ties 5Rs wala elastic friendship day band anymore :( Also, the number of so-cheesy-that-they-are-on-the-verge-of-romantic SMSes are also decreasing! :(  Waise i never understood the meaning of those stupid messages! So many symbols, icons, smileys, and mix of capital and small letters! Sala Taare-Zameen-Per type dyslexia ho jayega kissi din aise SMSes padke! :D

Waise for the SMS thing, I guess we can safely blame the telecom companies. Few of my friends who still care about me, (but are cheapos at heart), sent friendship day messages yesterday night only (before 12)!!! :D :D

Cant blame them frankly, as no SMS schemes work today, and all messages cost 1Rs flat ! Phew ! (Music playing in the background - Sakhi saaiyan to khoob hi kamaat hain, mehngai dayan khaaye jaat hai :D :D )

Regarding those 5Rs wale elastic friendship bands, I need to make a confession! I never ever in my life bought more than 1 or two every friendship day! :D Once you start exchanging, you get more, and then chupke se you take them off, and there you are, tying it to your next bestest friend!! :D :D

 I think I successfully managed doing this all my school life! :D :D College me aake, thank god, I had some sane humans around, and there were no cheesy concepts of FraaaandSheeep days! Phew.

Kissi ne sach hi kaha hai - In saale mechanical engineers ke pass dil nahi hota! :P

Anyways, have fun and enjoy your friendships day! And well, choose carefully, with whom you spend your friendships day. There is a high chance, you might be spending your Valentines day with one of them too! ;)  :D :D 
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